Providing Independent Living For Disabled People Social Work Essay

Independent life is approximately handicapped people holding the same degree of pick, control and freedom in their day-to-day lives as any other individual. Everyone will necessitate aid or equipment of some sort, although many people with larning disablements, physical and/or sensory damages, mental wellness support demands, long-run wellness conditions or who experienced infirmity associated with old age, will hold extra demands for aid. Although these extra demands for aid and equipment may be met, it is non ever giving people pick and control over the affair, others will make up one’s mind on behalf of them which can take to segregation and societal exclusion. It is necessary for everyone, whatever their damage, to show penchants and hence express picks about their demands and how they should be met.

What grounds is at that place that it is an issue?

With mention to Christensen, K. ( 2010 ) , ‘The late twentieth century rhetoric about authorising people by supplying them with more independency in their lives has late emerged within developed public assistance provinces and led to the debut of hard currency for attention systems in many European states. These systems allow local governments to pay people hard currency alternatively of supplying attention if they are assessed as eligible for community attention services and are willing and able to pull off the payments entirely or with aid ‘ .

What grounds is at that place that different policy options will impact the issue?

The Prime Ministers Strategy Unit produced their concluding study on, ‘Improving life opportunities of handicapped people ‘ , in January 2005. Within this study it sets out an ambitious programme of action that will convey handicapped people to the full within the range of the “ chance society ” . By back uping handicapped people to assist themselves, a measure alteration can be achieved in the engagement and inclusion of handicapped people. This study sets out a strong vision for bettering the life opportunities of handicapped people, which is needed to assist handicapped people face fewer disadvantages. It is ne’er traveling to go on directly off so they give themselves a 20-year vision:

‘By 2025, disabled people in Britain should hold full chances and picks to better

their quality of life, and will be respected and included as equal members of society ‘ .

This study plans to hold large alterations as a consequence of this scheme, to do these alterations the scheme will ’empower and affect handicapped people, personalise the support they receive and take the barriers to inclusion and engagement ‘ . Mention! ! The centerpiece of this scheme is the publicity of independent life. Independent life is more than about being able to populate in their ain place, it ‘s about supplying handicapped people with ; pick, authorization and freedom.

For the authorities to give handicapped people more pick and control over their attention ‘The Community Care ( Direct Payments ) Act was introduced in 1996. With mention to the Directgov web site, ‘Direct Payments are local council payments got people who have been assessed as necessitating aid from societal services, it gives the person the opportunity to set up and pay for their ain attention and support services alternatively of having them straight from the local council ‘ .

Direct payments and individualized budgets are cardinal to the UK authorities ‘s independent life scheme for handicapped people ‘to live independent lives, and have the same pick, freedom, self-respect and control over their lives as non-disabled people ‘ ( ODI, 2008:27 ) .

While Direct Payments have delivered of import pick and control for some people, they are non suited for everyone. Furthermore, the atomization of people ‘s demands across different budgets means that Direct Payments are non ever sufficient to present a individualized and holistic response to persons ‘ demands. The study, ‘Improving life opportunities of handicapped people ‘ , hence suggests proposes that ‘different beginnings of support should be brought together in the signifier of single budgets – while giving persons the pick whether to take these budgets as hard currency or as services. The overall purpose would be to enable existing resources to be allocated and services delivered in ways that personalise responses to necessitate, and give handicapped people pick over how their demands are met ‘ .

The Independent life scheme was published in 2008 and its purpose was to ‘ensure that all handicapped people, including those with important larning disablements or other signifiers of cognitive damage ( including dementedness ) , are enabled to hold pick and control over how their support demands are met, and besides to hold greater entree to lodging, instruction, employment, leisure and conveyance chances and the engagement in household and community life ‘ . Mention! ! Of paper. Within this scheme it includes ; ‘Putting People First, a shared vision and committedness to the transmutation of grownup societal attention, presenting personal budgets and assist deriving information, advice and support, ‘Lifetime Homes, Lifetime Neighbours, a national lodging scheme for an ageing population ‘ , the development of a national employment scheme to enable persons to stay in employment when they become handicapped or when an bing status gets worse. Therefore the scheme covers all facets of a handicapped person ‘s life.

Why is this an of import issue?

What should we make about the issue?

Disabled people themselves, employers, wellness professionals,

pedagogues, local communities, and suppliers of goods and services all have a cardinal function in bettering the life opportunities of handicapped people. Disabled people ‘s experience of authorities support and services demands to alter. Too frequently disabled people feel that they are contending a system which is fragmented, complex and bureaucratic, and

which does non set the demands of handicapped people at the bosom of service proviso. Public service reform and investing has non yet benefited handicapped people to the extent it should. Paraphrase paper bettering life opportunities of handicapped people.

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