Prepared For Leaving Care Social Work Essay

Literature reviewed for this survey has included articles from academic diaries and text editions, authorities policy, counsel and briefings and other counsel produced by non-statutory administrations such as the National Care Advisory Service. Key subjects within the literature reviewed have included the experiences of immature people in attention that contribute to their go forthing attention experiences, the effectivity of services aimed at attention departers, societal work pattern with attention departers and the positions of immature people themselves on how prepared they feel when go forthing the attention system.


Surveies about immature people go forthing attention point to the different life experiences that many attention departers have in contrast to their equals and argue that these have an impact on how prepared immature people are to go forth attention. Whilst in the attention system they face disadvantage plus a greater hazard of societal exclusion and hapless results such as low educational accomplishment and homelessness, unemployment and mental wellness jobs ( Stein et al 2000, Courtney et al 2000 ) . Particular groups of attention departers can besides confront specific types of favoritism and disadvantage. Black and cultural minority attention departers face individuality jobs due to a deficiency of contact with household and community ( Barn et al 2005 ) , immature handicapped people in attention may meet jobs with hapless planning in relation to their lodging in the passage period from attention ( Priestly et al 2003 ) and immature adult females in attention are at greater hazard of adolescent gestation and the associated hazards of hapless results ( DfES 2006 ) . Jones ( 2002 ) noted important qualitative differences between immature parents who have household support and those populating off from place.

The life history of looked after kids besides plays a portion in their readying to go forth attention. Many looked after kids can hold complex demands that are related to their earlier childhood experiences. These experiences can impact on how they settle into their looked after arrangements and the degree of educational accomplishment that they reach at school. Their educational accomplishments will impact how they manage in life after attention. Looked after kids frequently have a figure of societal, emotional or behavioral troubles such as disputing behavior, low self-pride and hapless concentration accomplishments, which once more can impact their passages into maturity ( Soan and Lee 2010 ) .

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Everson-Hock et Al ( 2009 ) attempted to analyze the effectivity of passage to adulthood support services ( TSS ‘s ) to go forthing attention and their impact on results including instruction, employment, substance abuse, condemnable and piquing behavior, parentage, lodging and homelessness and wellness ( Everson-Hock et Al, 2009 ) . The survey, based mostly on US quantitative surveies found that immature people go forthing attention were more likely to finish mandatory instruction if they received TSS ‘s ; that there was moderate grounds that TSS ‘s improved employment chances and ; moderate grounds that TSS ‘s lessened the likeliness of negative impacts from substance abuse, piquing behavior, homelessness or early parentage ( Everson-Hock et al 2009 ) . Whilst accepting that US based surveies could non merely be transferred to UK experiences, the survey conclude that “ TSS ‘s do hold a good consequence on the grownup results of looked after immature people, in peculiar for instruction, employment, parentage and lodging ” ( Everson-Hock et al 2009, p52 ) .

A survey in Scotland identified be aftering passage to maturity as of import and noted that go forthing attention at an early age can be a concern. Traveling from residential attention to supported carers and so leting immature people to travel in a planned mode that allows them a say in when they leave attention is besides of import ( Kendrick 2008 ) . This survey besides identified failures by local governments to do equal readyings. Many attention departers did non have a programme of readying, peculiarly those in surrogate places or being cared for at place. It was besides identified that 60 % of the immature people surveyed had non received a formal go forthing attention reappraisal ( Kendrick 2008 ) . Evidence elsewhere besides suggests that attention departers are frequently hurried out of attention with the Director of the Office for Children ‘s Rights noticing “ a common subject among those immature people consulted was in their holding unusually short periods of notice to go forth, together with their sheer deficiency of readying to make so ” ( Morgan and Lindsay 2006 ) .

Stein found that since the 1990 ‘s there has been more of a focal point on result surveies ( Stein, 2006 ) . However, the broad fluctuation in both research and the aggregation of statistical result informations by the authorities has been highlighted by international go forthing attention work ( Stein, 2006 ) . Likewise Simon and Own ( 2006 citied in ibid ) stated that the information base for those in attention and go forthing attention has vastly enhanced since 1998. However, they have besides found three bing failings. First, the day of the months chiefly have short follow up times. Second they focus merely a little parametric quantity of immature people ‘s lives. And eventually, they are chiefly available for England.

Stein differentiates that the passage itself, is important to acquiring immature people ready for the ‘risk ‘ of society, by giving them the clip for independency, detecting, believing, hazard pickings and character geographic expedition ( Stein, 2006 ) . He says that coming across danger is possible through opportunity, so in order to place valuable and harmful effects, by the disclosure to these debatable state of affairss, it allows for chances emerge for both problem-resolving accomplishments and emotional header accomplishments are provided ( Newman and Blackburn, 2002, cited in Stein ibid ) . Stein ‘s survey analysis significantly shows that attention departers as a group are more likely to be socially excluded and that there are still immense spreads in research cognition, peculiarly nil in footings of utilizing experimental and quasi-experimental methods ( Stein, 2006 ) . Therefore, there is a high demand for the use of cohort experiments in giving a refined apprehension of hazard and protective elements over clip. Furthermore, he openly shows that there is besides a high demand to develop connexions between empirical and theoretical work, this is because most of the surveies do non affect research from theory in respects to context, theoretical probe and theory devising.

In position of the concerns and increasing consciousness of the hapless results of immature people go forthing the attention system, the Government produced a audience paper ( Care Matters: Transforming the Lifes of Children and Young People in Care 2007 ) . Care Matters ( 2006 ) detailed a figure of authorities enterprises to help the passage into maturity for attention departers. Included in the proposals were a pilot strategy to let immature people to populate with surrogate households until they were 21 ; constitution of a capital investing fund to better supported lodging options ; top-ups of Child Trust financess for immature people in attention and national bursaries for immature people in attention that go onto higher instruction. One of the cardinal rules of Care Matters echoed research elsewhere into passage – that immature people should come in adult life when they are ready instead than when a local authorization societal worker decides that they should make so. Most immature people are supported by their households until their early mid-twentiess yet those in attention frequently lack that sense of security – they should anticipate no lupus erythematosus from a corporate parent in footings of aid in the passage to adulthood than their equals who live with parents ( Care Matters 2006 ) .

Rainer ( 2007:2 ) states ‘The DfES Green Paper Care Matters, and the Following Steps papers, set out a scope of highly assuring proposals to better services to immature people as they move through and out of the attention system. However, there is grounds that when it comes to lodging support attention departers are non yet systematically having the service they are entitled to under current statute law ‘ . His studies analysed the graduated table of the issues and high spots the awful conditions in which some attention departers are expected to put up their first place. Similarly, Broad ( 2005 cited in Stein, 2006 ) found that for immature parents, immature accompanied refuge and refugee searchers and immature people remanded, their services were chiefly described as remaining the same since the debut of the Children Leaving Care Act 2000.

The DH ( Department of Health, 2003 ) found that some immature people are drawn to the construct of independency and will hold a strong thrust to go forth, nevertheless that impulse is driven by assorted factors, these including a arrangement dislocation, the limited arrangements available, issues with disputing behaviour direction, traditional outlooks and tight passages. DH ( ibid ) realises that inconsistent planning for maturity is common for immature attention departers, moreover, the particular demands have non been systematically given to certain groups like cultural minorities or individual parent. However, holding said that, some immature people do hold positive experiences whereas some experience adversities, this sometimes even included high hazard of homelessness. Stein ( 2006 ) debated that a holistic attack demands to be considered when readying is made for go forthing attention, that it each component needs equal sum of importance, practical accomplishments are equal to emotional well-being every bit good being equal to interpersonal accomplishments.


Support with adjustment is besides identified as an of import issue for attention departers and they should hold entree to allow lodging options. For many go forthing residential attention or Foster arrangements, issues such as get bying with fundss, shopping and self-care were disputing and practical support in developing life accomplishments is something that will assist better prepare attention departers for maturity ( Kendrick 2008 ) . The National Care Advisory Service ( NCAS ) besides stresses that suited and stable adjustment for immature people fixing to go forth attention will enable them to develop their accomplishments and options in other countries such as instruction, employment and societal networking ( NCAS 2009 ) . NCAS identified the importance of tract planning and highlighted an illustration of good pattern in Barnsley where tract appraisals have a specific subdivision associating to adjustment which considers things such as a immature individual ‘s current agreements ; their practical cognition ; consciousness of occupancy rights and duty to be a good neighbor ; budgeting accomplishments and the attention departers ‘ ability to entree lodging advice ( NCAS 2009 ) .

Care affairs ( 2006 ) highlighted the negative effects of frequent alterations in Foster attention. In 2005/6, of 23,000 kids under 16 looked after for more than 2.5 old ages ; 65 % had been populating in the same arrangement for at least two old ages or were placed for acceptance. While this is 1 % higher than the old twelvemonth, unless the rate additions dramatically the authorities is improbable to accomplish their mark of 80 % by 2008 and presently 12 % of kids in attention still see 3 or more arrangements ( Care affairs, 2006 ) . ‘Care Matters ‘ made a figure of proposals about commissioning ; increasing pick and preparation and support for surrogate carers and residential workers. While these are all positive stairss they will non needfully turn to the issues of deficit in surrogate carers and the hapless position of residential work as a positive option for staff. ( Barnardos,2007, p4 ) ref:

Lack of stableness was besides highlighted as a barrier to societal bonding and support, emotional wellbeing, and educational success. The societal worker would be responsible for the budget of each kid. Care plans need to be revised. In interview with kids in attention, “ one arrangement ” was top on their list of what they desired ( Morgan, 2007 ) .

Employment, Education and Training

The educational under accomplishment of kids in attention up to twelvemonth 11 is good researched and documented, but despite the long standing acknowledgment of this issue at that place appears to hold been no significant betterment in recent old ages. ‘Care Matters ‘ recognises the importance of stableness in instruction, peculiarly in old ages 10 and 11, but does non travel far plenty in sketching a school ‘s duties to guarantee looked after kids are non denied entree to their instruction through impermanent or lasting exclusion. Given looked after kids are disproportionately more likely to hold their instruction disrupted through exclusion we are concerned about the grade of discretion in single schools as to the reading of ‘last resort ‘ . ( Barnardos,2007, p7 ) . While 56 per centum of all kids attained 5 good GCSEs of A to C in 2005, merely 11 per centum of kids in attention attained these degrees ( DfES, 2006 ) ; this degree was 12 per centum in 2006 ( DfES, 2007 ) .

A survey of attention departers in the UK found that merely 23 per cent were in full-time or parttime instruction ( Everson-Hock 2009 ) . The age that immature people leave attention can be a factor that leaves them ill-prepared for independent life. Many do so between the ages of 16 and 17, at a clip when they besides manage the move from instruction into preparation, work or unemployment. Their equals go through this passage most frequently whilst life at place with household support and the advantages of a stable place environment ( Jones 2002 ) .

The importance of trying to accomplish positive educational results is stressed by a figure of observers as important in effectual readying for go forthing attention. Newman and Blackburn ( 2002 ) and Sinclair et Al ( 2005 ) emphasise that holding positive experiences at school and making an equal degree of educational accomplishment is strongly associated with resiliency in immature people in attention and in acquiring them ready for big life.

From a wider position, it makes sense for local and cardinal authorities to put in the hereafter of attention departers and in England there is grounds in recent old ages of a alteration in doctrine so that back uping kids and immature people that are at hazard of hapless result is desirable so that that can maximize their possible in future ( Stein 2008 ) . Supplying instruction and preparation focussed on future employment is important to this.


Health services have an of import function in back uping immature people go forthing attention. Low degrees of attention departers report seeing wellness professionals and high figure study prosecuting in unhealthy behaviors such as smoke ( Everson-Hock 2009 ) . As portion of effectual partnership working, Directors of Children ‘s Services should guarantee that wellness services, peculiarly mental wellness services are on manus to work with societal workers and adjustment suppliers to help attention departers ( NCAS 2009 ) . Young people with mental wellness demands particularly might necessitate aid in turn uping suited topographic points to populate. A farther of import wellness issue is for societal workers to assist immature people to understand the importance of healthy life and hold entree to suitable cookery installations ( NCAS 2009 ) .

Unfortunately, immature attention departers are at a disadvantage here. For many 16-17 twelvemonth olds, parents take on duty for set uping medical audiences, advancing a balanced diet, placing sick wellness and discoursing the dangers of smoke and imbibing – local governments as a corporate parent frequently take a less proactive function in this country ( McLeod and Bywaters 2000 ) . Added to the hapless lodging and want that many attention departers experience and a consistent image frequently emerges of malnutrition, infections, mental unwellness, drug usage and susceptibleness to physical onslaught ( McLeod and Bywaters ) .

Bing a immature parent can hold a great impact on people as they leave attention. The prevalence of adolescent gestation among looked after misss in England is about three times higher than that their equals under 18 in England ( DfES 2006 ) and a survey carried out by the Teenage Pregnancy Unit ( 2001 ) found that a one-fourth of looked after immature people had a kid by the age of 16 and about half had a babe within 24 months of go forthing attention. These immature people in general are exposed to a figure of hazard factors associated with teenage gestations, including educational failure, socio-economic want and engagement in young person offending ( Kirton 2009 ) , all of which have a negative impact on their readying for independent life after attention.

Quantitative research into immature female parents go forthing attention was completed by Maxwell et Al ( 2011 ) . The studied acknowledged that the likeliness of gestation additions significantly in attention departers and used interviews and journals kept by immature female parents to seek and place how they were prepared to go forth attention as a parent. The survey identified that immature adult females wanted to supply a better childhood than they had experienced to their ain babe and found maternity as something that helped construct a positive image ( Maxwell et al 2011 ) . Again, the research highlighted that the earlier lives of attention departers and the subsequent low esteem that they have can be a important hurdle in fixing for life outside of the attention system

Care affairs ( 2006 ) propose that local governments provide free entree to athleticss and nines, every bit good as chances for personal development and volunteering. The Healthy Care Programme supports this pledge, stating, “ This supports the National Healthy Care Standard entitlement for looked after kids to hold chances to develop personal and societal accomplishments, endowments and abilities and to pass clip in freely chosen drama, cultural and leisure activities ” ( DfES, 2006b, p. 3 ) . More than 50 per centum of the kids who responded to the Green Paper reported holding jobs deriving entree to such activities. ( DfES, 2007 ) .156 kids in attention rated the authorities ‘s thoughts for what councils should assure to them. “ A right to make leisure and athleticss activities ” and “ a opportunity to make a volunteering activity ” were 5th and 6th on their list, severally ( Morgan, 2007, p. 33 ) .


Biehal et Al ( 1995 ) besides studied the impact of different go forthing attention services on the immature people involved. This survey found that specializer go forthing attention services were most likely to hold an impact on those who came into attention from the most deprived starting point. Biehal et Al found that many immature people were unprepared to go forth attention, but that this could be affected by their earlier household relationships and lodging experiences. Like other surveies, it was identified that the best go forthing attention services should include doing a part to bettering adjustment options and assisting immature attention departers with life accomplishments such as budgeting, negociating and self-care ( Biehal et al 1995 ) .

Stein ( 2008 ) examined how to advance the resiliency of immature people in attention and better readying for maturity, proposing that this could be better achieved through proviso of stableness in attention, a holistic readying for passage and the proviso of comprehensive services throughout their clip in attention which promoted a positive sense of individuality. Stein besides developed a theory that carer leaves autumn into three distinct groups which can be shaped by their degree of readying to go forth attention – immature people “ traveling on ” , “ subsisters ” and “ victims ” ( Stein 2008 ) .

Qualitative research into the positions of immature people on their readyings to go forth attention was undertaken by Morgan and Lindsay ( 2006 ) . This identified that the aid they were given in fixing to go forth attention varied greatly. Some identified good pattern such as immature people fixing to go forth attention bit by bit by passing a twosome of yearss a hebdomad populating independently in their new adjustment, and the remainder of the hebdomad back in attention. Support to larn practical accomplishments such as cookery, making wash and housekeeping was besides seen as of import but support in assisting them larn these accomplishments varied.

Morgan and Lindsay besides identified that practical aid received from local governments when go forthing attention was frequently missing. Merely 52 % received support for instruction and adjustment, 53 % were offered continued support from societal services and merely 33 % offered practical aid with preparation or benefits and grants ( Morgan and Lindsay 2006 ) .

There is grounds that many immature people feel mostly unprepared for go forthing attention. Morgan and Lindsay ‘s survey identified highly short notice periods given to immature people for go forthing attention, or immature people being forced to go forth attention at a clip when they did non experience ready to make so. In some of the worst illustrations, immature people were given merely 24 hours to go forth a arrangement, they had no program for the hereafter, they had no ‘home-keeping ‘ accomplishments and small picks as to where they would travel onto ( Morgan and Lindsay 2006 ) . Many saw a go forthing attention worker as of import but some saw their leaving attention worker as unhelpful and unsympathetic.

Young people were able to place what they wanted from go forthing attention workers – frequently simple things such as to be at that place to back up but non to interfere, and to offer support in happening equal adjustment. Again, a cardinal point is that proviso of effectual go forthing attention support appears to change greatly – Morgan and Lindsay summarise “ the overall feeling conveyed was clearly that of a lottery, with some immature people basking first-class readying and support, whilst others received small or no aid at all ” ( Morgan and Lindsay 2006, p22 ) .

Mentoring groups or equal wise mans – i.e. former attention departers – to help attention departers have besides been identified as utile in fixing immature people to populate independently ( Clayden and Stein 2005 ) . Young people go forthing attention can necessitate support from different beginnings at different times and a scope of support webs can be utile in assisting them overcome the disadvantages that they face.


The cardinal findings from the literature reappraisal have been foremost

aˆ?The accelerated procedure and immature age of attention departers as opposed to other equals is a consequence of push factor such as arrangement dislocation, restrictions in the supply of arrangements, jobs in pull offing disputing behavior, traditional outlooks and personal pick.

aˆ? Limited lodging resources and the unsuitable allotment and status of assorted adjustment commissariats.

aˆ? LA as a corporate parent take a less proactive function compared to the parents of immature people who are non in attention in respects to their wellness which continue forms of instability were peculiarly vulnerable to ‘poor ‘ lodging results and were more likely to see station attention instability and homelessness.

aˆ? Young people who have left attention are over-represented amongst immature homeless people, including those who are kiping rough.

aˆ? Entering the attention system can turn out to be extremely debatable by interrupting a immature individual ‘s instruction advancement due to arrangements complexnesss and the personal negative experiences of immature people pre and post come ining attention.

aˆ? The deficiency of practical experiences and accomplishments present during the passages to independence presented as one of the chief troubles in concurrence with the issues of budgeting and lodging as a chief factor set uping a successful and stable passage.

aˆ? The research reviewed emphasised that immature people would prefer and profit from deriving support and experience in set abouting practical undertakings prior to go forthing attention.

It is of import to observe that that the proviso of go forthing attention services across the UK varies and immature people in different countries will hold different experiences and degrees of support.

Most observers agree that the experiences of immature people both before they come into attention and whilst in attention can hold an impact old ages subsequently when they are fixing to go forth attention and that effectual go forthing attention services are of import in fixing attention departers for independent life. Support with adjustment emerges as one of the most effectual ways to fix immature people to go forth attention along with proviso of aid and information on basic life accomplishments such as budgeting, administration and self-care.

There is surely room for farther research in this country, peculiarly based on the experiences of UK attention departers – at this point there is comparatively small qualitative research into how immature people feel about their readyings to go forth attention. The period before people leave attention allows is an of import period where carers and statutory administrations can do a positive impact on their lives – to the full understanding the impact of TSS ‘s can be a valuable tool in presenting better results.


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