Proton, perspective and focuses on customer services. However,

            Proton, a symbol of national pride in automotive industry has been bought over by China’s automobile giant Geely. The Chinese parent company quickly appoint a new CEO from China, Li Chunrong to urge for change in management. It seems like Mr Li, CEO of Proton understand the sense of futurity, continuity and perseverance within the Long Term Orientation dimension (Diaz-Moriana, et al.2016). The Chinese parent company had developed a long term plan that emphasis on customer services and experiences to achieve their goal for Proton. Geely automobile had invited proton dealer to visit Geely’s dealership where the services provided by the Chinese Automobile are superior, luxurious and premium as they know customers long term relationship is the key to success (The Star Online, 2017). This culture has been brought into Proton in order to re-transform the organizational culture with a longer perspective and focuses on customer services. However, this culture might deliver some negative impact to Proton. By comparing Chinese to Malaysia workers in corporate setting, Chinese expatriates’ worker tend to work harder in pursuing rewards in long run. In the case of Geely automobile, the company enjoy the long term advantages which is highly integrated with advance infrastructure, a great business model that generate high employment and thus increase the revenue for the company (Ques, Claver and Rienda, 2010). Yet, Proton will feel the pressure as Malaysia culture are relatively short term oriented. Proton car dealer faced difficultly to keep up with Geely, mother company’s expectation (Malaysia Reserve, 2018) because Malaysia worker are comfortable with current working environment which causes the sale for Proton decline. HOW??? To tackle this issue, Proton’s management required an immediate change with flexibility and long term plan such as providing a futuristic 3S outlets to enhance customer experience and in the meantime strengthen the brand name.

Despite Malaysia economies are seeking for more investment opportunities outside domestic market, difference in cultural dimension will affect international firm on business negotiation and long term decision. Malaysia had successfully attracted Chinese Investment such as China Railway Construction to build Penang Undersea Tunnel and China Communication and Construction Company on East Cost Railway Link (from Klang to Kota Bharu) (Saiful, 2017). All the investment from Chinese company on local project worth more than RM50 billion (Malay Mail Online 2017). By comparing to Hofstede cultural dimension (), it is true that China has the score of 87 in Long Term Orientation while Malaysia score 41 in this dimension. This indicate Chinese society have a future-oriented perspective and willingness take a pragmatic approach in any occasion (Wacher, 2013). On contrary, Malaysia has a normative culture in such societies are focusing on quick results, less material gain and more leisure lifestyle. This make Chinese Companies successful as they have a clear foresight on business opportunities in Malaysia. Chinese manager as migrant are required to develop a clear and long term investment plan to persuade the local government. Thus, the arrival of such a huge investment certainly bring some positive impact within the long term orientation dimension to the host country business culture.

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