Plato’s acceptable. Essentially, what Socrates’ Limits of Knowledge

Allegory of the Cave relates to social media use in that the media has
developed and
maintained a strong hold on society, similarly as to how the cave encapsulates
the prisoners. Nowadays, media has become the basis of truth, where society
soaks in this information and takes it as fact. However, how can one determine
if these findings that are presented are genuine or just a mere illusion?
Plato’s Allegory of the Cave explains how people only base their perception of
the world on their experiences of physical objects, or images that they
perceive and believe to be true. By doing so, they have limited themselves to
the restricted ideas prescribed to them by others.

Limits of Knowledge relates to social media use in that the media has given society
a tapered view of the world. In other words, people have become passive consumerists
by subjecting themselves to information that others deem as acceptable.
Essentially, what Socrates’ Limits of Knowledge entails is knowing that you do
not know. Thus, society needs to gain an understanding on how our perceptions
of reality are controlled by what we see and read, and that only by questioning
can a person gain a more panoramic view of actual reality.

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examples of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave can be found in many areas such as “reality”
shows, news, and advertising. For instance, the house in which one lives in
plays the role of the cave, the television screen plays the role of the
shadows, and the creators of the show that are projecting their desired images
onto the screen are the puppeteers. Similarly, to how the prisoners absorb the
shadows as reality, people watching “reality” shows take in these images as
reality, which influences their perceptions, opinions, and behaviours. For
example, most television shows impose the notion to girls that there is a great
importance on looks, and these impositions lead to feelings of inadequacy, low
self-esteem, and anorexia. In the same sense that girls internalize these sociocultural
ideals of attractiveness, the prisoners internalize the images projected onto
the wall.


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