Professionals Exam
What is a recommended method of improving the reliability of essay exams?
Write test questions that are focused and explicit.

A teacher administered a comprehensive final exam to a class. Most students performed poorly, general comments were: “The test wasn’t fair!” “I studied and what I studied was not on the test.” Based on the comments on the exam, the teacher should first:
check the content coverage of the exam
A teacher is disturbed because students are unable to recall important details in oral presentations. They often miss the main points.

Which strategy would be most helpful to the teacher in dealing with this situation?

Give students a resource list for each presentation
Which strategy would be most appropriate when a student continually makes the same type of error on subtraction problems?
Teaching the correct procedure
The teacher when introducing a new unit provided a variety of novel instructional materials and activities and encouraged the students to do some exploring. What type of intrinsic motivation did the teacher use?
The most appropriate method for helping 12th grade students understand the interaction of gender and economic and political life is to have them:
Study the roles that men and women play as they provide for their families and working communities
The best method of using art to enrich understanding of cultural differences is to ask students to:
Study how masks are made and used in different cultures throughout the world.
Which procedure would be more useful in making academic assignments meet the needs of exceptional students?
Vary the length and difficulty of assignments
The teacher selects an important word or topic, writes the word on the board or overhead projector, then encourages students to think of as many related words as possible. Finally, students and the teacher add labels to the word groups.
Semantic mapping
Tamika, a Kindergarten student, has memorized a simple 8-line nursery rhyme. A teacher has made a written copy of the rhyme and asked Tamika to read the line and poem for the words as she reads them. Tamika’s teacher is assessing Tamika’s ability to:
Recognize familiar sight word
Which is the most appropriate way to assist a student with a disability in a general education classroom to achieve success in reading?
Working with the student with material of the student’s instructional reading level.
The day after a replacement teacher began work, a fire drill was held.

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The students seemed confused and ill prepared for emergencies. What should the new teacher do?

Wait for the next drill and give specific instructions as needed
When there is a fire drill, John panics and runs out of the classroom. The teacher wants to setup a procedure that will help John overcome his panic so he can make a safe exit in the event of an emergency. What procedure should the teacher use?
Present a role play opportunity for John related to emergency fire procedures.
What initial action should a teacher take in requesting that a student be evaluated for special education services?
Scheduling a meeting with the school guidance counselor and the parents to design a plan of action
A teacher suspects that a student has an emotional disorder.

Which of the following referral procedures is best for the teacher to follow?

Refer the student to the child study team.
Which professional development opportunity will be best for a new teacher?
Participation in school improvement meetings
An initial characteristic of second language speech is
Native like pronunciation
Maintaining anecdotal records of effective instructional strategies offers teachers practice in the skill of
A teacher who plans content rich lessons targeting all students’ learning styles in various activities and group work should also consider:
Requirements from the school district
Disciplinary sanctions may be imposed by the Florida Education Practices Commission on:
Educators who once held certificates from the states if the acts were committed while certified
The Education Practice Commission may permanently revoke the educators certificate once an educator is
Adjudged delinquent in meeting a court ordered child support obligation
A teacher is administering a test while the fire alarm rings. Which is the most appropriate teacher action?
Have the students leave their papers on their desks, lining up and leaving the room immediately with the teacher.
The teacher wants to give high school students high order thinking. Which instructional objective is directed at this goal?
After reading 5 books, the students describe in writing five ways the world would have been different today if the Roman empire had not fallen.
Trend towards school choice, vouchers, charter schools, and private education are immerging mostly because of the belief that:
All children can learn
A vehicle designed to give parents the choice between private and public school is called:
Which practice does the most to perpetuate educational inequality?
Linking curricular to standardized test is a major focus of the:
Accountability movement
Which teacher strategy would best help improve a trumpet section that is always flat in pitch?
Providing remedial practice to improvement performance
A teacher is concerned because a student would not participate in any classroom activities.

The student finally responds and seems to enjoy participating. What should the teacher do to encourage participation?

Give a smile in approval to the student
A teacher is presenting new information to a class. When a student starts to interrupt, the teacher shakes his head from left to right and the student stops talking. Which component of effective communication did the teacher use?
Nonverbal communication
An instate teacher whose certificate has been suspended for 3 years and whose certificate has expired during that time, has may have the certificate reinstated by applying to:
Florida Department of Education
If FINAL disciplinary action is taken against an educators Florida certificate, the individual has the right to appeal to which of the following?
The Florida State Board of Education
Educators’ private lives may be grounds for disciple against their teaching certificates if their conducts seriously:
Reduces his effectiveness as a school boards employee
When a fire alarm sounds during class time the teacher should first:
Evacuate the classroom into position
A lock down code has been issued. A person the teacher does not recognize knocks on the locked classroom door. What should the teacher do?
Contact the office and ask for assistance.
Which lesson will best foster the critical thinking skills of  middle school science students as they review the concept of friction?
Students use various ramp surfaces to determine the frictional force on a metal disc traveling down the ramps
Which accommodation is appropriate for a student with visual impairments?
Seating the student in a well-lit area away from light source to help reduce glare.
Which of the following class characteristics should be assessed only by direct observation?
Amount of student time on task
An ELL student says “My story is bored.

I don’t like it.” The teacher responds, “If it’s boring, let’s talk a little about it.” What method of error correction did the teacher use?

A teacher is asked to develop and teach a new course. Which of the following best describes the teacher’s primary responsibility in formulation goals for this course?
Choose goals that are consistent with Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS)
Which teacher response would be best when a middle school student provided insufficient information in the first draft of a research paper?
Providing guidance and finding information
What is an effective technique in eliciting responses from a student when the student does not answer the question?
The goal of specially designed academic instruction in English to ELL students is:
Teaching academic reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills to all ELL students
Which strategy is most useful for making students accept and follow classroom standards for behavior?
Work with the students to develop a list of riles
Identify the teaching strategy is being used in this example. Teacher: “Can you give me an example of a natural resource, Joe? Joe: “The St. John’s River.” Teacher: “That’s correct.

Now you can list some uses of the river.”

Acknowledging and probing the students response.
The teacher usually conducts a review of the previous day’s lesson; however students are unable to respond. What is the most effective strategy to employ at the end of the lesson?
Involve students in the summary of the review
A content area teacher has several ELL students who are limited English proficient. What is the best procedure to ensure comprehensible input from those students?
Use visuals and highlight the major ideas on the topic
A teacher’s principal suggests the use of a written agreement to change the behavior of a child who often exhibits task avoidance behaviors.

Which of the following best illustrates this technique?

Reinforcement is supplied after the student completes mutually agreed upon assignments and exhibits appropriate behavior
To assess a student’s reading comprehension of a passage, an alternative to do a multiple choice test would be to do a:
Cloze activity on the passage
Speech and language delays or abnormal ways of relating to people, objects and events are characteristics of:
Which educational researcher developed a hierarchy of needs as a philosophical foundation of education?
Abraham Maslow
Which teacher action will most likely develop students’ divergent thinking abilities?
Ask the students to discuss the ways to combat pollution in their area
A student has recently become irritable, argumentative, nervous and restless in class. These changes in behavior may indicate abuse of which substance?
What is the most appropriate action for a teacher to take to determine the ability levels of the students assigned to classes in the coming school year?
Consult the cumulative record of assign students for previous test scores and grades
A teacher duplicates copyrighted computer software for his students to use in their home computers for an assignment. He duplicates only enough copies for his students but has not gotten permission from the company who produced the software.

Who can be charged with this violation of copy right laws?

Only the teacher who made the copies
A student brings to school a computer disk that contains a copy right educational game that a teacher needs for her mathematics class. The student offers to make a copy of the program for the teacher. What should be the teacher’s response to this offer?
Refuse the off but allow the student to use the program during class
The primary purpose of the School Choice Program in Florida is to:
Provide parents and students alternative to a failing school
Which educational philosopher asserted that education is a process of social activity that builds upon a student’s past experiences and directs a student’s future experiences:
John Dewey
A teacher is setting the stage for a learning process. What is a good introductory remark?
What is unusual about the picture on the bulletin board?
The following scenario is an example of which communication strategy?‘Students, it was important for our president to meet the leader of china to promote good communications between the leaders of two of the most powerful countries in the world.”Teacher: “How would such a meeting promote open communication?”
Which teacher action is a part of the communication technique for active listening?
The teacher restates the students message
During class discussions, a teacher wants to emphasize significant concepts and information. Which strategy will best achieve this goal?
Critical question technique
The teacher asks, “What is an equilateral triangle?The student answer “A triangle which has two equal legs”What will be an effective response from the teacher?
Remember our clue that we used yesterday that came from the Latin word that sounds equal.
Which teacher action will request students to complete a report on the same topic but one project has gaps that cause concern?
Discussing the same strengths and weaknesses and provide an opportunities for revision
Following instructions by a teacher a student continues to have difficulty in learning the material.

What strategy should the teacher used?

Assigning a peer tutor to work with the student
The teacher rearranges the seating pattern in the class so that seats form a horseshoe. What purpose will such an arrangement serve?
Increase eye contact with students
A teacher writing sentences on the board was disturbed by mild talking in the class. “No more talking” the teacher said pausing. The talk stops momentarily, but soon the noise level increases again. What non-verbal behavior might best be used to quiet the class?
Turn established eye contact
A student rehearses an oral report he has prepared for competition and asks the teacher for feedback. The report lacks organization. What will be the most effective teacher response?
Establish a sequencing plan and follow it
Every spring Willett High School honors the highest achieving students at an academic award banquet, where they are presented scholarship vouchers for college.

This event is an example of

An incentive program
Which professional development opportunities will be best for a new teacher?
Participation in school improvement meeting
After a lesson that was not as satisfactory as it was hoped, a teacher notes where it could have been improved to meet his students learning needs. The teacher is engaged in?
Which resource will provide Ms. Jones with data for grouping all students before the first week of reading instruction?
A teacher of a class of gifted highly motivated students aged 10- 12 is planning a class lesson. The teacher wants students to develop their own concepts and principles for the lesson. Which instructional strategy is most appropriate for this situation?
Guided discovery

Which of the following tests relates an individual’s test performance to standards rather than to the performance of others?A. teacher-madeB. criterion-referenced C. standardizedD. norm-referenced

3. Which of the following is the most appropriate assessment for measuring student mastery of content in a high school algebra class at midyear?A. diagnostic testB.

standardized achievement testC. teacher-made testD. daily quizzes


A teacher is assessing a student’s oral reading skills. Which of the following assessment tools is the most appropriate?A. anecdotal recordB. peer evaluationC. pretestD.

running record

5. A science teacher uses the phrase, “My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas” to help the students remember the order of the planets. This phrase is an example of aA. sequencing tip.B. summary tip.C. review device.

D. mnemonic device.

6. A teacher asks, “How was the Grand Canyon formed, Patty?” Patty answers, “There is a river at the bottom.” The teacher then says, “Patty, tell us how the river affected the formation of the Grand Canyon.”What technique is the teacher using in her last statement?A. framingB.

paraphrasing C. probingD. redirecting

7. While a student is giving a report to the class, the teacher smiles, nods, leans forward, and listens attentively. Her behavior best demonstratesA. behavior modification.B.

nonverbal positive acknowledgement.C. nonverbal motivation to excel.D. facilitative listening.

8. Mr. Robinette is a new teacher who teaches high school algebra courses.

He has difficulty maintaining student interest in instruction and has an excessive number of disciplinary referrals.What strategy would be the best first step to address this situation?A. collecting data and developing a statistical analysis of the discipline problemsB. discussing problems with a mentor teacher to identify strategies for reducing the number of discipline problemsC.

taking additional advanced mathematics courses at the local college to enhance instructional skillsD. exchanging classes for a week with the peer teacher who also teaches algebra classes but has few discipline problems

9. As part of her planning process, Mrs. Smith is concerned about the levels of reading comprehension in her class. Which of the following would provide the richest source of data for the beginning analysis of her class?A. professional development planB. academic improvement planC. school improvement planD.

student test records

10. Which of the following situations is the best example of a teacher promoting middle school students’ creative thinking after reading a given fiction selection?A. students rewrite the ending of the selection to change the resolution of the plotB. students use the Internet to locate information about the authorC.

students draw a portrait of the protagonistD. students videotape a reenactment of events from the selection

11. Identify the classroom practice that best encourages a positive learning climate for all students.

A. The teacher identifies class leaders and rewards them with special incentives.B. The teacher discourages the use of negative statements in the classroom.C.

The teacher includes all students in class discussions, showing equal respect and sensitivity to each student.D. The teacher encourages students to compete with each other to see who can do the best work in the class.

12. At the beginning of the school year, a 2nd-grade teacher determines there are children from diverse cultural backgrounds in the class. One of the best ways to study cultural similarities and differences would be to have studentsA. obtain information from a variety of sources on different cultures and write reports.B.

describe and compare living conditions of selected countries.C. pair students so each does class work with a classmate from a different culture.D. participate in a classroom international festival to complete the unit on cultural study.

13. While students are completing individual work, the teacher leaves the classroom to pick up handouts that have been copied for the next class.This teacher’s behaviorA.

violates the professional duty to protect the safety of students.B. is compatible with the doctrine of in loco parentis.

C. is professionally regarded as a routine teacher task.D. ignores the fire and procedural codes of the local school district.

15. Wesley has been identified as a slow learner. He is frequently frustrated by class activities and seatwork assignments and sometimes cries when he cannot do the work that others complete quickly. Which of the following teacher actions is best in this situation?A. Encourage Wesley to keep up with the class work by allowing him to quit before he becomes too frustrated.B. Arrange what Wesley is to learn into a series of small steps, each followed with immediate feedback.

C. Seat Wesley away from other students so that his behavior will not bother others.D. Send Wesley to the exceptional education resource teacher for special help with academic assignments.

16. A teacher finds that students can deal with abstractions and hypothetical-deductive questions, offer interpretations, and draw conclusions.

According to Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, at what stage of cognitive development are the students functioning?A. concrete operationsB. postcognitiveC. formal operationsD. pre-operational

17. Which of the following behaviors may indicate the need to refer a child for speech-language evaluation?A. failing to complete assignments within the expected timeB. asking questions that are often off task and disruptiveC.

reversing letters in words when writing sentencesD. having difficulty comprehending words and concepts

compare students based on a normative sample of students who have already completed the test. Students are then ranked to see where they land on the bell-curve.
Norm-Referenced Test
Which tests limit the number of students who can score well?
Norm-referenced tests, because each students who completes the exam is ranked with the % scores in relation to the sample
It is favorable to provide feedback to tests when?
After a delay of a day or two
Praise has been shown to be most effective when?
It is authentic and low-key and is used frequently
Non-directive statements show what?
A student that a teacher is listening, but not making judgement or pointing the conversation in a specific direction
According to Piaget, children under the age of 8?
Do not have the ability of understanding the language or to grasp complexities. Teachers should use simple language when working with these children.

In inductive thinking, students…

derrive concepts and definitions based on the information provided to them, which can be fostered through personal-discovery activities
Sequential language acquisition occurs when?
A student learns a second language after matering the first
Students diagnosed with ASD would not exhibit a delay in
physical growth
What is scaffolding? (For ESOL)
Students should be provided with steps of learning that allow for consolidation and success
What is CLOZE Testing?
Students draw on several language skill areas. These are reading tests that provide an indiction of overall language ability and consist of passages from which words are omitted at regular intervals (FILL IN THE BLANK)
High ordered acuity….
Tests the students ability to apply information, evaluate information and create new information.

In deductive teaching, the teacher provides
various examples
Performance based assessment
Allows students to use higher-level thinking skills to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate ideas and data
1. Which theory would most support the following statement? There are many ‘ways of knowing,’ all equal to one another: each student will learn in his or her own manner.a. Bloom’s taxonomyb. Situated learningc. Problem-based learningd. Multiple intelligences

Which approach is best for beginning to teach a group of new students?a. Rely on age- and grade-appropriate standards to determine the starting point in the curriculum.b. Review samples of past class work or test scores, if available, in conjunction with teacher-administered assessment to determine a starting point.c. Talk with students to gauge their intellectual and maturity levels and attempt to “jump-start” them by introducing challenging work immediately.d.

Ask students to list their interests in detail and use the lists to design instruction that will maintain their attention throughout the course.

3. Which answer describes the best use of concept extensions in the classroom?a. During the course of the year, each student in Biology class is permitted to choose a topic of interest and research it. The research is then presented to the class with visual and/or media aids.

b. Whenever a student comes across a word that he does not understand, his teacher shows him how to use context clues or reference sources to find its meaning.c. Each week during a unit on biodiversity, students visit the lake besides their school to observe and record information about plant and animals living there. Each entry must be accompanied by class reading and lecture notes.d. A Social Sciences teacher instructs her students to interview one person over the age of 65 for a final project.

The students prepare a written report and participate in a classroom discussion about what they learned.

4. Which statement is false?a. Metaphors and analogies are often useful in learning new concepts through activation of prior knowledge.b.

Metaphors and analogies compare things that are not the same, but that have some similarities.c. Analogies should be presented before metaphorical concepts, since the former concept is more specific and is easier for students to grasp.

d. None of the above

5. Which classroom arrangement is most appropriate for young students in Kindergarten or 1st grade?a.

Child-sized desks and chairs are placed in a neat grid so that the teacher can always see whether or not the students are in place and on task. All personal belongings, supplies and class work are kept inside individual desk cubbies.b. Lamps, rugs, and cozy pillows create a home-like atmosphere. Artwork and ‘found’ objects decorate the halls and tables.

When group lessons are given, the students simply listen from wherever they are in the classroom.c. Certain curriculum areas each have a designated classroom space. Seating is provided in each area and is designed to match the nature of the activities present.

Whole-class seating is available at long, arced tables in one area of the room.d. The classroom chairs and desks are arranged in a U shape to promote discussion and collaboration among students. The children alternate between desks and outdoor play.