Psychological Effects On Childhood Sex Abuse Social Work Essay

The long term psychological effects on childhood sexual maltreatment is a good recognized challenge in many states in the universe. In recent old ages, the job of childhood sexual maltreatment has been on the addition. The grownup subsisters of childhood sexual maltreatment have besides been increasing. Proper schemes are so needed to cover with this challenge as it merely heightens the complexness of the state of affairs.

This research proposal therefore lineations the processs that should be followed to relieve the job and still pull off grownup subsisters efficaciously. The chief aim of this survey will be to measure the long term psychological effects on childhood sexual maltreatment. In add-on, it will analyze how the long term effects can be treated or resolved. This will be achieved by replying the research aims, which include finding the long term psychological effects, the features of the adult females subsisters and demoing how these effects can be overcome.Qualitative methods will be used nevertheless, if need be the quantitative methods may besides be employed where necessary. The research design will affect a assorted methods attack to guarantee that there is engagement across assorted parts. A comprehensive societal cultural method will be developed.

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A trying method will be used for the instrument with 500 questionnaires being distributed for informations aggregation. Data obtained will so be analyzed ; the part of each variable to the subject will be measured. Findingss will be discussed and appropriate decisions drawn from these findings.

Section 1: Introduction

Childhood sex maltreatment is the debut to sexual Acts of the Apostless forced on kids who per se do non hold the emotional, cognitive development and adulthood to understand such Acts of the Apostless. These Acts of the Apostless are non ever sexual intercourse, but they besides include hocus-pocus and development. The culprits use their authorization and power to coerce the bush leagues into conformance. Perpetrators of these Acts of the Apostless are motivated by different factors for illustration ; some do it for sexual satisfaction while others do it to exercise domination over another single.

Different states or provinces may hold changing legal definitions of childhood sex maltreatment, nevertheless there is a cosmopolitan consensus that opprobrious sexual contacts include venereal and chest caressing, vaginal intercourse, anal, or unwritten sex. Over clip that has expanded to suit non-contact events for illustration denudation in kid erotica and coercing them to watch sexual Acts of the Apostless ( Russell, 1984 ) .Harmonizing to Hansson, Lundqvist, and Svedin ( 2004 ) , an grownup subsister of child sexual maltreatment is an person who was sexually abused as a kid. This maltreatment may hold had long-run psychological effects on the subsister ‘s life. In most illustrations, the victim of the assault ne’er talked about the maltreatment with others while it was go oning.

This person is larning now, as an grownup, to cover with the effects of the maltreatment. The term subsister is used, alternatively of the term victim, because the person has survived the childhood sexual maltreatment. In add-on, it is used in regard to the strengths of the person who has survived.The incidents of long term psychological effects on childhood sex maltreatment are seen by the research workers to be really of import. Some of the writers for illustration Russell ( 1984 ) have expressed their frights that the samples and the methods used in these surveies may dispute the existent relationship between kid maltreatment and the possible effects associated with it. The major unfavorable judgment includes the fact that most of these surveies usually look at clinical samples, which in existent sense may non supply the full image of the whole population. The failure of most of the surveies to look at both the sexual and physical maltreatment as different variables may overstate the effects of sexual maltreatment is apparent ( Briere, 1992 ) , and background factors for illustration socioeconomic and demographic variables, the household environment and the non- maltreatment injury may face what otherwise looks like its abuse- related effects.

Creedy, Henderson, and Nizette ( 1998 ) , in their survey have shown a relationship between childhood sexual and physical assault and damage in the grownup physical and mental wellness. Womans who have survived sexual maltreatment terminal up holding serious mental and to some extent physical amendss to their wellness. These include sexual jobs, eating upsets, depression, substance maltreatment, and anxiousness issues. The physical harm may include gynaecological issues, chronic hurting, concerns, and arthritis among others. Give the of all time lifting rates of sexual assault of bush leagues, we can so presume that elderly adult females make up a large portion of childhood sex maltreatment subsisters ( Russell, 1984 ) .

Aim of the survey

The chief purpose of the survey will be to measure the long term psychological effects of childhood sexual maltreatment. The other will be to analyze how the long term effects can be dealt with.

Aim: it is clear from old research that there is need to research farther into the subject on long term psychological effects on childhood sexual maltreatment. This is farther necessitated by the fact that childhood sexual maltreatment is on the addition in most states. This means that in bend the figure of adult females subsisters will go on to increase with clip. This will be straight translated into the societal position of the society that merely increases the ailments of the society. The available research on the subject clearly shows that there is a broad cognition spread that requires more research.The specific aims of the survey will be to:Determine the long term psychological effects on childhood sexual maltreatment.Determine the features of adult females subsisters of childhood sexual maltreatment.Show how the long term psychological effects on childhood sexual maltreatment can be managed.

Increase the understanding and the research capacity on childhood sexual maltreatment.Investigate the manifestations of childhood sexual assault across assorted parts.

Section 2: Significance of the survey

This survey may travel an excess stat mi in supplying of import and up to day of the month cognition on the subject. This of import cognition will be of usage to assorted professionals across assorted subjects. For illustration, the survey consequences will be used by medical practicians, nongovernmental organisations, authoritiess, particular involvement groups and even by sociologists. The survey will lend much needed information and information on adult females who have survived childhood sexual maltreatment. In add-on, the survey will besides be of import because it will stress on the relevancy and critical nature of kid sexual maltreatment in the societal cultural context.

Problem statement

Pulling on personal experiences and from many instance surveies all over the universe, it is clear that childhood sexual maltreatment is an dismaying job that is increasing at a really high rate. For that ground, the effects are besides increasing at a high rate. This should be understood as a complex issue that non merely touches on grownups who are wrongdoers, kids who fall victim but besides on other grownups through duty, denial, and failure to take action when needed.

It has besides been noted that there is a major reverse in coverage of the maltreatment doing the job more complex.It is of import to observe that from grounds collected, big subsisters of maltreatment develop mechanisms in life to get by and last. For case, many live in denial as most of the grownup subsisters do non desire to of all time retrieve their experiences. Most of the victims are misss of all ages most of them being little childs and this maltreatment may go on until they reach mid- adolescence. Victims of transactional sexual development are largely those who are past pubescence. However, the sexual maltreatment of male childs is a job that is on the rise both at place and outside the places. Abusers are largely grownups, chiefly work forces of all ages and across all educational backgrounds, societal categories, and professional position.

Women besides abuse kids majorly by neglecting to protect their childs, doubting the kids, physically mistreating the kids and in several instances actively promoting or allowing maltreatment to take topographic point for stuff additions.There are assorted signifiers of child sexual abuse one of which is intra-familial maltreatment. This is the maltreatment that fundamentally happens in the privateness of places and includes incest and in some instances step-father maltreatment.

The 2nd one includes non household maltreatments that chiefly take topographic point outside the household scene. Finally, there is the transactional sexual maltreatment that happens in an ambiance of secretiveness.

Psychological effects of childhood sex maltreatment

Helplessness: The bush leagues confronting this status often feel that they do non hold the power and the agencies to command their lives non even their ain organic structures.

In most fortunes they feel that they have no options available to them. They are merely left in a province whereby giving in to the culprits is the lone option.Fear: In about all instances, culprits of these Acts of the Apostless vow the bush leagues to concealment and endanger that if they of all time tell anybody something tragic would happen to them. Sexual maltreatment chiefly comes with menaces, usage of force and graft. The kids besides shy off from stating others what happened to them because of their fright of the effects of stating the truth.Duty: Perpetrators in most instances make the kids feel accountable for keeping the maltreatment a secret.

These bush leagues besides feel accountable for keeping their household together and such a load usually affects their opportunity to see a normal childhood.Guilt and shame: The kid understands that something is awry and ends up faulting themselves and non others. The culprits will often carry the kid to experience that the act was his or her mistake.Treachery: Children experience allow down for the ground that they are reliant on their seniors for upbringing and protection and that they should ne’er love neither swear the wrongdoers. Children may besides experience betrayed by their parents where they feel that their parents could hold protected them but did non make so.Anger: This is a strong feeling which most of the bush leagues have about their wrongdoers. Children will experience angered by the wrongdoer and all those who failed to protect them.Flashbacks: The victims usually experience incubuss of the sexual maltreatment.

These re-experience may impact the kid even in their maturity. Some surveies assert that the sexual maltreatment does necessarily bring forth terrible and utmost psychological jobs in childhood and maturity. However, some persons who have survived sexual maltreatment appear to see fewer injury than others do. Some have gone beyond their victimizations and demo few long term psychological effects ( Briere, 1989 ; Browne and Finkelhor, 1986 ) .

Section 3: Literature reappraisal

Childhood sexual maltreatment is an activity covered in secretiveness ( Herman 1981 ) , and the exact happening is non easy to determine.

Surveies have shown that studies of maltreatment to jurisprudence hatchet mans are thought to under stand for the existent happening. The rates of child sexual maltreatment reported by the grownup research topics may change based on informations aggregation and methods used ( Peters, Finkelhor and Wyatt 1986 ) , with telephone studies demoing the lowest rates as compared to the interviews. The reported rates depend on the definition of kid sexual assault used, with several surveies utilizing the method of forced incursion ( Epstein, Kilpatrick, Resnick and Saunders, 1998 ) .

Largely get downing at an age of around nine and a period of approximately three, childhood sexual assault usually occurs at what might be considered a preponderantly meaningful stage of life. That is, the developmental displacements from latency into adolescent old ages and adolescence ( Holz, 1994 ) . This relationship of childhood sexual maltreatment and difficult life passages may intend that the likewise hard life exchange to capture into an establishment may convey back unsettled feelings, ideas and get bying mechanisms linked to sexual maltreatment.Austin, Bayer, Gallop, McCay, and Peternelj-Taylor ( 1999 ) , in their surveies that have been carried out on kid sexual maltreatment show that most of those victims who report their maltreatment hold unwraping all the information sing their maltreatment. The hold is caused by several factors such as clip of the event, age, gender, relationship between the abused and the wrongdoer and the extent of the maltreatment.Therefore, kid maltreatment is significantly underreported. Most of the victims report their instances old ages subsequently after the maltreatment. The procedure of unwraping the childhood sexual maltreatments vary.

It is usually classified as either accidental or purposeful and unplanned or promoted harmonizing to Seng and Petersen, ( 1995 ) who explains that kids require aid to unwrap. Accidental revelation is more common in kids while purposeful revelation is more common in stripling. Calhoun and Tedeschi ( 1998 ) highlighted that a major factor in revelation was victims ‘ beliefs in genuineness of the caretaker.

They besides emphasized on the function of the caretaker in revelation of information. Other research workers found out that retractions of revelation were rare and half of the recanted were out of force per unit area from the caretaker. Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome consists of five constituents: Secrecy, weakness, entrapment and adjustment, delayed revelation, and abjuration ( Calhoun and Tedeschi, 1998 ) . Victims ‘ relationships with the culprit influence the opportunities of the victim coverage. If the victim is a comparative or an familiarity to the culprit, so it is likely that the victim will describe the offense.Cukor and McGinn ( 2006 ) , in their research found out that, kids who felt responsible for the maltreatment because the maltreatment occurred in the household, took longer to describe the maltreatment. The fright of negative effects impacts on a kid ‘s motive to describe maltreatment.

In add-on, the fright of perceived reaction and farther injury deters child victims from revelation. Harmonizing to Seng and Petersen ( 1995 ) , girl kid victims are more likely to describe maltreatment than male childs ; sexual maltreatment of males is more likely to be reported by a 3rd party.Specific societal organisations have recorded extremely reported instances of child sexual maltreatment than others. As opposed to the popular impression, most sexual mistreatment of female kids is committed non by a alien but by biological male parents ( Herman & A ; Hirschman, 1981 ; Russell, 1984 ) . More astonishing is that in the greater portion of the surveies, male parents are typically found to be the most frequent performing artists. However, when revelation to stepfathers is restricted, a kid is more than six times more prone to be mistreated by a stepfather than a biological male parent, if they are the primary parent ( Russell, 1984 ) .In malice of the exact nature of the association, the wrongdoer of childhood sexual maltreatment is most often a male parent figure or a close relation. To most victims, child sexual maltreatment involves a deep treachery of trust by person with whom the kid must depend on and to whom they must intrust their attention and safety ( Robert, 1996 ) .

Following that treachery, the kid may keen the loss of their good image of the parent ( Cole and Putnam, 1992 ; Reichert, 1994 ) . Although the loss of the good image is non every bit tragic as the loss through decease, the grieving kineticss are likewise. The kid is left to cover with this loss the best manner they can with a bewilderment of incrimination, choler and an annoyed sense of abandonment ( Alvarez, 1970 ) .Erikson, in both his number one ( 1980 ) and the latest ( 1994 ) accounts of the stages of life, envisions old age as a clip for coming to footings with the significance of one ‘s life. This doing significance of one ‘s life assists the person to recognize self-importance honestness and emotional incorporation ( Erikson, 1980, p. 105 ) . However, they evidently require an extended life rating and remembrance.

For the older subsisters of child sexual maltreatment, however, while such memory callbacks are normal at old age, it may escalate a subsister ‘s exposure to unsettled kid sexual maltreatment and therefore revive psychic lesions ( Calhoun and Tedeschi, 1998 ) . For some subsisters, in fact, it emerges that they may go troubled and non healed by their remembrances ( Calhoun and Tedeschi, 1998 ) .Dube, Felitti and Dong et Al, ( 2003 ) , argue that the rates of reported childhood maltreatment dropped with each age group older than 60. This is changeless with old surveies, with one likely justification being that receivers of childhood sexual maltreatment are at higher hazard of early decease.

Other potencies include a important bead in the recollection of childhood assault with age and a group consequence with greater hazard of childhood maltreatment in back-to-back birth cohorts. The theoretical accounts on the impacts of childhood sexual maltreatment take into history assumed tracts that connect childhood sexual maltreatment and grown-up wellness results through health-related behaviours Such behaviours include smoking and unsafe intoxicant ingestion. Psychosocial pathways connect wellness results with complexnesss in set uping close relationships that include low self-esteem and psychological hurt ( Kuo, Sheridan, and Springer et al 2003 ) . The impacts of childhood sexual maltreatment tend to last a life-time, though as the subsisters mature through life the experience may better its effects in some persons who are more flexible and cover better with emphasis. Such resiliency has been shown to be connected to successful ripening ( Vaillant and Mukamal, 2001 ) .Community-based educational plans for the aged have been shown to progress their sense of command in decreasing solitariness and emphasis, concepts that are coupled with better wellness ( Collins and Benedict, 2006 ) . Lifestyle alterations that are related to a better wellness, such as discontinuing smoke, enhanced diet, and exercising plans, can be realized in late life and may lend to bettering wellness results of victims of childhood sexual maltreatment ( Vaillant and Mukamal, 2001 ) . Disclosure of intra household sexual maltreatment is described as worsening a crisis within the household.

Burgess, Hartman, and McCormack, ( 1987 ) , found that in both instances, merely when the subsister is most in demand of household support, love, and protection, household members may react with choler and backdown driven by their feelings of guilt and ill will. Prevalence rates of adult females with a history of childhood sexual maltreatment are estimated at between 12-38 % ( Finkelhor, Hotaling, Lewis and Smith, 1990 ; Holz, 1994 ; Garcia-Shelton, Lechner, Leichter Steibel and Vogel, 1993 ; Paxton, 1991, Roberts, 1996 ; Seng and Hassinger, 1998 ) . Women systematically demo a higher prevalence of childhood sexual maltreatment rates than their male opposite numbers, with one in three to four females, versus one in six to eight males holding been sexually abused by age18 ( Finkelhor et. al. , 1990 ; Holz, 1994 ) .

Harmonizing to Somer ( 2000 ) , Women subsisters of early childhood sexual maltreatment will so necessitate reding if they are to get by with the injury that later follows them. These counsellors need peculiar cognition and competencies to manage this group. The major end of these attempts is to make a clime of trust and safety. There is demand for privateness and confidentiality of the disclosed information. However, harmonizing to McKegney ( 1993 ) , it is good to make consciousness in the society and particularly on the demand for early guidance should such Acts of the Apostless of all time happen to them in life. One of the most ambitious things in reding persons with a history of childhood sexual maltreatment is to understand the procedure of recovery and healing. Considerable cognition has over the old ages been amassed with regard to effects and the symptoms of childhood sexual maltreatment.

This helps in beef uping the development of a broad scope of intervention modes.Somer ( 2000 ) argues that a curative environment that ensures a sense of credence, proof and security plus regard can advance alteration. He advocates that healer properties and behaviours that were identified in the research are helpful in prolonging a curative environment. The experience of recovery is a gradual procedure that occurs over clip.

Recovery is nevertheless influenced by factors such as doing connexions, developing internal beginnings, and doing the necessary alterations. Women subsisters besides reported other interpersonal issues such as higher degrees of negative sexual affect ( Mukamal and Vaillant, 2001 ) ; lower degrees of supposed emotional support from spouses ( Schilling et al. , 2007 ) ; and feelings of treachery, impotence, and stigmatisation in relationships ( Mukamal and Vaillant, 2001 ) .

Their complexnesss in interpersonal associations and societal accommodation besides include incapacity to swear others, feelings of separation and feelings of uncertainness in relationships ( Loeb et al. 2004 ) . Childhood sexual maltreatment subsisters frequently report physical troubles in add-on to mental, emotional, and relational confrontations. Lundqvist et Al, ( 2004 ) reported that one-year wellness attention costs for big adult females subsisters were $ 245 more than for adult females who had no history of childhood sexual maltreatment ; other research workers have reported that the higher wellness attention costs are linked to increased Numberss of physician visits ( Hulme, 2000 ; Newman et al. , 2000 ) .Finkelhor ( 1984 ) categorizes these wrongdoers as wholly involved with kids and points out that they are often non connected to their victims and are attracted to kids from adolescence. Harmonizing to Holmes ( 2002 ) , the wrongdoer has non wholly developed and has the personality of a kid.

Conceptual model

Relational theory gives a utile model that helps in understanding life experiences and demands of many childhood sexual maltreatment subsisters. A general premise of this relational theory is that growing and development of adult females is elaborately bound to reciprocally emphasized connexions with others ( Covington, 1998 ) . Linkss are so important that psychological jobs can be traced to misdemeanors in relationships and disjunction with others. Largely, adult females develop a sense of ego worth when their workss originate out of, and take back to connexions with other people ( Miller as cited in Covington, 1998 ) . Physical and sexual maltreatments are good illustrations of utmost relational disjunctions.

This is largely when the piquing grownup is a household member, friend or any other health professionals who fail to protect the bush leagues once they are cognizant of the job.Mother- girl relationships are important in the psychological development of most adult females. As a consequence they should be viewed as of import facets of big adult females lives ( Boyd 1989 ) . However, Bachman, Benett, and Moeller ( 1988 ) found out that abused adult females show relationships with their female parents as hostile and emotionally distant.The consequences of terrible relational disjunctions frequently bring forth a depressive spiral. When misss do non hold reciprocally emphasized bonds they may ensue to utilizing substances to cut down hurting, heartache and the disjunction associated loss.

Unfortunately, most of the subsisters of childhood sexual maltreatment do non usually recognize the intersection between their dysfunctional behaviours and frequently struggle to get the better of their past experiences ( Esperat and Esparza, 1997 ) . Richie ( 1996 ) besides found that most of the incarcerated adult females who were abused as kids and who witnessed maternal maltreatment believed that those past experiences significantly affected the nature of their self- definition and their efforts to make and keep familiarity in their grownup relationships.

Justification of the survey

The survey will be alone in that it is founded on the doctrine that plans and policies covering with child sexual assault should be important in the societal cultural context in which the childhood sexual maltreatment occurs. Most of the research done earlier has been excessively general to be applied on all contexts.

There is need to understand how people in the mark parts perceive the job, what societal cultural factors and behaviours contribute to it.This survey will travel a long manner in increasing the apprehension of the behaviours and perceptual experiences linked to childhood sexual maltreatment. It will besides lend greatly to the research capacity in the mark parts on the current issues that faces the kids. The research is besides expected to supply accurate and dependable informations on the perceptual experiences and the magnitude of childhood sexual maltreatment job within the parts.

The research will so be of great usage to assorted people across assorted subjects. The research findings will be used by the authorities in planning and puting necessary policies. The research will besides be of import to the adult females who are to that widen the major victims of this job. The research will besides give ways of covering with the grownup subsisters so that they can existent travel beyond their injury. This survey is besides expected to lend much on the subject in a command to assist shut the bing cognition spread on the subject.The survey will besides assist parties involved in the development of relevant policies, programs, and plans. These will assist in the managing of this intensifying issue that as it is expected to flush acquire more complex with clip.

Section 4: Research methodological analysis

The survey will fundamentally be a qualitative research, as the qualitative methods will be more appropriate in understanding significances and experiences relevant to the research. Quantitative methods might nevertheless be used if the demand arises. Qualitative methods have nevertheless, been criticized for non holding the scientific soundness. Some research workers have gone farther in an effort to supply systematic attacks to measure its quality. McInnins-Dittrich ( 1996 ) , for illustration, identified several dimensions along with which the dependability of quality surveies can be assessed: transferability, dependableness, credibleness, genuineness, and conformability. Guided by the above mentioned rules, the research will acknowledge the importance of supplying dependable, verifiable, and believable informations.The research design will affect a assorted methods attack to assist guarantee that engagement across diverse populations in different parts. Opportunities will be created throughout the full research to make consciousness of the effects of child sexual maltreatment.

Data aggregation

Secondary and primary informations aggregation methods will be used in the research survey. The secondary methods to be employed will include: literature reappraisal, and policy and legislative analysis. Primary methods will include concentrate group treatments, stakeholder audiences, and focused interviews with cardinal sources, interviews with big subsisters of maltreatment in different parts and appraising the attitudes and beliefs across assorted parts.


Sing the inquiries to be answered by this research, a comprehensive societal cultural instrument will be developed. Percepts, Attitudes and Opinions Questionnaire ( PAOQ ) will be informed by literature reappraisal and the societal cultural factors that are relevant to the mark parts.

They will besides be scientifically validated before administrating them across a representative sample in each mark part. Using a likert graduated table, the PAOQ will be a self coverage appraisal of perceptual experiences, attitudes and the sentiments on the kid sexual maltreatment that will be designed for grownups with mean degrees of literacy. The questionnaire will incorporate several subdivisions: building of the early goon, maltreatment perceptual experiences, the attitudes to the involved, sentiment on the needed action and the personal experiences of maltreatment. The research worker hopes to administrate the questionnaires within group scenes.Sampling method will be used for the PAOQ. The research worker aims to administrate 500 questionnaires across the targeted parts. The questionnaires distribution will depend on the part ‘s population with parts with the high population acquiring more questionnaires.

The research worker besides aims for 50-50 representation of the males and females. The cardinal variable will include gender, instruction, socioeconomic position, age and rural/ urban.

Datas analysis

The research worker will so analyse the PAOQ informations utilizing the statistics bundle for societal scientific disciplines version 16. The given variables will be analyzed and their part to the subject measured. Frequencies will be used to supply the statistics and graphical shows that will be utile in depicting the variables to be measured.

Cross tabular matter method will besides be employed to mensurate the association of variables. To look into the possible gender effects, ANOVAs trial will be used and conducted between the work forces and the adult females on all dependent variables. Differences between the childhood sexual maltreatment group and the non- childhood sexual maltreatment group in interpersonal, societal, and dynamic personality will be examined utilizing a one manner ANOVA trial. The research worker nevertheless has the authorization to utilize any other informations analysis technique depending on the sort of information that will be obtained from the field

Section 5: Budget

In order to finish this research, certain sum of budget will be required and the estimation cost is as below:


( AUD )


USD 400.00Computer and Econometric Software1.USD 300.00Conference, adjustment and travel2.USD 600.00Data Collection, going cost,Stationeries and informations analysis3.

USD 1300.00


Section 6: Timeline

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