Playing friends as well. A few fun card

Playing cards can help improve the health of a person who has mental illness (7)It also helps create a better, healthier brain, as claimed by Rush University Medical Center and the Illinois Institute of Technology (7)The research that they conducted was unveiled on “November 25, 2012 at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America”. In that investigation, it states that brain aging can be fought with playing cards. (7)Playing cards can help you in many ways. For example it can Improve your social skills with others since most card games need multiplayersIt may also increase your IQ or at least make you more clever/smart because some games require you to think in a short period of time Some card games may help you increase your observation and communication skills too. Some card games require you to try to read other people’s face, so to do that you need to know them well. Therefore, through card games you can make friends as well. A few fun card games also requires you to have a strong memory. So after some practice, your memory can become stronger as well.Lastly card games may also help your coordination skills and reflexes (8)  People with disabilities can also play card games. (10)People with cognitive deficits, especially. (10)Cognitive deficits is what people may receive at the beginning of their life, childhood. As they grow, they have difficulties learning and understanding new concepts or even function. (9)Those people can improve in many things using cards:CountingMultiplying, dividing, subtracting,and addingMatchingShapes and Patterns Identifying numbers  A person who is better in learning with visuals can use cards to learn how to add, or do other math with the help of the pictures on the card for visualization. (10)With playing card games, a person with disabilities can improve their social skills. When they do that, they feel more relaxed, welcomed and less stressed when they enter a new environment, especially. (10)They can learn social skills likeObeying rulesTaking turns and being respectful and patient when the other person goesLearning how to focusLearning how to be honest and play fair It may also boost a person’s confidence, which can reduce stress as well.


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