“Racism it now, her ma’s dead” page 172.

“Racism springs from ignorance” this quote perfectly describes Bob Ewell. The reasons for this are simple. Bob Ewell is despicable, but in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee it is never mentioned why he acks the way he does. This is understandable due to the fact that Lee was a civil rights activist, and the book was published in a time of extreme racial tension. The reason Bob Ewell is represented by this quote so well is he is depraved, self-absorbed, and self-destructive, but he is still relatable. Bob Ewell is the most depraved of the characters in To Kill a Mockingbird. This is easily represented by how he responds to, during the trail being asked, are you Mayella Ewell’s father. He responds with “Well, if I ain’t I can’t do nothing about it now, her ma’s dead” page 172. This response is said in a joking manner. After this is said judge Taylor stirs in his chair. This gives the impression that this disgusted Taylor, which it should. This comment should disgusted the reader because after everything he has done to Mayella he does not even care enough to say he is her father. Another reason for Bob Ewell being depraved is he thinks he can just beat Mayella over and over without retribution. Bob Ewell is even seen as depraved by the people of Maycomb county, Alabama. People you are self-absorbed such as Bob Ewell can give the impression that they do not care about the world around them. Bob Ewell give this impression multiple times throughout the book. One of these moments is when he responds to Mr.Gilmer “That’s m’name, cap’n” page 171. This is a remark that not only gives the impression that he is self-absorbed, but also makes him seems like an indecent human being. Bob Ewell is also self-absorbed for the reason that he acted like a child while being questioned on the stand during the trail;an example of this is he doges some questions in a pertencus manner. The reasons used for Bob Ewell being depraved also works for self-absorbed as well. Bob Ewell might be self-absorbed and depraved, but these traits are closely linked to his self-destructive personality. This is personified in Heck Tate’s quote “Low-down skunk with enough liquor in him to make him brave enough to kill children” page 269. This quote simletenistly presents Bob Ewell drunken behavior and his cowardice. His drunkenness is his worst self-destructive behavior and it is the most probable cause of all his other self-destructive behaviors;these include his beating of Mayella, his constant childish behavior, and his assault on the Finch children. Bob Ewell’s self-destructive personality is one of his only redeemable, relatable taits. This is one of the great things in Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird;even the worst most ill-natured person, in the book, has something that is relatable, redeemable.Bob Ewell ignorance is why he is depraved, self-absorbed, and self-destructive. Characters like Bob Ewell are relatable, and not just sick and twisted, because everyone has problems that they do not want to acknowledge. Possibly because it is to personal, or they do not want to show that they have faults. Bob Ewell most likely does not even know that he has these problems. This is why he is not just a villain, he is important character you almost every can relate to. In conclusion Bob Ewell might be the most depraved character in the novel, but he does have some redeemable qualities.


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