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Pollution is the introduction of cantonments in to the
nature surroundings, which brings about changes that affects our normal
lifestyle adversely. Pollutants are the key elements or components of pollution
which are generally waste materials of different forms.

Pollutions occurs in different forms such as, air, water,
soil, noise, radioactive energy, heat and light. Pollution may muddy
landscapes, poison soils and water ways, or kill plants and animals and even
humans are regularly harmed due to pollution.

Major kinds of pollutions are

Air pollution

Water pollution

Soil pollution

Thermal pollution

Radioactive pollution

Noise pollution





Types and causes of


Air pollution: The contaminations of the air present in the
atmosphere are known as air pollution. Respiration is a very is a process of
all living things and therefore if the air around us is contaminated with
poisonous gases, it has fetal effects on us. Air pollution is the most
prominent and dangerous form of pollution.

A huge amount of chemical substances are released into the
air everyday due to burning of fuel such as cooking, driving, etc. this pollute
the air. Burning of discarded plastic, rubber, and wood releases carcinogenic
gases into the atmosphere and it had been very harmful. Industries release some
gases like sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide which mix with the air and cause
acid rain due to temperature changes.

Prevention of air pollution

Use of catalytic converters in
vehicle, planting trees, recycle and buy products which can be recycled,
prevent burning wood for wood store it can be replaced with newer models which
are more efficient and if you are burning a wood. Burn the right wood in the
right way to prevent pollution, use eco friendly products etc. these are few
ways to prevent air pollution.


Water pollution

Water pollution are the type of
pollution that involves the contamination of various water bodies. Add various
aquatic creatures depend on those water bodies and due to the contaminated
water bodies these aquatic creatures are affected. Almost 60% of the species
live in water bodies and they need these species need natural nutritious
features to support its life but due to water pollution these natural nutrients
are not found. Thus creatures living in water bodies are dying.

Oil tankers spilled the oil into
ocean and damaged by a human error and it’s a long time damaged to the ocean
and the oil is lighter than water and floated on water forming a layer of oil
on the top of water. This layer blocked sunlight. Industrial wastes got dumped
into water and the chemical imbalance in the water lead to death of the aquatic

Prevention of water pollution

Sewage treatment that is house
hold water should be treated properly so the environment become safe. Being
more cautious of dumping contaminants on to water. Water treatment plant are
being constructed with innovative to clean polluted water but it will never be
fully treats its always better to prevent water pollution as water is basic
need for the survival of man.


Soil pollution

Stripped soil from its natural
fertility by using artificial chemicals like pesticides, insecticides, ripening
agents etc. insecticides, pesticides and other artificial chemical absorbed the
nitrogen through the soil on which the plants depend on for their nutrients and
this made the soil unfit for growth of plants.Plants helped the soil to hold
together firmly so if plants cant grow the soil splits and leads to soil

Prevention of soil pollution

Contribute less waste, purchase
less plastic and glass other reusable container instead of throwing away
plastic or paper after single use. Recycle paper and plastic. This will prevent
of slow down soil pollution.



Thermal pollution

Temperature raised in the ecosystem
due to the release of excessive heat energy into the environment by artificial
methods and natural disasters. Mostly manufactures from industries a lot of
heat energy, which had transferred to the air and water bodies. And also
combustion engines from vehicle released a lot of heat energy. This caused
deforestation and air pollution. This increased the temperature, causing
drastic climatic changes and even animals got extinct.

Prevention of thermal pollution

Use less electricity because power
plants are the main reason behind growing thermal pollution. Cogeneration is
also a wonderful idea to combat thermal pollution. It is that the useless heat
from hot water can be recycled and used smartly in many tasks by industries.

Radio active pollution

Radioactive pollution occurred
when radioactive metal disintegrate released dangerous beta rays which can can
cause cancer and other harmful diseases. These types of pollution occurred by
dumping of radioactive waste from nuclear power plants into water bodies. It
caused cancer, infertility, blindness, defect at the time of birth.

Prevention of radioactive

Wash your body parts with soap and lukewarm water. Nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons should be banned in
the country. High fines for power plants of nuclear that release radioactive
pollution. And it’s a big way to clear out the radioactive pollution.

Noise pollution

We can experiences this when vehicle hook, heavy machineries,
train club etc. Transportation vehicles noise are found more in the cities due
to different mode of transportation. eg- bus, car, train etc. buildings and construction
sites near residential areas caused a lot of sound making equipments.


To prevent noise pollution its is necessary to create public
awareness only laws is not sufficient the people should be aware of its harmful
consequences. There should be a limit on 
sounds if it goes beyond it, it will cause deafness. So they should be
aware of it.





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