Purpose And Objectives Of Meeting Social Workers Social Work Essay

The intent of this meeting was to transport out an update SAP appraisal, under Section 47, NHS and Community Care Act 1990, because Diane ‘s demands have changed.Diane is a 69-year-old White British Female who has been populating in Critchill Court since her discharge from infirmary in Jan 2010.

Diane had a Sub Arachnoids ‘ Haemorrhage, which has caused memory loss, confusion and depression in 2009. Earlier reappraisal in Feb 2010 reveals that Diane expressed a wish to return to independent life. Since so, an OT has supported Diane in re-learning independent life accomplishments.

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Prior to the meeting, I went to societal service to discourse with Diane ‘s societal worker to originate information sharing and inquire advice. We agreed on the demand to finish the appraisal before Diane ‘s reappraisal in May 2010. I besides obtained permission to hold this meeting from Diane, and her girl and their understanding that my arrangement supervisor would go to the meeting – but merely to measure me.My purpose was to place Diane ‘s current and future demands with her and her girl, who specifically stated her want to be involved during earlier insouciant conversation. To make this I gained permission from Diane and her girl during the meeting that I would seek the positions of other professions, ( OT, cardinal worker, and CPN ) to make full in some parts of the appraisal. Diane has besides given permission for me to portion the information that she provided with others on a ‘need to cognize ‘ footing.My function as a pupil gave me flexible clip to perpetrate in more supportive work with Diane. I had been working in partnership with Diane, her girl, OT and societal worker for 3 hebdomads before the meeting.

I have taken Diane out, constructing her assurance in accessing local resources, and significantly, a relationship based on empathy, trust, and assurance.

Authority/requirement for transporting out this piece of work ( Legislative context/ bureau policy/ authorities guidelines )

The NHS and Community Care Act 1990, Section 47, which requires a needs-led appraisal when appropriate and services provided consequently if operable.The Mental Health Act, 1983 and the Mental Capacity Act, 2005 apply because Diane has Sub Arachnoids ‘ Haemorrhage, which has caused memory loss and confusion. Particular attending is required, as these Torahs require that one must presume a individual has capacity to do determinations unless established otherwise, and that one may non handle a individual as unable to do a determination unless established otherwise. In my insouciant interactions with Diane, I have observed considerable ability to take determinations with respect to her life.The National Occupational Standards for Social Work ( 2002 ) and The GSCC Code ( Code 1 for societal workers ) require the societal worker to authorise the service user by informing them their rights and entitlements and listening to what they have to state to affect them in taking any determination that may impact them. The Code besides requires the societal worker to recognize the user ‘s expertness in their ain lives and do informed picks about services they receive.

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995/2005 defines favoritism as, handling an person less favorably than handling another. This statute law is of import because it states what the authorities “ expects and requires of local governments in relation to good pattern ” ( Trevithick, 2005: 17 ) . Macdonald-Wilson et Al ( 2001 ) defines disablement as the status of being unable to execute, because of physical or mental softness ; to this extent, this definition follows the medical theoretical account. In the instance of a individual with a disablement, a individual is being prejudiced if they fail to follow with a responsibility to do a sensible accommodation in relation to the handicapped individual. Higgins ( 1980: 123 ) defines stigma as a “ profoundly discrediting trait, which may besides be called a weakness, a defect, or a disability. ”The Equality Act 2006 and the Care Standards Act, 2002 besides have bearing on this instance as it involves appraisal of the attention provided against demand.Community Care ( Direct Payments ) Act 1996 enables local governments to do direct payments ( hard currency payments ) to persons to enable them to procure proviso of attention in stead of societal services proviso.The Data Protection Act 1998, which requires the express consent of the single prior to sharing any personal information obtained on persons and shared with others.

Additionally, all the information gathered should be kept in conformity with the information protection guidelines. Diane and her girl had given me consent to roll up and portion information with other bureaus if required.

Knowledge ( e.g. legal, psychological, sociological, political, socio-political, procedural, societal work method ) applied

In set abouting this meeting I carefully prepared by brushing up on my cognition of the relevant Torahs, guidelines, and different positions on authorization, anti-oppressive, and anti-discriminatory pattern. Besides these Torahs, my contemplation on the instance before the meeting showed me the values that would assist in obtaining a positive result of the meeting.

Theory and guidelines on ‘best pattern ‘ in societal work required that I adopt an attack that would put Diane in a place where she feels empowered to do determinations. This attack requires me to work with the person-centred theory ( Rogers, 1959 ) that requires me to work on the premiss that Diane is an expert on her ain life, and to concentrate on her strengths i.e. what she can make instead than on what she can non ( Saleebey, 2006 ) . Using the individual centred method enables the creative activity of a comfy environment where the social worker demonstrates genuineness through a non-judgmental and non-directive attack that bases itself on empathy and unconditioned positive respect ( Rogers, 1957 ) . Therefore, my attack had to show feelings of heat, liking, lovingness, and being drawn to Mary alternatively of antipathy and choler ( Barett-Lennard, 1986: 440 )I besides reflected on Egan ‘s recommendations ( SOLER ) that help expose an encouraging and unfastened attitude towards Diane.In sing the appraisal procedure, I have adopted Milner and O’Byrne ‘s five province theoretical account of appraisal ( 1998 ) . These are readying, informations aggregation, weighing up the informations, analyzing the information and using the information.

I used Systems Theory in the appraisal procedure, for illustration, in readying phase I sought information non merely from the service user but besides from household members, other professionals, etc. In informations aggregation phase, I used brief solution focused techniques, which allowed me to utilize supportive inquiries aimed at enabling Diane to recognize her ain strengths and abilities. I peculiarly chose to utilize scaly response inquiries, inquiring Diane to hit the present, when she was came to Critchill and what she hope to accomplish on a graduated table of 1 to 10. By utilizing this technique, I was able to back up Diane to place the successful strategise she has used in the past and this gave her assurance to use her ain schemes to better her state of affairs now and for the hereafter.The brief solution focused therapy has been utile when I addressed one of the jobs in the running records about the usage of linguistic communication to others. Diane has acknowledged this issue and was able to place an juncture when all the triggers were present that could hold caused the job but she was able to cover with it herself and forestall the job occurring.Erik Erikson ( 1950 ) says that when the individual is aged about 60 old ages old or more, “ The individual has clip for contemplation and as they look back on their life, they may hold a sense of satisfaction ; this will take to a feeling of unity. If the individual ‘s contemplation consequences in them experiencing they missed cardinal chances, so there is an increased hazard of sing desperation ”In his article, Rogers ( 1957 ) quotes a survey by Kinner that found that “ the client who sees his job as affecting his relationships, and who feels that he contributes to this job and wants to alter it, is likely to be successful.

The client, who externalizes his job, experiencing small self-responsibility, is much more likely to be a failure. ” This highlighted the demand for me to assist Mary see that alteration in her life state of affairs is more likely if she feels duty for at least a portion of the job and do her privation to alter.A ailment that Diane has voiced is that people ( peculiarly her societal worker ) treat her like a kid. Thompson ( 2006 ) says that this happens when a younger individual sees an older individual non able to do her ain determinations and takes determinations on the older individual ‘s behalf thought this is natural and normal without gaining the favoritism and subjugation this causes.It is frequently the instance that the societal worker or the carers see the older individual as handicapped to take determinations, peculiarly if the individual suffers from some disablement.

The medical theoretical account of disablement focal points on physical shortages and single wellness demands, and it is a challenge for the worker non to fall into “ disablest [ sic ] perceptual experiences ” by accepting this theoretical account ( Parker & A ; Bradley, 2005: 76 ) . The person may see loss and mourning ( Kubler-Ross, 1976 ) , feel they have suffered a personal calamity, and hence label themselves every bit disabled as has happened in Diane ‘s instance. It was hence indispensable that I approach the appraisal with this cognition and guarantee non-discriminatory pattern, non attaching any stigma to Diane ‘s demands and disablement caused by her medical status.The societal theoretical account of disablement switches focus off from any physical restrictions the damage to physical and societal environmental restrictions, therefore necessitating publicity and authorization of handicapped people ( Oliver & A ; Sapey, 2006 ) .

Additionally, the societal worker ‘s ain attitudes and values affect how he/she applies theoretical theoretical accounts of disablement ( Crawford & A ; Walker, 2004 ) . The societal theoretical account of disablement is inclined to concentrate on cultural or structural facets of disablement ( Priestley, 2003 ) and is the prevailing theoretical account of disablement used in societal attention. This is because societal work attack does non look at repairing something that is broken, but relies on get the better ofing social barriers, which enables the intervention of a individual with a disablement merely as others are ( DDA, 1995/2005 ; Davies, 2002 ) . While it is easy to grok the troubles faced by an person with a seeable disablement ( e.

g. utilizing a wheelchair ) , it is besides easy to disregard the wider cultural and structural factors that affect a individual with a disablement ( Thompson, 2001 ) . Herein lies the job of seeing the disablement as a job with the individual themselves ( ibid ) .

What Skills did you utilize for this piece of work? ( delight distinguish between those you have and those you need to develop )

I used Planning and readying, research, information assemblage accomplishment before the meeting and this has helped me to transport out the meeting goodIn footings of working anti-oppressively I think I have made Diane experience less oppressive by cut downing the power instability. I have involved her girl whose presence has been a great comfort to Diane as she sometimes expressions at her for replies due to her short-run memory. I have successfully conveyed my regard and apprehension of her strengths and restrictions by following Egan ‘s empathy accomplishments, active hearing, summarizing. I used Roger ‘s individual centred to concentrate my attending on Diane and this in term assisting me to bury that I was assessed by my arrangement supervisor. I used unconditioned positive respect to do Diane experience a sense of credence of herself when turn toing an issue.

I need to develop assessment accomplishments as I feel I do n’t experience comfy with the signifiers which have so many inquiries. Besides some of the inquiries are really sensitive to inquire for illustration the subdivision of “ appraisal of physical wellness ” there are inquiries like vesica control, intestine control, etcBesides I need to develop interceding accomplishment, sharing information with other bureaus. As apparent prior to the meeting, there were some miscommunication between different bureaus.

Which facets of anti-oppressive pattern were relevant to this piece of work?

In footings of working anti-oppressively, I was cognizant my function as a pupil societal worker this may hold lead Diane to experience oppressive and non valued because she may believe that she was non good plenty to hold a qualify societal worker.

To cut down this possible subjugation, I have involved Diane ‘s girl and have been unfastened and honest to state them that I was inexperienced and has ne’er carry out a SAP appraisal before. I besides offered them chances to worsen or call off the meeting.My cultural beginning as a colored British may hold attributed favoritism or subjugation to myself from Diane or her girl. However, this has ne’er been an issue in the meeting or prior to my battle with Diane and her girl.“ the black position has made clear that racism is based on white European/ white north American ideological beliefs about the claimed high quality of white people over colored people ” ( Maclean and Harrison 2008:58 ) .Sing my gender, which is different from Diane may show a trouble for both of us. From the women’s rightist perspectives – if I had non recognize the extended inequalities in society based on gender with work forces systematically being dominant, I may move oppressively incognizant.

Women is socially constructed to be a better carer as a married woman, female parent and girl and the fact that the bulk of societal worker are female. As a male pupil societal worker, my function may show oppressive to Diane.“ the women’s rightist position has perceptibly failed to adequately address structural inequalities within societal attention and societal work administrations. In employment footings some 75 % of the work force in societal attention administrations are adult females. The proportion of work forces in senior direction has remained pig-headedly high and has merely late dropped below 75 % of all senior directors ” ( Maclean and Harrison 2008:56 )“ there has been a acknowledgment that social developments and societal policy enterprises affect work forces and adult females otherwise ( because of their gender ) . The function of adult females as unpaid carers of household members with personal attention needs is one illustration ” ( Machean and Harrison 2008:55 )If I have non used Social vs medical theoretical account to see Diane ‘s depression, I may hold non recognised the negative stigma associated with the labels applied to people and may hold act in an oppressive manner, supervising the facts that her depression may be attributed by her desperation for her current environment and loss of her abilities, eg, wellness and memoey, etc

In what ways would the service user and or carer have preferred your pattern to be different

After the meeting, I apologised to Diane and her girl that the result of this meeting may non hold been every bit productive as they had expected and I told them that I would wish to hold another meeting once more with them in the close hereafter to discourse a program to back up Diane. ( as I feel I have failed to carry on the meeting good, because my arrangement supervisor joined our treatment in the midway, and this one think should non be happen because she was at that place to measure me, unless she think she I needed aid.

)However, Diane, her girl said they were happy with the result and she particularly appreciated what I have done for her female parent. My arrangement supervisor said to me. What do you intend this meeting is non productive ” she said I did really good.

The lone thing that Diane ‘s girl asked me was to inform her of anything I do for her female parent. As there was an incident the hebdomad before that I took Diane out but forgot to inquire her to look into her day-to-day. Diane ‘s boy and girl in jurisprudence came to see when we went out and as a consequence they have non spent much clip together that twenty-four hours.

I asked Diane ‘s girl how she would wish to be contacted and she gave me her email reference as she may non be convenient to reply her Mobile in her workplace.My arrangement supervisor besides told me that I need to portion the information with her about what I do or who I have contacted for Diane.

Which key Roles, units and Values/Ethics do you believe were demonstrated in this piece of work and how? ( these must mention to pattern discussed within the direct observation )

In doing a thorough readying for the meeting with Diane, where my arrangement supervisor would detect me, I demonstrated bringing of all the units of Key Role 1. I had reviewed the instance notes, spoken with the staff at the Home, her societal worker, and girl to carefully measure my engagement.My attempts to construct a trusting relationship with Diane during my arrangement, and treatments with her about her penchant for those elements of her attention program she likes to be included, show that I achieved of import facets of Key Role 2 ( Unit 5 and 6 ) .In my thorough research on best patterns, legal and pattern guidelines, and contemplation on the best manner to accomplish my purpose showed that I have responded good to the demands of Key Role 6 ( Unit 18 and 19 ) .With respect to the values and moralss, I demonstrated consciousness of my ain values, moralss, quandary, and struggles of involvement ( VEa ) .

I have shown regard for and publicity of the well-being of Diane ( VEb ) . I have besides responded with unwritten and non-verbal communicating accomplishments in a manner non to do Diane experience oppressed ( VEc ) . Finally by demoing my ability to construct and keep a relation of trust with Diane I have met the demand identified by ( VEe ) .

What grounds did you utilize to measure your pattern? ( e.

g. supervising notes, user feedback etc )

In measuring my pattern, I have used two resources. The first is a feedback from Diane, whom I asked to judge how I had done. This feedback, in the signifier of a written response to a questionnaire I prepared for this specific intent. However, the feedback given by my arrangement supervisor after the meeting has been valuable for me in footings of understanding my public presentation and placing ways to better in future pattern.

Give your rating of this piece of work – ( e.g.

what went good, what did non travel good, what if anything would you make otherwise following clip? )

I have learnt from my old error in my first direct observation. I have used a mixture of unfastened and close inquiries. Besides I have used paraphrasing, clear uping techniques suitably. In footings of taking a topographic point for the meeting, I have considered the noise and break and asked Diane ‘s sentiment where she would wish the meeting to be. The location of the meeting in her room turned out to be a good pick.

I feel I have cut down the potency of subjugation by affecting Diane ‘s girl whose presence has been great comfort to Diane as Diane has short-run memory and she experience more confident as she could acquire answer or aid from her girl. Besides, I feel that working together we have achieved more than I had expected, as I have made the meeting like informal treatment instead than a occupation interview or appraisal.I have achieved the purpose I set for myself and completed parts of the appraisal, by working in partnership with Diane and her girl. However, I have achieved more by constructing a unfastened and swearing relationship with them, this would in term enable me to give my supportive work with Diane in the hereafter.I did non finish the SAP appraisal in the meeting as I have non planned or anticipated. I will go on to work on this assignment with Diane, her girl and other professionals.I have nevertheless, failed to portion the information about what I do with Diane with my arrangement supervisor.

This has resulted in miscommunication between different bureaus. I need to develop accomplishment in interceding and sharing information with other professionals in the hereafter.

What extra acquisition, in relation to knowledge, accomplishments or anti-oppressive pattern and values and moralss, would heighten your public presentation in the hereafter?

In footings of working professionally I need to work in accountability manner within bureau, sharing information with others. System theory will assist to better my pattern in the hereafter.I besides need to utilize my supervising session to discourse theories, values, quandary and anti-oppressive patternI have improved well about the usage of interview techniques but with more pattern I will be able to pass on in more assurance.SignedPlacement Supervisor_________________ Date _____________Student ____________________ Date _____________