Practice Based Self Reflection

During arrangement, I worked for a charitable, voluntary administration that supports Asylum Seekers who were destitute. For the intent of this essay, I will use a anonym for the client, which will be Sam, to guarantee that her confidentiality is maintained. Sam has authorised consent and confirmed that I may utilize her experience as stuff for this essay. I have chosen to analyze this intercession as it is based upon this service user ‘s presenting issues upon point of contact. First, I will explicate the background of Sam ‘s state of affairs, to give you an thought of her narrative, and sketch the bureau engagement giving a brief description of the context and puting for their work, which will include relevant statute law and policies. Second, I shall discourse a significant piece of work where I have met Sam on a figure of occasions whilst working at the bureau and show my theoretical apprehension of critical contemplation that took topographic point during this intercession. Finally, I will discourse how my ain values informed the work I undertook with Sam and will show critical contemplation and the accomplishments applied during this intercession and what I had learnt through this procedure. Furthermore, I will discourse how this had impacted on my ain individuality in pattern and the effectivity and the results from this intercession.

Sam is a 31-year-old adult female who entered the United Kingdom ( UK ) on a work-visa in May 2009 from South Africa. She is of a South-African ethnicity and has faith in Christianity. She is an intelligent, resourceful adult female who has more of an advantage in footings of pass oning eloquently in English over some of the other clients I have met ; who do non get the basic English linguistic communication. This made communicating effectual and harmonizing to the National Association of Social Workers ( NASW, 2000 ) it has been stated that “ Cultural competency is a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes and constabularies that come together in a system or bureau or among professionals and enable the system, bureau or prosodions to work efficaciously in cross-cultural state of affairss ” ( NASW, 2000 ) . Sam entered the UK with leave to stay until May 2010 on her work-visa, with no resort to public financess, which means that people who are under this bracket are non entitled to have aid from the Government.

Furthermore, at point of contact Sam was pregnant and was in reception of Statutory Maternity Pay ( SMP ) . SMP is a contributory benefit based upon National Insurance parts that Sam had prior paid whilst engaged in full-time compensable employment. As such, it is non classified as a public fund as Sam was hence at autonomy to claim and have this benefit irrespective of non being a UK citizen. Harmonizing to the Department of Work and Pensions ( DWP,2009 ) SMP is paid for a maximal period of 39 hebdomads, and unluckily staying Social Security benefits and associated support such as Housing and Council revenue enhancement benefit were non available to her as they are classed as public financess. I was concerned from a safeguarding position as to Sam ‘s public assistance, particularly maintaining aware that she was pregnant and that the hebdomadal rate of SMP, ?123.06, would be deficient for her to run into precedence demands such as rent, Council Tax and subsistence/living costs ( DWP, 2009 ) .

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The initial referral came from a social worker who works for the bureau and at the Children ‘s Centre. The bureaus work in partnership. He approached me and raised concerns with safeguarding issues as mentioned above. However, a referral had to be made before the bureau would accept Sam as destitute. It was indispensable that the referral was made as the bureaus policies stated that they could merely suit 4 people at one given clip in the houses they owned across the City. The bureau I worked for worked across two scenes and worked in partnership in the City. It provides short-run respite adjustment for homeless and impoverished adult females and work forces. Sam ‘s fortunes were alone as unlike other occupants, she did hold a beginning of fiscal income, whereas many adult females did non hold a fixed income and had to trust on charitable contributions. However, in acknowledgment of the fact that Sam was at hand to give birth and was homeless, the bureau agreed to acknowledge her in the short-run in the first case, therefore offering her security, shelter, nutrient, H2O and safety temporarily. In the longer term, she was afforded a short-run license understanding that ran until the 2nd December 2009. The bureau was of the position that Sam would hold to research other avenues of support and adjustment. I advocated this process to Sam in a house meeting and found that she had yet to happen alternate adjustment. I understood she was pregnant and that she was non certain where to get down looking or what resources were available. I went back to the office and explained this to the bureau. I researched and made phone calls on how I could recommend farther aid for Sam and made the support worker and co-workers aware that she was concerned about her well-being and from this cognition, a panel meeting was arranged and the license understanding was subsequently extended until the 12th January 2010 due to the birth of Sam ‘s girl.

Harmonizing to Cohen ( 2004 ) he states, “ All individuals have a right to well-being, to fulfilment and to every bit much control over their ain lives as is consistent with the rights of others ” which means that as every homo being has cardinal values that they should be treated with regard and as persons irrespective of their fortunes. At point of contact, Sam was destitute, as she had separated from her fellow, who resides in Ireland. Sam had been shacking as ‘hidden homeless ‘ which means that there is no adjustment that she is entitled to shack in or it is non sensible for her to go on shacking in that adjustment (, 2008 ) . She was populating in the City on a friend ‘s couch, but had been asked to go forth due to expostulations with the friend ‘s landlord and overcrowding. It became evident that Sam would necessitate her ain adjustment to return to following discharge from infirmary one time her babe had been born, and well-founded longer-term adjustment thenceforth. I met with Sam and built up a good working with her following the referral to the bureau. I felt this because Sam would reach me at the office if she had any questions about the house and would inquire for me if she wanted aid or advice. We negotiated convenient times to go to house meetings and I felt she trusted me as she opened up about her personal experiences such as her experience with her ex-partner.

Harmonizing to Howe ( 2008 ) ‘relationship based pattern is when relationship-gifted workers are interpersonally skilled and they make the most effectual and human practicians, whether the footing of their pattern is behavioral, cognitive, undertaking orientated, psychodynamic or person-centred ‘ . Furthermore, Trevithick ( 2003 ) argues ‘relationship-based pattern is at the bosom of societal work ‘ . I felt working with Sam in a crisis intercession enabled me to prosecute with her as I aimed to cut down her emphasis by pass oning efficaciously the following stairss and unfastened and honest with how long she would be able to shack at the adjustment the bureau provided her with. I was echt with her in footings of saying what the bureau could supply her with and what resources were available. For illustration, Sam needed a baby buggy, so we organised one for her and I reminded the support worker to drop this point off at the house as she had entree to a vehicle. I besides made her aware of the challenges she may confront by populating independently one time the Social Services section provide her with an appraisal and if accepted, I discussed the benefits that may be available to her, so she was cognizant of the procedure. This demonstrated important degrees of emotional intelligence, which means, “ holding self-awareness, emotional resiliency, motive of ego and to instil in others. It besides recognises the accomplishment to hold empathy and sensitiveness, to be painstaking and intuitive sing decision-making and besides to cognize how influences and constructing up resonance with service users are of import ” ( Goleman, 1996, p.2 ) .

As cited in the British Journal of Social Work, it besides underpins demands for practicians “ to develop and keep effectual working relationships, to be able to reflect on my ain background experiences and pattern that may hold an impact on the relationship ” ( Morrison, 2007, p.2 ) . For illustration, recognizing to self-disclose about my ain independence merely when it was necessary as I did non desire to project or portion my ain values unneeded as Sam ‘s fortunes were alone to her and I understood that I could sympathize with her nevertheless, merely she would cognize how she feels in this state of affairs. We discussed her feelings and she stated she was concerned about herself and her girl, so I reassured her by acquiring in touch with the social worker who had made the assignment with the societal services for an appraisal and to re-confirm when this would be conducted in order to see if she is eligible for the resources available. I explained the processs to Sam, and she understood. She expressed her gratitude to myself and the bureau.

As I met Sam on several occasions at the bureau and on the twenty-four hours that she was accommodated into the house. I began to analyze her state of affairs in greater item because we needed to acquire her involved in the decision-making procedure. This means that service users are informed and involved in the determination that are made in partnership ( O’Sullivan, 2005, p 135-136 ) and the effectual manner to make this, was to keep house meetings and discourse her adjustment state of affairs in a comfy scene. Saleebey, ( 2006, p.108 ) informed my pattern in this intercession as he supports an authorising attack to societal work pattern as it focuses on clients strengths and potency instead than on the disadvantages and the bad lucks of their fortunes. He besides recognises that the societal worker is viewed as the ‘expert ‘ and that service users are viewed as the ‘victim ‘ of their ain disadvantage. However, as his strengths position challenges the traditional anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive pattern it identifies facets of structural inequalities as the important component of clients state of affairss.

Furthermore, Saleeby ( 2006, p.108 ) states the strengths position challenges clients to admit that the societal worker will stand for them in the appraisal and the intercession procedure as the societal worker is viewed as the expert, nevertheless it besides attempts to work in partnership with service users to back up and derive services to run into their identified demands. The strengths position besides focuses on the resiliency of service users and purposes to supply schemes to authorise and advance positive results for them. Furthermore, Beresford ( 2000, p.108 ) argues this position as sing the service user in a unidimensional facet, which reduces their individuality to indispensable classs such as ‘elderly, disabled or black service users ‘ , therefore ensuing in the support of cosmopolitan services to run into their demands. He besides argues that service user ‘s and laden groups should be involved in the design and bringing of their services to run into their identified demands and that service user ‘s voices should be used in construction of theory and pattern.

I felt that the strengths perspective engages with Sam ‘s fortunes as the bureau and I were the expert in supplying the appraisals and advice for Sam and worked in partnership with her to happen her a possible result because the social worker had contacted the Social Services and had an appraisal booked in for her. He informed me about this and I contacted Sam and made her aware of the assignment and the appraisal processs.

Knock the above and acquire grounds to province that another theoretician states the su is the expert.

Refering critical contemplation, it is an built-in portion of societal work as it is a path to supply efficient public presentation and enhances societal work expertness ( Adams, et Al, . 2002, p. 1 ) . They besides critique that it enables societal workers to oppugn the cognition and engagement with clients. During this intercession with Sam there were many occasions that professionals and I had to critically analyze Sam ‘s fortunes in order to develop a program of action that would run into her identified demands such as making chances for her to take herself and her babe to groups so she could interact with other female parents at the Children Centre.

Put option in values/reflect on self/what I learnt from this process/impact on ain individuality

Furthermore, I had arranged assignments for her to seek aid with her receiving aid and advice in relation to her visa options with a social worker who worked for the partnership bureau. The spouse bureau dealt with all individuals from abroad and people who required legal advice sing their visas. The result was that she should return South Africa and so re-apply on another work-visa and or commence work once more in the UK and so use for the visa to be extended. Sam did non desire to take up any of these options, as she did non hold the money to go forth her new born in a kid attention installation. She besides stated she did non desire to return to South Africa because her parents were non cognizant that she had a babe and because she is of a rigorous spiritual background. She stated that her parents were likely to set up her matrimony to an old adult male that she had said “ no ” to on several occasions when she was populating in South Africa. It seemed her parents had power and control over her life.

Put option in power and anti-oppressive pattern theories hereaˆ¦ Valuess, non-judgemental, empathetic

I discussed and set uping convenient house meetings to discourse her options in taking the following measure. Therefore, I asked her to reach Right Move estate agents and private belongings proprietors to see if she can happen herself long-run adjustment for her and her girl. Adams et Al ( 2002, p.1 ) states critical contemplation can sometimes be transformed in our ain apprehension, therefore altering the portion of the state of affairs by enabling the client and the professional to reflect on what has occurred. For case sing Sam, she did non desire to name and set up assignments because she stated when she ab initio looked for a room in a house portion, that the landlord of the belongings stated that the renters already shacking in the house did non desire a female parent with a babe life at the belongings. Therefore, this disempowered her in seeking other belongingss. At the house meeting, after Sam and I had farther treatments we looked online for flats and we found several studio flats she could lease. She did non desire to do the phone calls, so in order to authorise and enable her in making this herself for today and future mention. I made the first phone call and so handed her the telephone as she did non hold credits on her phone and encouraged her to question about the belongingss in the same mode I had done. She queried the handiness of these belongingss, nevertheless after happening that the landlord wanted a sedimentation, one as to Sam could non afford, the lone solution was to seek safety from the Neighbourhood Office and present herself homeless. She would so be put up in a shelter. I learnt that this procedure was traveling to be disputing and more contemplation on this affair would be necessary.

What is more, critical contemplation can be ‘deconstructed and reconstructed ‘ to give us entree in progressing our pattern. Therefore, this uninterrupted procedure provides good pattern and development. Yip ( 2005 ) “ encourages societal work pupils to undergo self-reflection as it is a procedure for self-observation, self-evaluation, self-dialogue and soul-searching ” . Furthermore, he states, “ under the appropriate conditions societal workers can reflect constructively which, consequences in enhancement ” . Whereas, he besides critics on the footing that if “ societal workers were under inappropriate conditions such as deficiency of supervisory Sessionss, hostile environments, so societal workers would non be able to reflect constructively and this can make jobs for the professional and personal development of the societal worker ” .

However, Schon, ( 1983 ) describes ‘reflective pattern as a non proficient, non rational procedure which means that he is acute to do sense of the relationship between professional cognition and pattern by knowing-in-action. This is when believing is understood in what we do, besides he states ‘reflective in action is where thought is witting but does non disrupt or actions ‘ and contemplation on action is where believing takes topographic point after the event in order to understand our actions, preponderantly in why we acted and what we learnt from this action ‘ . Eraut ( 1995 ) critiques Schon ‘s theory as he states that “ a practician can non reflect in action as you leave the infinite, if non physically, surely cognitively ” Furthermore, Fook and Gardener ( 2007, p364 ) argue that critical contemplation is the brooding pattern which focuses on the power dimensions of assuming thought and therefore how pattern might alter societal state of affairss ‘ . Although, Ixer ( 1999, p.513 ) argues this construct of critical contemplation and argues whether societal work programmes should be measuring contemplation at all ” .

Overall, reflecting on this intercession allowed me to measure and analyze Sam ‘s state of affairs exhaustively because of her singularity to the bureau as she had no resort to public financess, which made it disputing in helping her discovery her ain solution. However, pass oning efficaciously and working in partnership with her and the bureau employees empowered Sam in coming up with a declaration for her to follow through. As societal work, values have alone parts to societal work pattern and measuring critically ensures that societal work position and societal work values contribute to the full to the commissariats of attention. Furthermore, the ability of societal work will depend on more than cognition and accomplishments ; it is besides about recognizing pattern that is reciprocally required in negociating

work with assorted administrations and professionals. Furthermore, the ability to efficaciously pass on and lend will besides depend on the self-esteem and the position of the societal worker. In add-on to this, being able to efficaciously research and use effectual instruction will be found more faithfully in the ability to better the quality of the service users and carer ‘s experience of appraisal and it ‘s outcomes. This is because professional competency in assessment requires critical analysis of ego in pattern and these development of accomplishments and cognition base are required to go an emotionally capable, nonsubjective practician.


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