Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving Cars invention helped to satisfy people need for transportation. Although, driving defensively is the global demand for using cars, still there are some drivers practicing different kinds of reckless driving behaviors on the streets. Reckless driving is a kind of behavior that you will eventually regret. There are so many effects caused by reckless driving.

This paper will discuss three of them, loosing vehicle control, violating traffic law and involving in an accident. Reckless driving is one of the major causes of vehicles loosing control. Car manufacturers produce dependable cars in regards of safe controlling on the roads, with a minimum risk of loosing control depending on road and weather conditions. In reckless driving that risk increased up to dangerous levels making loose of vehicle control a result about to happen at every second where the luckiest drivers would only disturb the traffic and get a violation ticket while the majority would be involved in a fatal accident.

All kinds of reckless driving behaviors are outlawed . World governments set and publish traffic rules along with violations penalties to enforce order and discipline on the roads. Disobeying that rules will have the subjected driver to be punished by the order of law. The punishment penalties vary from violation ticket up to sending the violator to jail for several nights. Some countries governments stablished violation collecting point’s rules allow them to suspend the drivers driving license when reached a certain limit of violating points.

Reckless driving has the highest record of car accidents. Reckless drivers are always either distracted from driving or over speeding; such way of driving will most likely lead them to be involved in a car accident. Statistics over the world reveals that accidents caused by reckless driving have the most casualties in car accidents due to the absence of early respond to the changes in traffic situations while driving. In conclusion, cars were invented for the good of people, but also it an cost them their lives if they don’t use them properly. Reckless driving has serious consequences that might badly influence the future life of the driver. The awareness of reckless driving effects in regards of, loosing vehicle control, violating traffic law and Hamzah Almeghrabi2 involving in a car accident need to be increased in the communities Any effect occur caused by reckless driving the cost of it can be more than paying a violation ticket it could cost loosing lives.


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