Practice Learning Opportunity

Interim Practice Report – Assignment 1

Part 1: Practice Learning Opportunity – The Context

My pattern larning chance is within a statutory local authorization in a big metropolis. Within the authorization the big country is split into five different squads, these are officially known as Community Health and Partnership squads ( CHCPs ) . The CHCPs have been established to supply a alteration in the local bringing of Social Work and Health services and set service users, carers and communities at the bosom of service proviso ( Authority Website ) . Within my arrangement, I am located in one big squad that covers the East country with a population of 89,000. This big country covers about 39 different communities. The authorization ‘s Social Work resources integrate all countries of Social Work to guarantee the service user ‘s demands are at the nucleus of all work carried out. Social Work squads include Children and Families, Community Care, Criminal Justice and besides Homeless. The work besides includes working aboard Community Addiction Teams ( CAT ) and the Community Disability squads. The country profile of the East CHCP relates to low employment rates and issues environing substance abuse and offense. Therefore the services implemented by Social Work resources, reflect the country ‘s issues environing poorness and want. The life anticipation for a male life in the East CHCP country is 54 old ages old, compared to 81 old ages old in other countries. ( CHCP Website 2009 ) This indicates the country ‘s degree of want and the consequence on an person ‘s life opportunities. In footings of ethnicity the country has a low proportion of black and cultural minority groups. However the country does hold a high figure of European migrates. This has besides had a contemplation on the squad. There is staff from cultural beginning nevertheless they merely cover a little minority of a big squad.

I am based in the Youth Justice Team. In order to run into my larning demands my Practice Teacher has allocated work from both Youth Justice and Children and Families. The chief function of the Youth Justice Team is supplying effectual service to immature people between the ages of 12 -21. The chief countries of work within this squad include set abouting appraisals, composing studies for the Children ‘s Hearing and Courts and developing action programs for immature people where demands and hazards have been taken into consideration. The Youth Justice/Children and Families squad has about 130 staff members. This squad construction consists of 16 Practice Team Leaders and 114 Social Work staff the bulk of whom are Social Care Workers. To guarantee the administration maps in a professional mode the squad members have different functions and duties. The Service Manager has overall authorization and full duty for the squad. Following on from the Service director is the function of the Practice Team leaders. The Team Leaders focal point on the supervisory function this includes the duty of allotment and prioritising of instances. The Team Leader is besides responsible for supervising the work of the squad.

Social Work resources as a whole are guided by Social Work Scotland Act 1968. Section 12 of the Act states the overall responsibility of Social Work resources should be to “Promote Social Welfare” by supplying counsel and aid. This Act besides defines a individual in demand as anyone that may necessitate support for illustration older grownups, person ‘s with mental wellness or individual parents. This Act besides defines the significance of demand can be a effect of many different factors. This helps to determine the function and intent of staff within Social Work. The practician is able to specify demand and be guided in an appropriate manner. The Children ( Scotland ) Act 1995 and Criminal Procedure Act 1995 are both legal authorizations that usher and influence the work within the squad. This legal context will besides help the author in specifying functions and duties as a pupil.

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As a pupil, will include working in a mode that is consistent with bureau policy and pattern guidelines. The chief responsibilities will include finishing Initial Assessment Reports for the Children ‘s Hearing and besides pull offing my ain caseload. As portion of my function I will keep electronic records on the Authority ‘s database of any action/intervention taken within any instance. My function will besides include working in partnership with service users to help them to research issues impacting upon their life. This can be supported by the usage of Task Centred attack, “both worker and client may hold to set about specific undertakings until trouble is resolved” ( Hothersall 2008 ) . As a pupil I am besides registered with the Scottish Social Services Council and am bound by the codifications of behavior.

Part 2: A Reflective and Critical Account of Practice

In this portion of the study I will be concentrating on 3 specific countries of work, supplying grounds of my function within my pattern larning chance. This will dwell of reflecting and critically analyzing my pattern in a manner that will assist to foster my development.

All names within the instances have been changed for the intent of confidentiality.

Case 1 – Robert

Robert is a white 14 twelvemonth old male who has failed to go to school for the past 6 months. Robert stays with his Mother ( Katie ) , Step Father ( John ) , and duplicate brother ( Jack ) . Robert ‘s current state of affairs relates to non acquiring along with his equals within school and besides in the country he lives in. Therefore this may hold had a damaging consequence on his societal and educational demands.


Robert was referred by the Scots Children ‘s Reporter to Social Work Services for the intent of a Full Assessment Report. The chief ground for this related to non attending at school and the parents failure to prosecute with the school. This study was requested under S56 of the Children ( Scotland ) Act 1995, this states “on the reception of information that suggests that a kid may be in demand of mandatory steps of attention. The newsman is required to set about an initial probe therefore the newsman may bespeak a study from the local authority” ( Mays et al 2007 ) . By analyzing this statute law I raised my consciousness of the function Social Work services would play in garnering the information needed for the Children ‘s Hearing.


As I had limited cognition of the Children ‘s Hearing system I felt it was of import to research this in order to determine how it is conducted. By analyzing Hothersall ( 2008 ) I was able to construct up a clearer image of the rights and duties of everyone, household every bit good as professionals within this instance. This included the function I would play as the allocated worker. Hothersall ( 2008 ) states the Children Scotland Act 1995 put the accent upon the rights of the kid and the duties of parents towards them. This helped me to hold a clear apprehension of the importance of garnering this information from all involved in the kid ‘s life. I realised an of import factor was to listen to Robert ‘s positions, every bit good as taking into consideration the positions of Katie.

To understand Robert ‘s state of affairs it was of import to read past studies and information obtained from section records. At this phase the importance of administration accomplishments including clip direction. As the study is a clip limited piece of work it was of import I gathered the relevant information needed before transporting out initial contact. I was cognizant at this phase of readying the more I may hold read about another workers intercession, I may hold taking on their position of the household. Therefore I was cautious of staying non judgemental to guarantee I gathered their ideas and positions in an unfastened minded manner.

To to the full understand and fix for initial contact with Robert, I felt it was of import to talk to education. I was dying about the conversation with Robert ‘s counsel instructor, this related to the difference in function, he was a professional and I am still a pupil. However I was cognizant of the tone of my voice guaranting I was clear and easy to understand. After reading up on collaborative pattern and utilizing cognition from the Communications faculty, I was cognizant of the importance of talking confidently to guarantee the other professional felt confident in my ability to transport out the appraisal in an effectual manner.


Before transporting out the visit with Robert it was of import to do formal contact by missive to set up day of the month and clip. I followed this up with a telephone call to guarantee the clip and day of the month suited the household. By reading up on the oppugning theoretical account I decided this would be the most appropriate to utilize due to the degree of information to be gathered for the study. Thompson states “the societal worker holds the expertness and follows format of inquiries, listening to and treating replies, shaped to suit societal workers theories” ( Thompson 2002 ) . I am cognizant this theoretical account may besides be seen as bad pattern as information is gathered to suit in with a certain standard. Therefore the oppugning theoretical account should be used to garner information for study by following the guided format and layout of study papers, every bit good as the exchange theoretical account to garner Robert and Katie positions about the state of affairs.

The initial place visit was carried out with Robert and Katie present. During the visit I was cognizant of guaranting I came across in a professional and confident mode. To accomplish this I used clear communicating accomplishments including unfastened inquiries to get down a resonance with Robert and Katie. Trevithick ( 2007 ) provinces to make this involves associating cognition we have acquired to pattern, peculiarly our apprehension of human behavior. I felt it was of import to believe back to my old arrangement and how I conducted foremost place visit so. I was able to reflect and take cognition of how I felt when I was non prepared for visits. I have learned the importance of a clear action program and being clear about my function within the visit. Overall the first meeting went to be after in respects to garnering information. However reflecting back on the visit, the information I had gathered was more about how Katie felt about the state of affairs.

The 2nd visit focused on garnering information from Robert. I used cognition from oppressive pattern to guarantee I did non pigeonhole Robert. For illustration presuming he did non desire to travel to school as a manner of arising. It was of import to listen and see how the dislocation in relationships with equals has affected his attending. I showed empathy and unconditioned positive respect to guarantee I understood the state of affairs from Robert ‘s point of position.

Full Assessment Report/ Risk Assessment

The peculiar cognition that informed my pattern at the appraisal phase was Erikson ‘s 8 phases of the development theory. This was peculiarly relevant to the appraisal as it may explicate how he was diffident about discoursing the present state of affairs in school. Robert is presently at the adolescence phase that states individuality versus function confusion. Thomson ( 2003 ) states this clip in life is when people develop calling programs or thoughts about way they want there lives to travel in. It was of import to understand why Robert did non desire to go to school nevertheless as a professional I had the responsibility to explicate the deductions this could hold in the hereafter, and remind him it was a legal demand for a kid to go to school.

The My World Triangle besides helped to measure the degree of demand within the appraisal. I was able to see the parenting capacity conflicted with Robert ‘s developmental demands. Katie and John ensured Robert ‘s basic demands were being met by supplying a safe and unafraid environment. However by excusing the non attending, they were striping Robert of stimulation and development of his cognitive demands. I identified the hazards within this state of affairs related Robert ‘s cognitive ability and besides farther excepting him from his equal group if he did non return to school.

Within supervising I was able to come to a decision and recommendation for the study. In order to make this determination I used the systems theory to research the protective factors. This besides included measuring the positions of Katie, Robert and besides how the counsel instructor felt about the state of affairs. By analyzing the state of affairs at first I thought the best option was to take Robert from school and transportation to another school. However looking more in deepness about the state of affairs and discoursing within supervising I was cognizant this would non work out the job. Trevithick ( 2007 ) states the intent of appraisal is to back up persons to keep the quality of life they presently have to avoid impairment. After measuring the state of affairs I was besides cognizant of hazards for illustration farther non attending could further socially exclude Robert within the community and besides with his equals within school. In analyzing the information I was able to set Robert ‘s demands first and urge he stays within the school and explores the issues with equals from support from school.


The result of the appraisal was to urge a supervising demand at place. To make this determination I looked over all countries of Robert ‘s life to see the hazard of societal exclusion within school and where he lives. Looking back at the appraisal phase and the procedure of the study I am now able to recognize I did non see the positions of the measure father. I am cognizant now that John ‘s positions may number, every bit much as Robert ‘s and Katie ‘s if Robert views him as a relevant individual in his life. On contemplation, I have learned the importance of looking at a state of affairs consistently and talking to all persons involved within a kid ‘s life to guarantee the appraisal is more effectual to run intoing the demands of the kid.

Case 2 – Stewart

Stewart is a white 5 twelvemonth old male who is presently lives at place with his female parent Arlene, sister Jessica ( 14 ) and older brother Alex ( 18 ) . Stewart is capable to a Home Supervision Requirement – Section 70.


Stewart was referred by the Children ‘s Reporter for non attending at school. A Full Assessment was carried out and Home Supervision has been put in topographic point. My function within this instance is to take over for another worker ( Lynn ) and pull off the instance to guarantee Stewart continues to go to school and the household to prosecute with Social Work.


Before run intoing the household it was of import to garner relevant information about the instance. This included traveling over the old study and besides electronic authorization records. The chief readying related to garnering background information to why Social Work was involved. This helped to clear up what my function would be when the instance was transferred. Within the meeting with Lynn, I prepared a program that included discoursing what my function is within future intercession. By analyzing the statute law I was able have a clear position of what function I would play within Stewart ‘s life and besides what responsibilities I would besides hold. By researching what a place supervising order was, I was able to understand the determination made by kids ‘s panel. This related to Arlene accepting and leting her boy to pass clip off school. Therefore due to the age of Stewart and being at phase of early development in footings of cognitive ability the order was implemented to back up Arlene and Stewart to return to school. This cognition enabled me to specify my function which included liaise with parent and school every bit good as back uping Stewart. To understand this peculiar state of affairs I felt it was of import to read up on theories associating to working with households. This included analyzing the model for understanding a household. The first phase included looking at systems theory by being cognizant of resources that are already put in topographic point to back up Stewart. By analyzing the systems theory I highlighted the importance of looking at different facets of Stewart ‘s life and how this may hold an impact on his school attending.


Battle was carried out with a joint place visit with Lynn. This place visit was a opportunity to run into the household and besides explain the function I would hold when the instance was transferred. After reading up on the relationship position I aware how I came across in this meeting would impact on how they would interact within the future visits. The relationship we created was considered a cardinal facet of Social Work and indispensable to good practice” ( Trevithick 2007 ) . This position makes me cognizant of the difference between pass oning with the parent and kid. Even though the position highlights the importance of first feelings I do besides experience the manner we conduct ourselves throughout visit can impact how service users engage with the practician.

One specific accomplishment within this place visit was being able to pass on and prosecute efficaciously with both female parent and kid. When talking to Arlene I maintained oculus contact when explicating what my function would be within the work with the household. When talking to Stewart I felt it was of import to talk in a mode that used unfastened ended inquiries about things he was interested in to guarantee he felt comfy speech production to a alien. By following the psychotherapeutic attack I was cognizant of how thought and feelings can act upon actions. “Using observation of people ‘s behavior to construe what traveling on in their mind” ( Hothersall 2008 ) . This besides removed the barrier of worker and kid as the usage of unfastened ended inquiries allowed the conversation to flux and non do the kid feel they were acquiring interviewed.

Within this peculiar visit I believe it was critical to demo congruity to Arlene and get down the footing of a trusting and dependable working relationship where she felt comfy with me. As a pupil it was of import to discourse this with Arlene and Stewart so they had a clear apprehension of the difference between pupil and a qualified worker. My engagement up until this phase of the instance has been acquiring to cognize Arlene and Stewart. Arlene was diffident about a pupil taking over the instance therefore it was of import to construct up trust and a sense of partnership within the professional function.

For future intercession of this instance the chief function will be to go on coaction with the school and besides with Stewart every bit good as working alongside the household. The chief purpose for the household is to hold the Home Supervision order removed when it is due to be reviewed. Therefore as the allocated worker it was of import to work with Stewart, Arlene and besides the household as a whole to guarantee school attending is maintained. As the allocated worker I will finish the Integrated Assessment Report for the newsman when the Home Supervision order is due to be reviewed. By go oning to work on this instance I hope to be able to carry on an appraisal of demand that will besides take into consideration hazards and strengths in order to explicate an action program.

Case 3 – Paul and Andrew

I have been allocated to co work within a instance of two white males, Paul ( 5 ) and Andrew ( 3 ) . Paul and Andrew live with their female parent ( Clare ) . Clare separated from Paul and Andrew ‘s male parent ( David ) around 1 twelvemonth ago.


The referral was originally related to an incident when Clare and David separated there was an unsettling clip within their life. Both Paul and Andrew are presently on a Home Supervision order. One chief ground for this relates to both kids being left with David for a long period of clip while he was intoxicated. Therefore the Order was put in topographic point to supply ongoing support to the kids at place and besides within school and baby’s room.


I carried out similar readying to the old instances. However to hold a full apprehension of the state of affairs I read the past Integrated Assessment Report and had many informal meetings with the allocated worker to discourse the current intercession, and find how the household are get bying at present. By analyzing portion 1 of the Children ( Scotland ) Act 1995 I was able to understand the function I will play within the instance. “Each local authorization has the responsibility to safeguard and advance the public assistance of the kid in demand, every bit far as must advance the upbringing of such kids by their families” ( McLean 2009 ) . As a pupil this portion of the act clearly highlights the importance of carbon monoxide working with the other worker and in partnership with the household. Therefore being able to advance and promote authorization to Claire and David to work as a household for Paul and Andrew.


The initial contact with the household took topographic point within Andrew ‘s baby’s room. As this was an debut it was of import the scene was more relaxed and less intrusive for the household. After reading a model for understanding household ( Coulshed & A ; Orme 2006 ) , by utilizing this theory I was able to understand the function of the parent and besides as the practician. The first country is theoretical base, for this peculiar household I felt it was of import to understand how the kids interact to both parents. This helped to see the state of affairs from both Clare and David ‘s point of position and understand how the household map now parents are separated. As this was the first meeting with the household it was of import to clearly explicate my function as a pupil and the ground why I would be joint working the instance. In contemplation of the visit I felt like the household may hold been intimidated when they were originally told there would be two workers involved. This may associate to experiencing their state of affairs was non bettering. Therefore I thought it was of import to explicate my engagement was non a contemplation on them nevertheless an chance to work aboard a qualified worker to larn and derive experience. Equally good as working alongside the household and the qualified worker I will besides be join forcesing with baby’s room and school.

In transporting out this instance so far, I have learned the importance of working alongside the household and other professionals. By carbon monoxide working this instance I will be able to derive cognition and pattern experience from another worker how best to work with the household in the close hereafter.

Part 3 – A Contemplation on Learning and Professional Development

Since get downing my pattern larning 4 arrangement I have been able to derive farther cognition of the function of Social Work within a local authorization. On the first twenty-four hours, I began the journey of sing a arrangement that will develop the cognition and accomplishments to transport out the professional function of Social Worker. As a pupil, I have grown in assurance in relation to being able to get by with the force per unit areas of instance pull offing. Previous experience of working in a local authorization in pattern larning 3 has given me the basic cognition for this twelvemonth in respects to what to anticipate within the societal work procedure.

At this phase within my arrangement, I am cognizant the instances that I have been allocated have given me the chance to run into the relevant criterions. Within the readying phase of each instance I have been able to roll up information from different beginnings including old studies, members of the squad and other professionals. By transporting out the readying I have been able to associate cognition of statute law, theories and ideas to do me cognizant of my function I have in each instance and besides guaranting I am following the authorization ‘s processs.

As portion of the two hebdomad initiation period within my arrangement, I attended developing concentrating on Domestic Abuse. The preparation was a full twenty-four hours class covering many facets of domestic maltreatment. This included specifying what maltreatment was and understanding maltreatment from the adult female ‘s point of position. It besides focused on our ain attitudes, values and responses to domestic maltreatment. This was an country I had ne’er had any old experience or preparation in earlier. Therefore I found it interesting and a powerful country to research that I could derive assorted types of cognition from. The preparation helped me to understand if from the position of the adult female. This included the assorted barriers that stop her go forthing the opprobrious state of affairs or through different feelings may non desire to raise the dismay of what is go oning. The peculiar preparation gave me cognition in an country I had no past experience of. Therefore gave me the chance to develop accomplishments including being able to place or be cognizant that many instances I may be involved within in the hereafter may travel through similar state of affairss. Consequently holding basic cognition may be able to back up a service user and understand the state of affairs from their point of position.

Within arrangement I besides attended Anti Racist preparation. This peculiar preparation was an chance to research the different types of racism and highlighted how our ain givens can act upon our pattern. The counsel within the preparation helped me to believe more in deepness to research the different attitudes that society has in respects to racism. It besides made me believe about how the universe we live in positions racism in respects the linguistic communication we use. For illustration words being used in the right mode. As a society we are diffident how we may utilize the word black without piquing person. However when we think about the state of affairs we may subconsciously be doing a bigger trade out of something as we are non desiring to be seen to be racist. We see the word black as being a coloring material nevertheless when used within the right context there is non an issue. On the other manus when person is being racialist they use this in a demeaning and derogatory manner to know apart against person. On contemplation of the preparation it has made me more cognizant of the importance of implementing anti racialist attitudes within pattern. This included holding the assurance to dispute person when we are cognizant they are being racialist. As a whole the preparation has deepened my ideas and helped me hold a clearer apprehension of what is racism and how it is carried out within different ways in society.

The arrangement so far has been a positive experience in respects to being able to work within a squad that is supportive and accessible. One peculiar battle I have faced so far is being able to collate a study for the kids ‘s panel to a criterion that is professional and within the authorization ‘s guidelines. I was able to pull off this state of affairs by talking to the squad and besides within supervising. This counsel and support helped to hold the assurance to bring forth study that reflects my assessment nevertheless is produced in a professional mode. At this phase of arrangement I am besides working on my acquisition demands. This includes being able to associate theory to pattern and being able to critically reflect to guarantee I am able to be accountable for my ain work. “Critical contemplation can enable designation, geographic expedition and apprehension of practice” ( Brown & A ; Rutter 2008 ) . Therefore within arrangement I hope to further develop my ability to critically analyze pattern to a degree where I am larning from past experiences and being able to better throughout the continuance of the arrangement.

The usage of supervising has played an indispensable function in being able to develop and better my pattern. Supervision and the usage of Reflective logs have given me chances to analyze recent pattern within instances. This includes being cognizant that no state of affairs is the same in respects to being cognizant of non handling each service user the same. I am cognizant that each visit I carry out, I have the responsibility to measure hazard and guarantee the kid ‘s public assistance ever remain at the nucleus of all pattern. By utilizing brooding logs and supervising I am able to critically analyze each state of affairs to guarantee I develop and turn as a professional practician.

I would depict my larning so far within placement similar to a train journey. This has helped me to reflect on each state of affairs and believe what I have learned within each phase of arrangement. When I started the train journey it was the first twenty-four hours of arrangement. At this phase I had many ideas and feelings of anxiousness. I was looking out the window of how other people carry out their day-to-day undertakings. I am cognizant that at the beginning of arrangement I had taken an experimental function by watching other staff members carry out mundane undertakings. This included replying the phones, talking to service users and to each other within the squad. Even though these undertakings are simple to them get downing a new journey these simple undertakings can look dashing as a pupil. The journey of arrangement will hold many Michigans ; each halt will convey new experiences with service users and besides members of the squad. I am cognizant that each halt is an chance for larning that will let me to turn and develop on a personal degree and besides on a professional degree. This will be possible by the usage of societal work values and accomplishments and besides theories and old pattern cognition and besides with support from my pattern instructor. In completion of this journey I hope to hold reached the degree of being able to transport out the societal work function at phase of a qualified worker.

Part 4 – A statement about advancement towards run intoing Key Capabilities in Child Care and Protection

I have started to do advancement towards run intoing the Key Capabilities within the Practice Learning chance. Within arrangement, I have completed two Full Assessment Reports therefore given me the chance to measure kids ‘s demands and besides carry out appraisals of hazard. I besides carried out my first direct observation, by go toing the Children ‘s Hearing for one of the studies. In the Hearing I was cognizant of stand foring the Authority as a professional every bit good as developing my pattern to run into the relevant criterions.

Within the undermentioned hebdomads I will be transporting out work with one peculiar instance that will enable me to run into the four countries of the Key Capabilities. The instance is co worked with another worker back uping a household who have two kids on a place supervising order. The order is due to reexamine within the undermentioned months therefore I will be working alongside the parents to transporting out an Incorporate Assessment Report. Within the procedure of reexamining the order I will besides be go toing the Children ‘s Hearing. This will give me the chance to derive farther cognition in appraisal and develop accomplishments and cognition to measure hazard.

Throughout the continuance of my arrangement I will besides hold the chance to farther develop my professional assurance and competency. Transporting out farther studies for the Children ‘s Hearing will assist develop my appraisal accomplishments. The appraisal accomplishments will enable me to analyze a kid ‘s state of affairs to guarantee the hazard and demands remain at the nucleus of pattern. By the summational study phase, I hope to hold developed the accomplishments through chance of pull offing my ain instances and transporting out the full appraisal studies. In this pattern larning chance I hope to use the key capablenesss within pattern through developing my cognition and the application of the legal model. I hope to unite the cognition I have gained with legal model and authorization guidelines to develop effectual communicating. This can so be adapted suitably when working with kid, household and professionals


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