“Quality I should decide the direction in which

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run
is much better than two doubles.” – Steve
Jobs. In quality engineering, quality objectives are implemented in a
collaborative process. This process requires the interaction of largely
independent actors whose knowledge is based on different sources of information.
An urge to learn & quest various domain has made me opt for this course of
Quality Engineering Management’


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I Arunpreet Singh Saini hail from Ludhiana, Punjab. I
belong to a nuclear family with my Father, My mother and my two elder Sisters.
My father is an employee of Central railway while my Mother is a housewife. I
have completed my Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Punjabi University,
Patiala in 2017 with a grade point of ____from a maximum of 10 points.


Keeping in mind that
my undergraduate programme is completed and this is a crucial stage in my
career where I should decide the direction in which to move forward. I have a
great interest towards the management environment and this is the reason I am
looking to pursue Post graduate study. Added to this, are the factors that
quality assurance and quality
control, quality engineering governs the manufacturing processes and testing
procedures that ensure that products fulfil both quality standards and safety regulations.

The reason I have chosen a two year in ‘Quality and
Engineering Management’ it because it will provides a pathway to acquire the
necessary knowledge and skills for becoming more successful in all areas of
manufacturing. Completing a master’s degree is a great way to be prepared for
higher responsibility in the workplace.

It’s a two year program with course of contents of Lean production systems, Material &
testing, Workplace health & safety, total quality management, Advanced
statistics for process control, Continuous improvement techniques,
Implementations of quality systems, Economics of quality, metrology &
measurement system analysis, reliability, Problem solving & decision making


Lambton College is one of largest, most diversified and
highly respected colleges in Canada. Lambton College has been servicing Canadian and international
students for over 50 years and has truly evolved from a public not-for-profit
college to a global post-secondary education provider. The facilities
offered by the College will help me gain experience be it social, recreational
or my personal development. The program brings together participants from all
over the world, so I would be in contact with diverse cultures. It would be
very rewarding to share and exchange thoughts and ideas with a group of people
who are from different nationalities, cultural orientations and schools of
thought on one platform. Lambton College have a competitive edge in employability
and practical work experience which made me opt for this college.



Canada is a popular study destination for Management courses. Canada has
traditionally been a country of immigrants and has a policy of encouraging
multicultural diversity. In this vibrant setting, different perspectives are
respected and learning together is encouraged. So this is the reason why I have
chosen Canada for my further studies. I hope I will be granted this opportunity
to be part of this specialized learning system and reach the zenith of my
career. Canada has an international reputation as a provider of quality
education. It offers a safe learning environment which provides excellent study
opportunities and support services for international students. Canada produces
top graduates who can take their place in the international arena with confidence.


My objective of
pursuing ‘Quality engineering management’ course is to acquire an in-depth
competence and hone my intellectual ability in this management stream. Ten
years down the line I envision myself in the management sector. I would like to
be able to apply what I learn to the industry and contribute towards its

After careful research and study I have chosen to do
this program in Canada.
A sympathetic consideration of my student visa
application is requested.

Thanks and regards


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