Racial Profiling Essay


What is racial profiling? The American Civil Liberties Union ( ACLU ) defines racial profiling as “the discriminatory pattern by jurisprudence enforcement functionaries of aiming persons for intuition of offense based on the individual’s race. ethnicity. faith or national origin” ( 2005 ) . Do non confound racial profiling with condemnable profiling ; condemnable profiling is normally practiced by constabulary in which they use a group of features that are associated with offense to aim persons ( ACLU. 2005 ) . Examples of racial profiling include utilizing 1s race to aim specific drivers for traffic misdemeanors and walkers for illegal contraband ; another premier illustration is the targeting of Muslims. Arabs. and South Asians since 9/11 in respects to minor immigrant misdemeanors without any connexion to the onslaughts on the World Trade Center and Pentagon ( ACLU. 2005 ) . Without a uncertainty. racial profiling occurs on a day-to-day footing all over the universe ; nevertheless let’s focal point on racial profiling in the United States and specifically right here in our fatherland. Michigan.

Background & A ; History

When did racial profiling foremost get down? Even though racial profiling still exists today. it is non a late new phenomenon. Racial profiling can day of the month back to the 1700s when bondage was a common manner of life for many African Americans. Like contemporary racial profiling. one’s tegument colour is what has made them capable to prejudiced intervention from jurisprudence enforcement ( Rushing. K. . 2013 ) . In South Carolina. white work forces policed the black slaves on plantations and hunted for at large slaves ; this was referred to as “slave patrol” . Most slaves were non free. and if they were they had to transport freedom documents or a base on balls to turn out that they had permission to be off of the plantation ( Rushing. K. . 2013 ) . If a black individual was found to hold run off they were beaten. whipped or even killed as the effect. Even into the twentieth century. after bondage. inkinesss were once more forced into another signifier of nonvoluntary servitude called inmate leasing ; this is where they were leased to work for private companies. whether it be on plantations or railwaies and coal mines ( Rushing. K. . 2013 ) . Regardless of what the 14th amendment provinces in the Constitution. Torahs were still broken and applied otherwise to inkinesss and Whites. This became a major issue when the War on Drugs began in 1982. Reagan wanted to halt drug usage and gross revenues with ruthless condemning Torahs ; they focused on urban black vicinities to advance anti-drug attempts. Although the prison population tripled there were significant racial disparities ; in 2010 the US Bureau of Justice Statistics indicated that black males had an imprisonment rate that was about seven times higher than white work forces ( Rushing. K. . 2013 ) . And the rate of captivity among black adult females was about three times that of white adult females ; a Human Rights Watch survey in 2009 showed that inkinesss are arrested at much higher rates than Whites even though they commit drug discourtesy at comparable rates ( Rushing. K. . 2013 ) . Racial profiling isn’t specifically focused on drug discourtesies but focal points on any signifier of offense being committed by any individual who isn’t of white decent.

There are many ill-famed cases where racial profiling has occurred including biking while black and brown in Eastpointe. Michigan. walking while black and brown in New York City. and gang database racial profiling in Orange County. California. In Eastpointe. 21 immature black young persons were stopped by constabularies because they were siting their bikes through a white suburb. The ACLU joined the suite against Eastpointe. Michigan. to stand for the young persons. They argued that the “bicyclists were stopped in this preponderantly white suburb of Detroit because of their race and non because they were making anything wrong” ( ACLU. 2005 ) . In 1996 a memo sent to the Eastpointe City Manager had a statement from the former constabulary head that he instructed his officers to look into any black young persons siting through Eastpointe subdivisions. Through extended searching of constabulary logs. it was found that Eastpointe had over 100 incidents between 1995 and 1998 merely like this one ( ACLU. 2005 ) . In New York City’s police section study in December 1999. the halt and frisk patterns showed to be greatly based on race. In NYC. inkinesss make up 25. 6 % of the city’s population. Hispanics 23. 7 % and Whites are 43. 4 % of NYC population. However. harmonizing to the study. 50. 6 % of all individuals stopped were black. 33 % were Hispanic. and merely 12. 9 % were white. As you can see. more than half of the persons who were stopped were black. 62. 7 % to be exact ( ACLU. 2013 ) . In Orange County. California Latinos. Asians and African Americans were more than 90 % of the 20. 221 work forces and adult females in the Gang Reporting Evaluation and Tracking System ( ACLU. 2013 ) . Clearly this database record shows racial profiling occurred when the entire population in the database made up less than half of Orange County’s population. This is when the California Advisory Committee of the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights and the ACLU stepped in. One other case of racial profiling I’d like to discourse occurred in Maricopa County. Arizona. A tribunal ruled in May 2013 that “sheriff Joe Arpaio’s everyday handling of people of Latino descent amounted to racial and cultural profiling” ; harmonizing to CNN. the sheriff’s office had a history of aiming vehicles with those holding darker tegument. analyzing them more purely and taking them into detention more frequently than others ( CNN. 2014 ) . Judge Murray Snow ordered a proctor to supervise retraining in this office and to make a community consultative board to forestall farther racial profiling ; retraining and supervising the sheriff’s office will be the county $ 21. 943. 107 over the following twelvemonth and a half ( CNN. 2014 ) . As you can see from the information above. racial profiling is still an issue in present America. In today’s patroling environment particularly. race dealingss is one of the most of import issues and challenges ; to the point of province legislative assemblies contemplating prohibitions on racial profiling. mandate informations aggregation. necessitate police officer preparation. do financess available for picture cameras in constabulary autos and other steps to assist set a halt to racial profiling ( Portis. E. . 2001 ) .


a. Why racial profiling is an issue
B. What jobs have resulted from racial profiling
I. Death
c. What jobs have occurred because of racial profiling
II. Racial Profiling & A ; the Law
a. Past/Present Torahs on racial profiling in Michigan
I. House Bill 4927- Racial sensitiveness preparation & A ; retrain officers guilty of racial profiling. along with teaching Michigan’s lawyer general’s office to look into halt & A ; hunt forms ( Police Foundation. 2005 ) .

b. Past/Present tribunal instances in Michigan

c. Public attending
I. Racial profiling bing Arizona $ 22 million – to retrain officers and supervise the retraining ( CNN. 2014 ) . III. Decision
a. Solutions to racial profiling
i. Retraining constabulary sections

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