Pregnancy Test
at the end of the first month, what 3 systems are the most advanced?
what day does the heart start to beat?
first cluster of cells when an egg gets fertilized
second stage of a zygote
third stage of a zygote
white dots on the spine; basis of all muscles and bones that grow and fuse together to make up spinal cord
outer membrane that encloses the cell cluster as soon as the egg is fertilized
cluster of cells that form on the inside of the chorion; produce red blood cells until the liver and spleen are formed
yolk sac
root like blood vessels that let the placenta hold onto the uterus’s wall
develops between the embryo and chorion (like a balloon); as the child develops, so does this
amniotic sac
when the placenta forms at the cervix and the baby cannot get out
placenta previa
filters everything you drink, eat, breathe in, etc; develops when pregnant and is part of the afterbirth
feeds and nurtures the baby; carries nutrients/waste from the mom to the baby; baby’s life line
umbilical cord
“cream cheese” substance that develops over baby’s skin to protect from the amniotic fluid
gelatinous substance within the umbilical cord and is a potential source for adult stem cells
Wharton’s jelly
cheesy-like milky substance that comes out of newly infants nipple b/c of mom’s hormone
Witches’ Milk
cervix thinning; followed by dilation
opening of the cervix for the baby (has to be 10 cm)
2nd stage of labor; short and intense
3rd stage of labor; involves pushing the baby out
delivery of the placenta
“Bag of Waters” is commonly known as the
amniotic fluid
if your baby is any way but head first it is considered what?
reasons for a Caesarean birth
– breeched- multiples (triplets etc)- baby too big- cord around baby’s neck- active herpes (Jena) ;)- labor too long- placenta previa
giving birth to a dead baby (may result from umbilical cord wrapped around baby’s neck suffocating it)
still birth
straight cut from the vagina to anus; allows you to have larger space for baby to come out
tells the rate of the heartbeat
fetal monitor
2 eggs, 2 sperm, unidentical babies
fraternal twins
fertilized egg splits into two
identical twins
close attachment with mother and baby; forms from a nurturing environment
depression after birth or baby due to hormones; some mothers kill their babies
postpartum blues
antibiotic; put in baby’s eyes for a week after being home
erythromycin ointment
removal of the foreskin of the penis
baby starting to move; can feel it
doctor who cares for women during pregnancy and delivery
uses radio-waves to monitor baby; can find out sex of the baby at a specific stage
drawing amniotic fluid for testing
mother drinking heavily during pregnancy, resulting in a few disabilities
fetal alcohol syndrome
German measles
high blood pressure; causes puffiness, swelling and protein in urine
toxemia/ preeclampsia
when the mom’s blood is different from the baby’s; + or – incompatibility
Rh factor disorder
pregnancy calculated with this; 10 month cycle
lunar month
period of time following baby’s birth
home-like facility away from the hospital for giving birth
alternative birth center
the cost of items such as rent and insurance which cannot be changed
fixed expenses
the pushing of the muscles of the mother’s uterus to expel the baby from her body
registered nurse with special training in the care of women during pregnancy and normal birth
nurse midwife
a method of giving birth in which pain is reduced through the elimination of fear and special conditioning exercises
prepared childbirth
costs over which people have some control such as clothing and recreation
variable expenses
period when sperm penetrates the egg
stage in which organism changes from flat solid mass to a form with human characteristics
male partner experiences pregnancy symptoms
couvade syndrome
last phase in the unborn child’s development
fetal stage
measurement of time in pregnancy
fetal head settles into pelvis
266 days from conception to birth
prenatal period
zygote attaches to uterine lining
hormone that prevents uterine contractions
time when organs undergo development and rapid growth
critical period
hormone that signals body to release progesterone; pregnancy tests look for this
what B vitamin reduces the risk of a serious type of birth defect
folate/ folic acid
the natural ending of a pregnancy before the embryo or fetus can fully develop is called what?
premature birth and low birth weight can be caused by the mother doing what?
how many weeks is the period of the ovum
1-2 weeks
how many weeks is the period of the embryo
4-8 weeks
how long is the period of the fetus
8/9 weeks until birth
the baby begins to add fat beneath the skin at this stage
period of the fetus
a sac of amniotic fluid forms during this stage
period of the embryo
bones and organs form during this stage
the period of the embryo
the face and limbs begin to take shape during this stage
period of the embryo
the heartbeat can be heard at this stage
period of the fetus
nourishment begins to pass from the placenta through the umbilical cord in this stage
period of the embryo
these are the first things to become tender
antibiotic that shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy
if you have placenta previa, there should be no what?
no sex
what are the dilation lengths for an epidermal
4-6 cm
another name for the baby’s soft spots are called the
a parasite disease due to cat feces; should not change the litter box if pregnant
the top of the uterus is called the
blood mucus passed through the vagina near the end of pregnancy
show (bloody)
spontaneous abortion is the same as a what
involves working with a partner to identify and relax tense areas of the body
touch relaxation
drug hooked to IV to make labor and contractions faster
what day of the 28th day menstruation cycle is an egg released from the ovary and deposited into the fallopian tube and how long is it there for?
15th day; stays there for 12-24 hrs