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    Professional Correspondence PackageEmma Trinaistic300960666 Submitted in partial fulfillment ofthe requirements forPFPR 108 – 002Professional Communications  Ontario College Diploma in Police FoundationCentennial CollegeScarborough, ON Nagina Murtuza  Thursday, January 11th, 2018       Professional Correspondence PackageEmma Trinaistic300960666 Submitted in partial fulfillment ofthe requirements forPFPR 108 – 002Professional Communications  Ontario College Diploma in Police FoundationCentennial CollegeScarborough, ON Nagina Murtuza  Thursday, January 11th, 2018  SUBJECT: PFPR108 Professional Communication – Professional Email Assignment Hello Professor Murtuza,My name is Emma Trinaistic and I am a student in your Professional Communications course. I transferred to Police Foundations from the Biomedical Engineering Technology program at Centennial.My future goal is to study law and pursue a career in that field. However, as most law schools and universities have very high tuition rates, I looked for a more cost-effective education alternative. Police Foundations at Centennial is a program closely connected to my field of interest. It covers a broad range of relevant topics while also preparing students for a number of careers related to law and law enforcement. Further, its comparably low tuition would allow me to graduate without debt.I would like to improve my overall writing skills in this course, especially focusing on the clarity and consistency of my professional writing. I’ve never considered myself to be someone who particularly struggled with written communication but there is always room to improve, especially considering the importance of email-based communication within both my work and school. I would also like to further develop oral presentation skills as public speaking is crucial in many fields. Save for this class, my weekly schedule is currently as follows: Monday Criminal Justice and Society – GNED 304 –10:30am-1:20pm Tuesday Professional Police Standards – PFPR 106 – 3:30pm-6:20pmWednesday Principles of Ethical Reasoning – PFPR 104 – 8:30am-11:20amThursday Canadian Criminal Justice System – PFPR 101 – 10:30am-1:20pmI am available on Tuesdays prior to 3pm, Wednesdays after 12pm, and all day on Fridays to complete group work.While I am frequently busy with my own work, my schedule can be negotiated in advance with my supervisors if I ever need to make time additional to collaborate for projects.Should you need any further information, please contact me. Thank you for taking your time to read this and I look forward to joining your class for the rest of the semester.Best regards,Emma TrinaisticEmail:[email protected]: (416)880-2887MemorandumTo: James Gordon, Director of Centennial College SecurityFrom: Emma Trinaistic, Security SupervisorDate: November 30, 2017Subject: Campus Security UnderstaffingAs you already know, this past semester has had an unusually high number of students enroll with us at Centennial College. This increased traffic has inevitably lead to challenges for campus security. We have too few personnel patrolling a large campus which has made dealing with  on-campus incidents in a fast and discreet way particularly tasking. Further, the workload on current staff has given each officer less time to deal with  individual incidents, making them less effective in doing so. This combined with the semester’s congestion has resulted in a higher than ever risk for on-campus incidents occurring, making a visible security presence on our campus particularly vital.I ask that you consider alotting $500,000 to hire and train 40 part-time security officers for the remainder of this and next semester. This would alleviate the workload strain on our current staff and allow for each to perform his or her task more effectively. It would also ensure we have enough officers as to have them evenly spread throughout the campus in order to answer calls as quickly as possible. While our staff have been committed to undertaking the full brunt of the responsibilities that have come with this busy semester, as of late there have been numerous issues due to understaffing and these can only be remedied through increasing the number of security personnel on campus at any given time.Due to the immediacy of these concerns, a reply by the end of the next calendar week, Friday December 8, would be much appreciated. I would also like an opportunity to schedule a meeting in person to discuss the budget and what further steps we can take to solve our issue. This semester’s sudden increase in enrollment has pushed campus security to a greater role than ever before, but the increased demands cannot continue to be met with our current short staffing. While I understand budget constraints are an issue, student safety and wellbeing must be a top priority. Investing in hiring new campus security officers is a practical solution to the inevitable risks that come with our new larger student body. By increasing the presence of visible security officers we can provide a greater sense of campus safety for our students and contribute to faculty-student relationships by ensuring students always have the undivided attention of security personnel when they require them.40 College Street Toronto, Ontario M5G2J3 December 14, 2017Musa Osamnu, Director of Community HousingToronto Welfare Conference123 Anywhere StreetToronto, Ontario M1N2R4Dear Mr. Osamnu:I would like to thank you kindly for your recent invitation for me to attend and speak at the annual Community Welfare Conference in Toronto. I have a great deal of respect for your organization’s work and as a Community Liaison officer I was both delighted and honored honoured to find myself invited not only as a guest, but as a speaker, at this year’s event.Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule with the Toronto Police Services, it seems I have a previous commitment at the time of the conference that simply cannot be rescheduled for a later date. As a result, I am sad to say I will not be able to attend this upcoming Community Welfare Conference. This said, please free feel to contact me if you cannot find a replacement speaker. I am familiar with a number of officers with strong interests in community welfare who would potentially be prime candidates to serve as police speakers should you be unable to find one that meets your needs by yourself.I hope you will excuse me for having to refuse your invitation, I would have loved to attend the conference had the timing been more favorable. I must also thank you again for taking the time to invite me.  I anticipate that next year I will have an opportunity to attend and this is something I look forward to.Sincerely,Emma Trinaistic, Community Liaison OfficerEmail:[email protected]: (416)-123-1234 40 College Street Toronto, Ontario M5G2J3 December 31, 2017Anton Chigurh, Human Resources ManagerDurham Police Regional Services605 Rossland Rd. E, Box 91 Whitby, Ontario  L1N 0B8Dear Mr. ChirgurhI am contacting you to formally request a copy of the Record of Employment of Philip Brake, a Staff Sergeant in your division at Durham Police Regional Services. This past week, the Toronto Police Services opened up a Staff Inspector position for promotion. Mr. Brake is one of the candidates who applied for this position and is currently under review for it. As a result, we would would like to familiarize ourselves with Mr. Brake’s employment history and receive an account of his time with the Durham Regional Police services as to better determine his suitability for the Staff Inspector position.Anything in addition to the Record of Employment that you could send that would provide additional relevant information about Mr. Brake would be very much appreciated. You may submit the information via mail or email and please let me know if additional information is needed or if I can answer any questions. You may reach me between 9a.m. and 5p.m. at (416)-123-1234 or via email at [email protected] would also be greatly obliged if you could send the requested documents by next Friday, December 29th at latest. I look forward to hearing from you so we may move forward regarding Mr. Brake’s employment as soon as possible. Thank you very much in advance for your kind assistance.Sincerely,Emma Trinaistic, Senior Human Resources ManagerEmail:[email protected]: (416)-123-1234


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