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Randall Thompson was an American composer, who was, back then particularly noted for his choral works. He was born in April 21st, 1899 in New York, New York. During his life, he lived in the Massachusetts area. He got his interest in music during one of his family’s’ summer vacations, where he gained an interest in an old paler reed organ. He had an occupation as an assistant professor of music, and also choir director in a school called Wellesley College. However, none can live forever. He died July 9th, 1984, in Boston,  Massachusetts. He had created 24 coral pieces. One of his notable pieces is Alleluia, a song for an unacomping choir made in 1940. It had achieved a lot of popularity! So, to the first song. The first song we will go over the song called Alleluia. It is a well-known song. I chose it because I needed a song. It’s not bad, not the best either. The sound of it is simply, impressively good in all professions! There is no reason NOT pick it. Is is of superior quality. The piano is especially impressive. When I hear it, I think of the quality of the song. Also, the assignment as well. This piece is also not designed for a whole choir. It is only designed for sopranos and altos. The piano is the instrument listed in the sheet music. Just in case you needed to know. It can be a bit slow-ish at points. It is, for the most part, averagely paced. Dramatic sounding, I say. In our favorite language! English! Where is there any past in this piece? Ever? (URLS:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0chZLceWic-http://d300mensfestival.weebly.com/uploads/5/8/2/1/58211435/velvet_shoes.pdfEnjoy.) The second song that I selected is Americana Loveli-lines. This song I picked, again, at random. Does it sound good? Yes. Let’s say this: The songs I pick are at random to save time. Good. Should save some time. Anyways, This piece shows that it sounds impressive. Makes me think of sherlock holmes, for some reason. I don’t know. This piece is designed for a full choir, I think. So, in an acronym, SATB. Also designed for a piano, interestingly enough. As well as being pretty quick. Seriously. It’s fast, I’ll say. The song is, luckily, in english. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any information of why he wrote this piece. (Here is the Third URL:-https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/loveli-lines-sheet-music/19506734-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIQm50WTCEgHave fun, because it’s good.)


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