Public private partnership

Public private partnership is a concerted venture between the public and private sector in which the populace and genitalias sector carry out a peculiar undertaking on the footing of agreed undertaking and hazards, each party retaining its undertakings and duty. The involvement in PPPs is turning twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours because it is an efficient manner of presenting the populace services to the multitudes. All histrions in public private partnership can concentrate on making what they are likely to make in the best possible manner by using their resources and accomplishments. In order to under take any public private partnership for a peculiar venture we have different manners or theoretical accounts, which are described briefly as under

Service contracts

It is a limited type of PPPs theoretical account. In this contract the populace sector is responsible for investing and direction of the undertaking which bears the fiscal and residuary value hazards While the Private sector provides the services.


  • It is less expensive to present the populace services.
  • It encourages the competition the Private sector.
  • It is a good beginning of engineering transportation
  • Decrease in operation cost
  • Access to cheaper labour
  • Cut up in labour preparation cost


  • It is used for simple and short term undertaking in this the private sector merely supply their services non the capital investing.
  • This contract is non suited for such state of affairs in which the aim is to pool up capital.
  • The loss of flexibleness in responding to alterations in concern environment.
  • Lake of internal and external focal point, loss of competitory border.
  • It is hard to cipher the concealed cost associated with the contract like legal cost and the clip require to set the contract into action

Concession Contract

In this the ownership remain with the authorities while the private party non merely supply capital investing but besides responsible for the care of the assets In these type of contracts the Government gives grant to the Private sectors to research some thing like oil and gas.

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  • It mobilizes the funds/capital from the Private sector for the building and geographic expedition of bing undertakings.
  • The Government assets are decently utilised and maintained by the Private sector expeditiously and after completion the Private sector gives the project/assets to the Government and the Government pays a certain sum of money to the Private sector harmonizing to the contract.


  • The adulthood of these undertakings are more than 20 old ages.
  • The timing/validity of these undertakings are more and these contracts are long term contracts which leads to complexness.
  • due to its long term term of office it is deemed politically controversial and hard to form.
  • It requires complex monitoring and design system and besides cut down competition because a few large Private contractors are available.

Green field contracts

These are used for the development of new undertakings. Such undertakings are frequently demanded by applied scientists. Examples of Greenfield undertakings are new mills, power workss or airdromes which are built from abrasion.

Build, operate transportation contracts

In this the private party is responsible for planing, building and operation of the assets. In these types of contracts the authorities bears the fiscal hazard but have control to halt the undertaking at any phase This type of contract bring efficiency in the undertakings and removes the of import care issues from public budget These types of contracts are best for H2O and wastage undertakings.

BOT has the undermentioned types.

  • Built ain operate transportation ( BOOT ) .
  • Built rental operate transportation ( BLOT ) .
  • Built rent operate transportation ( BROT ) .


  • Sharing of hazard with the Private sector
  • Due to the efficiency of private sector the public services can be delivered with lower limit cost
  • The Government gives these types of undertakings largely to the experient and skilled Private sectors.
  • It besides installation the transportation of progress engineering by irrupting international contractors in the host state.
  • It is an effectual manner to convey the Private financess for development of new undertakings like substructure and H2O sweetening development.
  • It is an effectual manner to convey the Private financess for development of new undertakings like substructure and H2O sweetening development


  • The chief disadvantage of this contract is that it is non suited for little undertakings.
  • The dealing cost in this instance is higher as compared to other contracts
  • BOT undertakings are successful merely when significant grosss are generated during the operation stage
  • The success of this undertaking depends upon the successful elevation of financess.

Operation and direction contracts

In these understandings the duty for plus operation and direction is passed on to the private sector entities The life of these types of contracts are from three to five old ages but can be extended.. The private party is remunerated on a fixed fee footing or on an Incentive footing with premiums linked to specific public presentation marks. In these types of contracts the Public sector bears the fiscal and investing hazards. This type of contract is an efficient manner to set about a undertaking because the private sector has adequate accomplishments and have strong involvement in bettering the service quality.


  • The ownership remains with the Government and merely the operation and direction is transferred to the Private party.
  • Management contract are less thorny to develop as compared to others and are considered less controversial.
  • Thesiss contracts are besides less expensive as compared to others because fewer but efficient staff can be used to carryout the undertaking.
  • Management contract can be structured to phase-in progressively extended engagement of the private sector over clip and as advancement is demonstrated.


  • The private sector entity who is pull offing a peculiar undertaking does non bask the liberty
  • The flexibleness in these contracts are finished or reduced
  • The quality of the merchandise is reduced.
  • The Private party must be clearly evaluated for best public presentation.

Renting contracts

It is a fiscal agreement in which the proprietor of a installation sells it to another entity, and later leases it back from the new proprietor In renting the Private party purchase the income watercourses generated by the Public owned assets for an exchange of fixed leased payments and the Private party is responsible for care and operation of the assets. Its life ranges from 12 to 16 old ages. This type of understanding is best suited for substructure. Other outstanding renting contract include

  • Buy-build-operate ( BBO )
  • Lease-develop-operate ( LDO )
  • Wrap-around add-on ( WAA )


  • it brings efficiency in the public service bringing
  • The leasing finance is fixed rate finance. , leasing is rising prices friendly.
  • The commercial hazard is borne by the private sector which give a strong public presentation inducement and which coax the private sector to execute good
  • The addition in the leasing contracts is about due to the improved and new engineering.


  • Under this understanding the duty of capital investing is of public sector and the fiscal hazard is borne by the populace sector so in this contract no capital is mobilized from the private sector entity and besides labour issues are of more sensitive nature as compared to other PPPs contracts

In design build finance contracts

In these types of contracts the Private sector/party design the goods and services harmonizing to the demand setted by the Government entities.

These type of contracts are best for roads building and H2O.


  • The Private sector contractor is responsible for the design and the building
  • This is more advantageous than the traditional signifiers of contract where the employer has entered into separate building and design understandings
  • clip salvaging agencies that the Private sector are interested to finish the undertaking rapidly
  • cost economy and the merchandise is of good quality because the Private sector is more efficient than Public sector and the merchandise is prepared harmonizing to the authorities demands.


  • The Government largely gives the undertakings to the big Private sectors and ignores the little Private sector and besides reduces the competition through disregarding the little sectors.
  • the job of favouritism may originate.
  • There is merely limited range for the employer to do alterations to his demands once the Employer ‘s Requirements and Contractor ‘s Proposals have been agreed otherwise the cost effects may be prohibitory


Ireland ‘s National Roads Programme


Rapid economic growing in recent old ages has imposed tremendous force per unit areas on the capacity of the Irish economic system and brought the critical demand for upgrading Ireland ‘s physical substructure to the bow. As a response, the National Development Plan 2000-2006 ( NDP ) which was published in November 1999, planned for an overall investing of ˆ52 billion in the Irish economic system with investing of ˆ22.4billion specifically earmarked for economic and societal substructure. One of the outstanding characteristics of Ireland ‘s NDP is the publicity of Public Private Partnerships ( PPPs ) . In the runup to the publication of the NDP the Irish authorities, in concurrence with other involvements ( concern groups ) actively promoted the usage of PPPsas a vehicle for supplying large-scale infrastructural investing. As a effect, ˆ2.34bn of investing under the NDP was earmarked for procurance under the PPPmodel.

The biggest component of both overall and PPP-specific investing within the economic and societal substructure operational programme ( ESIOP ) of the NDP is in the roads sector. This instance inside informations the planned part of the PPP theoretical account to Ireland ‘s route investing programme under the NDP. More specifically it examines the experience with the PPP theoretical account in the roads sector to day of the month in footings of the economic theories of relevancy to the PPP theoretical account of procurance and expressed authorities aims.


In their rating of investing in the Irish route web, Fitzpatrick and Associates ( 2002 ) describe the web in footings of two route classes – “ national ” and “ nonnational ” roads. National roads are divided into the sub-categories of “ national ” primary ” paths ( i.e. major long distance through-routes associating the chief ports and airdromes, metropoliss and big towns ) and “ national secondary ” paths ( i.e medium distance through-routes linking of import towns, functioning medium to big geographical countries and supplying links to national primary paths ) . Non-national roads are all other roads in the web, dwelling of regional roads ( i.e. feeder paths into, and supplying chief links between, national roads ) and local roads ( including such roads in urban countries )

Public Private Partnerships and the National Roads Programme

The designation of the public private partnership ( PPP ) theoretical account of procurance for a figure of single route undertakings is a cardinal characteristic of the National Roads Programme2000-2006. In June 1999 the authorities identified three PPP route pilot undertakings ( with the added committedness of guaranting the potency of a 4th named undertaking ) as portion of the NDP. The PPP programme was later extended and presently consists of 11 PPP contracts, which are detailed, in table 4. In 2000 it was estimated that they represented investing of ˆ1.3 billion ( 2000 monetary values ) , which included a possible private finance investing of ˆ889m ( Fitzpatrick, 2002, p. B63 ) .All PPP route undertakings are planned as grant contracts. The private pool are responsible for the design, construct, operation and finance elements of the undertakings. Payment will be secured via a combination of direct tolls and unitary payments by the populace sector. The National Roads Authority ( NRA ) is the primary authorization for the daily bringing of the NDP roads scheme on behalf of the authorities. It conducts the procurance procedure in the instance of all PPP undertakings and it acts as the undertaking party in contrast to conventional contracts, which are signed by the local governments.

Principles established by NRA for steering its policy on PPP strategies

  • Merely schemes that were non already so far advanced under traditional planning and procurance procedure that the PPP procurance would significantly detain their bringing were considered for choice ;
  • The alternate toll-free path ( to the PPP tolled strategy ) had to be available for users ;
  • Tolled roads had to be spread across the chief national paths in order to make an just distribution of user bear downing on the freshly constructed web ;
  • A undertaking would hold to be of sufficient size to project value for money in the PPP procedure ( a cut-off of ˆ38m was used )
  • The purpose was to procure complete undertakings from the private sector but where necessary, a public subsidy will be considered for high cost strategies which can non be entirely financed from difficult tolls ;
  • Merely difficult tolling will be considered

Analyzing Ireland ‘s Roads PPPs

Speed of Delivery

In the Irish context one of the chief grounds for following the PPP theoretical account has been its possible for rushing up the bringing of infrastructural assets and related services. Advocates of the PPP theoretical account argue that investing in substructure under PPP is more clip and cost-efficient than under traditional procurance. This is attributable to important differentiations between the PPP and traditional procurance theoretical accounts. Under traditional procurance methods, the contractor is responsible for constructing an plus topic to a specification provided by the populace sector client. PPP theoretical accounts such as DBO, DBOF, and ‘concession ‘ allow for the integrating of design with undertaking executing and care. The consequence of this integrating is to aline the inducements of parties responsible at different phases of the investing rhythm which can supply a bases for more efficient and timely service bringing. Furthermore, the PPP theoretical account provides a footing for planing inducements within the footings of the contract between client and contractor ( e.g. do payment conditional on finishing certain phases ) .

The NRA asserts that steps are being taken in order to rush up undertaking bringing under all methods of procurance. An of import illustration is the determination by authorities in the 2003 budget to implement a multi-annual support agreement tore place the long standing pattern of an one-year budgetary allotment procedure. This new agreement commits to go on significant investing in national roads with exchequer support of ˆ7bn guaranteed over the old ages 2004-2008. In add-on Murphy ( 2004 ) points to new statute law that has been passed to decide jobs sing archeological national memorials and steps have besides been taken to streamline the statutory blessing procedure ( e.g. consideration of Environmental Impact Statements )

Value for Money

Competition for Contracts

On the footing of figure of pre-qualification entries the early indicants were that the market for contracts in route PPPs were competitory with over 10 looks of involvement for the first three undertakings.

Hazard Transportation

A 2nd possible obstruction to bring forthing competition for PPP route undertakings concerns the degree of hazard that the NRA seeks to reassign to the private sector contractors and on the footing of a reappraisal of the Irish PPP programme O’Rourke ( 2003 ) concluded that the demands are ‘extreme ‘ compared to other states.


As the assets and services provided under the PPP theoretical account are designed on the footing of end product specification, as opposed to prescriptive input specification, there is possible range for greater private sector invention. One reappraisal of the Irish roads PPP programme to day of the month conducted by O’Rourke ( 2003 ) found that It is the consentaneous position of all those interviewed that the sum of design input from the private sector is minimum. Despite their description as “ Design, Build Finance and Operate ” undertakings the current harvest of route undertakings remain mostly building undertakings… .the accent in the roads programme, harmonizing to contractors, remains resolutely on input specification as in traditional procurances ( 2003:9 ) Two of the chief obstructions normally identified are the elaborate and normative nature of the Environmental Impact Statement ( EIS ) and a deficiency of flexibleness in the planning procedure in Ireland. It should be noted nevertheless that these limitations apply to all the NRA ‘s procurance procedures and are non entirely related to the PPP theoretical account. However, if range is to be created for invention, which is important to the instance for PPPs, important reforms of the statutory blessing procedure are required.

Factors that affect all theoretical accounts

The inside informations presented in this instance uncover that the PPP programme is at least three old ages behind agenda. However, it is shown that this is partially attributable to factors that affect all theoretical accounts of procurement undertakings in the roads sector. These include cost rising prices, uncertainness in relation to one-year allotments from authorities and jobs with the statutory blessing procedure. There are nevertheless factors that are specific to the PPP theoretical account of procurance, which besides account for holds, non least the comparatively longer Procurement procedure involved in PPP..


Whether PPPs achieve desired results such as faster bringing of substructure and related services while accomplishing value for money remains to be seen. The experience to day of the month indicates that the grade of competition for contracts is being threatened by loss of private market enthusiasm due to factors such as high command costs. Furthermore, there is small to propose that the theoretical account is supplying range for private sector invention, which is cardinal to its legitimacy. On a positive note the indicants are that the NRA is accomplishing important hazard transportation and that the contracts, which have been signed, are ‘bankable ‘ with suppliers of finance accomplishing syndication of debt. Whether value for money is achieved in the long tally finally depends on traffic flows and the precise inside informations of gross sharing.


  • Eoin Reeves, Department of Economics, University of Limerick, Ireland.
  • hypertext transfer protocol: //
  • India

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