Professional Identity Of Mental Counselor Social Work Essay

I will develop my professional individuality as a mental counsellor in many ways that will profit the mental wellness profession and myself. To help me in this enterprise, I will seek counsel from the American Counseling Association ‘s ( ACA ) Code of Ethics for mental wellness counsellors and work diligently to use their five ethical rules. These five rules are: Beneficence, Nonmaleficence, Autonomy, Justice, and Fidelity ( American Counseling Association, Code of Ethics, 2005 ) . To use these rules it will be necessary to non merely play the function of a extremely credentialed counsellor, but besides act as an pedagogue, research worker, advocator, and illustration to others. Below, I will briefly depict each ethical rule, and follow with an in-depth account of how they will be applied through each function, and how each pertains to the development of my professional individuality.

Beneficence agencies to make good and to take steps to forestall injury whenever possible. ( ACA, Code of Ethics, 2005 ) . I will use the rule of beneficence by advancing the public assistance of the client at all times. I will intentionally move for the benefit of the client.

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I will recommend for my clients behalf and prosecute their best involvements at bosom.


The rule of nonmaleficence agencies do no injury. This rule maintains the thought of non bring downing knowing injury, or prosecuting in actions that risk harming others ( ACA, Code of Ethics, 2005 ) . I will use this rule by avoiding harming others, and alternatively will work to advance their well being. I will work to extinguish menaces and take any elements that would ensue in injury to my clients. I intend to develop intervention programs that will assist and better their state of affairs.

Great consideration will be given on weighing the hazards and benefits of intervention programs. Additionally, I will ne’er promote my clients to take action that would harm others.


The rule of liberty describes the freedom to do one ‘s ain picks and determinations ( ACA, Code of Ethics, 2005 ) . As a counsellor, I will suitably promote my clients to move upon their ain beliefs and values, and take what they believe to be the best class of action. However, while it is of import to advance the client ‘s independency, I must besides protect them from the possible injury of their determinations and actions.

I will explicate to the client the nature of being independent piece at the same clip supply concluding as to how their determinations may negatively impact their lives and the lives of others. However, in some cases where the client is minor or non of sound head, it will be necessary for me to step in, particularly if their determinations are irrational and may harm others.


The rule of justness merely means handling others reasonably and every bit ( ACA, Code of Ethics, 2005 ) . I will use the rule of justness by esteeming each and every client ‘s rights. I will demo grasp for my clients and keep them in high respect.

I will keep consciousness and strive to supply each and every person with equal entree to quality services, and in no circumstance discriminate or work my clients.


The rule of fidelity involves the construct of keeping trueness and an observance of committednesss ( ACA, Code of Ethics, 2005. In my guidance pattern, a client-centered attack will be used to develop a trusting and curative relationship with my clients. Puting aside my personal concerns and demands, I will pattern fidelity by actively listening and giving my clients my undivided attending. I will honour them by demoing unconditioned positive respect and credence. I will honour all committednesss that I have made and will avoid go forthing any duty unfulfilled.


My program of action foremost begins with constructing my credibleness and continued chase of obtaining my guidance certificates. I will take advantage of every acquisition chance and obtain my maestro ‘s grade guidance instruction through an commissioned guidance plan.

Shortly thenceforth, I will use for licensure to go a mental wellness counsellor through the Utahaa‚¬a„?s Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. In order to obtain licensure, I will go through the undermentioned scrutinies: ( a ) the Utah Professional Counselor Law, Rules and Ethics Examination ; ( B ) The National Counseling Examination of the National Board for Certified Counselors ( NCE ) and ( degree Celsius ) The National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination of the National Board of Certified Counselors. Once accredited, I will so be identifiable to the general populace as a professional counsellor who possesses the cognition and accomplishments set Forth by regulating boards and the guidance profession ( The Utah Department of Occupational Licensing, 2010 ) .


As a Accredited Professional Counselor, I will go on to beef up my professional individuality by transporting a sense of professional pride and openly admiting to others that I am a counsellor. Seeking out and prehending every chance to educate others, I will be steadfast in rectifying misidentifications of my profession by friends, household, clients, and the populace.

I will do a clear differentiation between the reding profession and other assisting professions. Bing a seeable presence within the community, I will work in assorted scenes and all populations. I will educate others on the functions and maps of a accredited professional counsellor, every bit good as explain what it takes to go one.

Examples to Others

I will transport a sense of societal duty, act with unity, and pattern good moralss professionally and personally. To increase my effectivity as I mental counsellor, I will seek out personal growing and healing, and pattern a positive productive behaviour to others. I will work to pull off my emphasis and prevent burnout by keeping a balance between work and drama. I will turn to and decide personal struggles and will continually measure my ain degree of personal health, the countries in which I need to turn, and my professional ends.I will work besides to guarantee that each client I serve has a positive experience with mental wellness guidance. I will set aside my ain demands, and act merely in ways that will profit the client. I will endeavor to understand, accept, and admit my ain restrictions, and seek out aid when needed.

I will demo empathy for my clients and show a echt concern for their wellbeing.

Research and Practice

To further further my professional individuality, it is of great importance for me to make a seeable and positive image of mental wellness guidance and its professionals. Carry throughing this will necessitate a presentation of ethical competency and credibleness. I will utilize an evidence-based attack within my guidance pattern to give me a higher grade of ethical competency and credibleness ( Sexton & A ; Whiston, 1997 ) . I will work to progress my profession by lending new cognition to society at big and the mental wellness profession. In pattern, I will carry on research and look into the cause-and-effects of behaviour in a scientific mode. I will portion consequences of this research with other counsellors, so that the mental health-counseling pattern can be informed at a larger graduated table.

I will measure whether or non intervention attacks are working and will endeavor to ever happen a better attack.I will remain abreast on the alterations within the mental wellness profession, but will be cautious, and critically minded when new information is presented


Advocacy will be an intricate portion to the development of my professional individuality.As stated in my treatment poster:My ground for taking to be in the assisting profession of mental wellness guidance is tobe a facilitator of positive alteration in others.

On a grander strategy, my wish is to makemore positive societal alteration within my ain profession in the hopes that the mentalwellness profession will positively impact society at big. As a mental counsellor, I willsupport this vision by recommending for my clients, my profession, and myself. Tocarry through this aim, I will necessitate to detect, listen, and acknowledge societal barriersthat cause hurt. To cut down such barriers, I will necessitate to go actively involved, beprepared to talk up for others, challenge regulations and ordinances, and be unfastened to scrutiny.

I will necessitate to be retentive, patient, relentless, originative in job resolution and have theability to persist when reverses happen. Additionally, I will necessitate to be slightlyselfless, and giving of my clip and services for small or no compensation ( Smith, 2010, February 16, COUN 6100-3 Discussion subdivision ) .I recognize and acknowledge that taking such a function will dispute my degree of comfort. I am ready and willing to utilize every resource that I possess and look frontward to join forcesing with other mental wellness professionals to advance positive alteration.

Professional Affiliations

With a collaborative spirit, I seek to work with such organisations that advocate for causes that affect the mental wellness profession in a positive manner. I am be aftering to fall in both the American Mental Health Counseling Association ( AMHCA ) and the American Counseling Association ( ACA ) . Their ends and mission have a batch in common with my professional values.

Like myself, their mission is to heighten the wellness guidance profession through protagonism, professional development and instruction. They besides seek to better the criterions of professional guidance, and administer information that would farther human development and the profession of guidance ( AMHCA, 1995, ACA, 2005 ) . Additionally, both professional associations are compatible with my professional values since they do non back up the mistreatment of clients but seek to advance their public assistance and supply the best service possible. Both organisations offer many services that will advance my values of growing and development, by supplying chances for professional development, leading preparation, protagonism services, go oning instruction categories, and entree to publications ( AMHCA, 1995, ACA, 2005 ) .

Another association that I plan to be affiliated to is the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling ( ALGBTIC ) . The ALGBTIC is a division of the American Counseling Association. The ALGBTIC allows any person that has involvement in LGBT issues to use for rank. Its mission is to advance greater consciousness and apprehension of homosexual, sapphic, bisexual, and transgender issues Their ends are to educate counsellors on the alone demands of client individuality development ( ALGBTIC, 2009 ) .

They furthermore seek to beef up counsellors ‘ professional accomplishments associating to sexual minorities. The mission and ends of ALGBTIC are compatible with my values because they seek create positive societal alteration within society. They are working to take the societal barriers of biass and prejudices, and to boot are advancing non-discrimination and cultural competency within the counsellor.

Social Changes

In the involvement of taking societal barriers that can greatly suppress the proviso of quality guidance services, I am interested in fall ining ACA and AMHCA in their protagonism for insurance reform. I will get down working within these professional associations to act upon policymaking and statute law of health care policies.I will besides go on to educate myself on the ethical and legal criterions of mental wellness counsellors, and work to forestall the happening of professional issues. I will research some of the common professional issues ( informed consent, confidentiality, client liberty, compromised client attention ) that have arisen as a consequence of managed wellness attention and 3rd party reimbursements, and work to develop a eventuality program as to how best attack such issues.

As stated in my treatment poster:Additionally, I intend to concentrate on recommending for client demands, specifically those inpoorness. I would wish to concentrate on assisting these persons get the aid they need. Firstby, educating these persons about the benefits of mental guidance, secondly, byacquiring more low-cost or free guidance services provided to those who can non affordit, and in conclusion to work to increase visibleness to these persons that such resources exist.To transport out such aims, I will fund-raise for intervention centres and work to acquireauthorities support every bit good. I will necessitate to give my clip and resources for garneringinformations that supports my docket. I will join forces and web with other professionalsand community organisations in the hopes of raising financess and act uponingpolicymakers.

I will necessitate to educate policy shapers and the populace about the mentalwellness profession. Bing a member of reding organisations such as the AmericanReding Association ( ACA ) will back up my protagonism procedure. ACA provides itsmembers with information as to what ‘s traveling in all degrees of authorities. They cansupply me with the names of the cardinal individuals that can force my docket ( Smith, 2010, February 16 COUN 6100-3 Discussion subdivision ) .In the involvement of taking societal barriers that can greatly suppress the proviso of quality of life, I would wish to besides concentrate my attempts on cut downing fleshiness in America.As stated in my treatment poster:I believe the dependence to nutrient can be merely every bit strong as an dependence to drugs or intoxicant.As we all know, the job of fleshiness and weight related unwellnesss and diseasecontinue to turn.

Many plans seem to turn to the mere symptoms of beingoverweight by altering diet and incorporating exercising, but fail to turn to ourrelationship with nutrient. Healthy feeding and exercising is merely portion of the conflict. I truly experiencethat the lone attack to mending any job is an honorable scrutiny of its symptomsand roots, which is why I am interested in recommending for my public consciousness of theeffects of emotional feeding and how it should be treated ( Smith, 2009, September 10, COUN 6000 Discussion Section ) .


The professional I interviewed in the mental guidance field is Sandy, a Accredited Professional Counselor for a really busy local guidance centre.

Sandy has been a accredited and practising counsellor for 10 old ages. On an mean working day, she services eight to nine private clients. Sandy describes her workplace as fast paced and rather nerve-racking at times. Sandy ‘s work agenda varies in clip of twenty-four hours to suit the demands of clients. She works with persons, twosomes, and groups. Sandy besides works with a assortment of populations with many different jobs. However, Sandy specializes in working with persons who have post-traumatic emphasis upset, anxiousness, depression, and bipolar upsets.

She besides spends a great trade of clip working with persons who have drug, intoxicant, and domestic maltreatment jobs. Sandy ‘s work agenda varies in clip of twenty-four hours to suit the demands of clients. She has group therapies on four eventides a hebdomad, dwelling of seven to ten clients to a group.

Sandy disclosed that it can be thwarting when clients cancel or do non demo up for their assignments, and that she merely receives compensation for the guidance services she provides. However, this did look to be of great concern for her. For case, she mentioned the demand for counsellors to be selfless and explicitly stated that supplying therapy for Medicaid patients is non about doing money, and that non much fiscal compensation is provided. On a side note, I was really surprised to larn that Sandy is non a member of any professional guidance organisations.Sandy demonstrated a really positive attitude towards the mental wellness reding profession, and a great sense of fulfilment in what she does. Her position and attitude towards mental wellness guidance was reviewing and animating. Sandy has an selfless nature and is rather giving of her clip.

While discoursing her feelings about the profession, she exhibited much passion, and small defeat.The attitudes that Sandy and I carry towards the mental wellness profession are rather compatible. We both strive for positive societal alteration and to convey out the best in others. Like myself, Sandy encompasses a doctrine of bar and personal growing. We both portion the belief that persons can work out their jobs. I have ever believed that I can believe my manner out of anything, and to use every resource available to me. Sandy and I both tend to look at people and their state of affairss in a holistic mode. Sandy conveyed a belief that a individual ‘s status is impermanent.

I feel the same manner ; I believe we all go through season of productivity and patterned advance, every bit good as disfunction and arrested development.The common yarn that I see between my attitude and Sandy ‘s is that a calling in guidance is more than merely supplying a fiscal income, it is a profession that nurtures our sense of intent and valued connexion to others.I like that the profession of reding allows me the freedom to utilize a combined attack of scientific discipline and personal experience. What besides entreaties to me is that the mental wellness profession considers the psycho, societal, and biological factors of a individual ‘s state of affairs. I would instead concentrate on mental health instead than a narrow focal point on mental unwellness, this is the chief thought or attitude that I harbor towards the mental wellness reding profession.