Regency Plaza Essay

Regency Hotel Group ( RHG ) is a good reputed and successful operator in the hotel industry. They have experience on pull offing resources and commanding the Regency Plaza undertaking.

But they have faced several jobs such as Unhappy Customers. Slow Gross saless Growth. Increasing Costss. Work Delays and Internal Conflicts. The ground for all those jobs is hapless be aftering. When proper planning and undertaking direction good established.

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Its really easy to schedule and organize the procedure. Then any job can be identified and solved less expensively in a short clip period. This would assist to use resources economically and salvage up more clip to complete the work successfully in the completion of the undertaking. RHG has reputed trade name name with their Good Service. Luxury and broad scope of installations given to their clients.

Any distraction or hold of this undertaking would neglect the repute of Regency Hotel Group. This study will show the importance of close relation between organization’s strategic mission and the Project Management. Besides will province to which extent the Regency Plaza undertaking has managed and giving a good illustration for future Undertaking Managers.IntroductionIntroduction to the companyThe Regency Hotel Group was located in major urban centres throughout the universe & A ; it was well-known for both its accent on service & A ; the broad scope of the comfortss that it offered in this hotel. They had developed all of its hotel belongingss in the past and now it was a assorted usage undertaking. this would be the first undertaking & A ; that would include condominium units.

The undertaking director of the regency place was decided to construct the upper limit of 96 units. averaging 1. 400 square pess. instead than fewer but larger units.
Introduction to the studyThis undertaking ab initio targeted toward affluent twosomes in late in-between age.

The hotel undertaking was non success the condominium gross revenues were slow & A ; the local economic system appeared to be weakening & A ; besides. this undertaking was at the dorsum agenda & A ; over budgeted. the cost estimating alterations did non run through. the figure & A ; frequence of alterations that were taking topographic point on this undertaking & A ; besides.

batch of purchasers were complain about the slower service. detaining shutting & A ; the bad craft. So. we have to analysis this undertaking under these four inquiries.

Analysis1. Measure the undertaking definition stage of the Regency Plaza undertaking. How do the jobs that emerged during the undertaking relate to how the undertaking definition stage was managed? During the design procedure. pull offing building.

pull offing selling and in the current state of affairs Regency Plaza undertaking squad had to confront many jobs and they took actions to forestall these issues. The actions taken during the undertaking have explained below.
The Design ProcessThe Regency. KDS. the Boston Redevelopment Authority and vocal vicinity groups involved to the treatments for design procedure of condominiums. Hodgkins first challenge was figure. size and type of condominium units that he could offer to the purchasers.

There were different thoughts about figure of unit. Farely suggested it should be 72 units and KDS’s position was it should be 96 units. But Hodgkins decided to construct 96 units which could derive more net incomes.
Pull offing buildingKelly had a immense work burden to manage and because of that she divided the work load among few subcontractors. To O.K. the contract. undertaking squad needed subcontractors to bring forth a floor program demoing all the necessary things and finishing clip of the contract.

Though this rhythm took about one month. undertaking squad needed to cognize that they are in the right way. Selling
Thomas hodgkins used a comprehensive selling and service programme to present condominiums to the clients. They have committed to a high degree of client service and the scheme was to custom-make condominiums harmonizing to the buyer’s involvement. Thomas hodgkins did non except large alterations that would interrupt other condominiums proprietors and the invitees and she hoped purchasers would alter their condominiums by themselves after the completion of the edifice. Thus she did non get down treatments about the customization with purchasers by believing alterations would be cut off.

The current state of affairsThe condominium undertaking became slow due to the motion of workers to the hotel country. because the hotel country needed to rush up their work to complete the undertaking before July 15th harmonizing to the agenda. The relationship among Hodgkins and Kelly became weak during the undertaking period due to the addition of costs and design alterations. Grogan. Kelly’s undertaking director besides became defeated because of the addition of forte points and unusual inside informations.

The undertaking director of Regency hotel. Jeff Cunningham was besides behind the agenda due to miss of adult male power. Therefore there were statements between Cunningham and Grogan. because Grogan used more adult male power due to the changeless alterations. There was a job of difficult wood flooring and Cunningham asked Grogan to replace the flooring. But Grogan said it was Cunningham’s duty. This was caused to a struggle between Cunningham and Grogan. The gross revenues of condominiums went easy.

Merely 30 units out of 96 units have been pre-sold. because there mark market was affluent twosome in late in-between age. So Hodgkins wanted to derive more gross revenues by minimising the cost.
2. Measure the function of the undertaking director ( Kris Hodgkins ) in the instance.

What skillsdo you think are required to be the undertaking director for the Regency Condominium Development undertaking? How good do you believe that Kris Hodgkins meets these accomplishment demands? Do you believe Kris Hodgkins was a good undertaking director? Undertaking director is the individual who has duty till the undertaking is completed with the aid of the undertaking squad. Project direction helps to steer the people and the procedure to complete the undertaking successfully. There are some qualities that project leader should hold such as planning.

forming. commanding. taking.

pass oning. motivation and client consciousness.PlaningA undertaking director should hold a clear program to accomplish the success of the undertaking.

He should hold clear aims to actuate others to be actively involved to the undertaking. Kris did non hold any eventuality program to implement if something went incorrect with the Kelly’s agenda of 32 months.
FormingHere the undertaking director should see clip agendas. resource allotment and needed public presentations.

He should inform occupation range. undertakings and duties to the undertaking squad members to acquire the maximal consequence from them. She purchased needed points such as lifts and marbles earlier which take long clip to have. She was good organized with labour resource when demands.

There were 250 building workers at a clip on the condominium floors. But Regency plaza condominium undertaking went slow. because they could non follow the clip agendas. This affects to the budget of the whole undertaking.
ControlingThere should be a direction information system to interchange information among the undertaking squad and proctor and command the on-going undertaking all the clip. The undertaking director should ever compare existent budget over planes budget and discourse regularly advancement of the undertaking with squad members. But in Regency Plaza undertaking. there was no good relationship between Hodgkin and Kelly.

They didn’t discourse about the advancement on a regular basis. Because of that they couldn’t place the hereafter jobs. Though she did non see the above issues. she has retained 10 % wage petition to demo some commanding over Kelly buildings.

LeadingThis is of import to steer the squad to finish the undertaking in efficient effectual mode. The squad member should be encouraged and inspired to acquire the maximal public presentation. But. Hodgkins couldn’t get the maximal usage of his squad. though she had a well-qualified squad. She didn’t lead her squad good in there was no togetherness.

Therefore struggles have being occurred. In the instance Susan Randolph. the interior interior decorator of the Regency didn’t agree with Hodgkins and Grogan because she felt they were both focused on velocity and efficiency instead than quality.

There was a struggle betweenSinclaire and Hodgkins because Hodgkins asked to cut down on tom’s billable hours. As a undertaking director Hodgkins should her attending more to cut down struggles.
CommunicationCommunication is the of import factor in projectmanagement. Projectmanager should able to direct right massage to compensate individual efficaciously.

If non there will be more struggles among members and expected consequence will non be achieved. But.
Thomas hodgkins did non do any meeting ; she merely sent letters to the purchasers informing bundles of condominiums. Hodgkins asked Sinclaire to make alterations with uncomplete information. If she maintained a good relationship with purchasers.

she could forestall the issues and ailments of the purchasers.MotivationUndertaking director should acknowledge individual’s specific accomplishments and endowments. The squad members should be appreciated. recognized. encouraged and inspired to accomplish the undertaking ends. Members can be motivated by giving inducements and feedback of the public presentation.

In this undertaking Hodgkins shows hapless motive accomplishments. Shecut downSinclair’s billable hours but it was non just because forwarded designs to him were uncomplete.
Customer AwarenessEvery organization’s ultimate mark is to pull more clients and to derive more net incomes. Therefore this undertaking besides should follow the same scheme. They tried provide single customization but they did non see demands and wants of the decently. As this was a large undertaking they should hold to take thought of the clients. But they fail to make so.

because of that merely 30 out of 96 pre-sold and that undertaking was behind agenda and over budget. He should hold done a market research to happen out the involvements and attitudes of the people.
Kris Hodgkinshad to confront many jobs and struggles as a undertaking director but he was unable to take right determinations at the right clip. Those determinations straight affected to the concluding consequence of the undertaking.

Sing above accounts if KrisHodgkins took better determinations. undertaking would accomplish expected consequences.3. Measure how good hazard was managed in the Regency Plaza undertaking.

You should utilize the four phase Risk Management model from the faculty in replying this inquiry. Every undertaking has a hazard and you can non extinguish it. Merely thing you can make is cut downing hazard. Hazard should be carefully managed to minimise the impact of it. Regency Plaza project’s chief precedence should be to pull off the hazard to accomplish the success. Using four phases of hazard direction procedure. how good hazard was managed in the Regency Plaza undertaking is described.

Hazard designationFirst. hazards that will straight associate to the undertaking should be identified and the hazards that will happen in the hereafter should be foreseen. It can be related to the quality. cost. agenda and etc. In this undertaking they did non hold a good thought about the size. layout. and design of the floor home base.

They might hold considered more about the sap program efficiency and room locations. Thomas hodgkins did non care much about the buyer’s satisfaction. He did non originate ant meeting to discourse about the customization and he sent merely a missive. He thought it will cut down the alterations after completion of condominiums by his selling scheme.Hazard AppraisalThere were many approaching hazards with condominium units. Design alterations.

increasing figure of forte points. increasing uncomplete information and unusual inside informations were some of the issues. It was really hard to go on the undertaking with these issues. So they could non follow the agenda.

Hazard response developmentAfter measuring hazard undertaking director should develop a eventuality program covering all the countries to pull off the hazards. But she did non do any proviso for the design alterations and she did non hold a better eventuality program. She did non believe that purchasers would hold or non with the design. Thus she had to confront many jobs and buildings were halt. Because of all these issues the undertaking was become behind the agenda and over budgeted.

Risk response controlFinally after developing a hazard response. undertaking director has to supervise and command it. In this instance.

Thomas hodgkins could non pull off and response to the hazards occurred during the undertaking. She made the incorrect premises which were caused for extra costs and clip holds.
4. Given the state of affairs that Kris Hodgkins finds herself with the Glenn millers at the terminal of the instance. measure all of the options available to her and urge the class of action your group thinks she should take? Kris Hogkins has five options at this state of affairs.Option one has an chance for Millar to do the alteration at a ulterior day of the month and no extra holds in undertaking.

But some alterations such as sprinkler require shuting the whole floor. Option two minimizes alterations required and costs will be removed by seting unit ob clasp. But Miller’s alterations will incur more cost and that will cut down Millar’s involvement on the condominium. There will be a hazard to set unit on clasp excessively.

Option three. engaging a little general contractor has more disadvantages. It is really hard to engage contactors for little plants and labor cost will be increased. There will be struggles between the contractors and hard to pull off.

The hazard will be more. But needed alterations can be done to fulfill both parties. Option four besides non a good thought to work out.

Because there are many disadvantages such as trouble in acquiring bank loans without certification of tenancy. Regency’s control over undertaking will be reduced and the mark client pool will shrivel. Option five. Move Millers to a different unit on higher floor will purchase some extra clip. But there are no similar floor home bases on higher floors. After measuring all the options we can come to a decision that option 2 is more good comparison to the other options to the undertaking though there is a hazard of selling the condominium.

there is a opportunity of selling it. because of the clip and cost spend on it by the Millers. Thus we recommend option 2 as the action that she should implement.Discussion and DecisionAfter analyzing the given instance survey. they have come across many jobs and besides they have found better solutions for the said jobs. In theDesign Procedure we have found some jobs. we find Hodgkins thought a better suited for the procedure. because it brings more net income.

We think Thomas hodgkins marketing program is effectual because giving the freedom to the purchasers to custom-make their ain condo is a great selling thought. The purchaser can acquire precisely what they want instead than unwanted material. The current state of affairs of the undertaking is acquiring messy due little facts that are non taken in to account by the relevant people. We think that the adult male power should be increase to accomplish the given dead line and as said in the instance study merely 30 units were pre sold. Besides there are little struggles between fellow spouses so it’s a disadvantage to the house. and some have deficiency of involvement. However Hodgkins makes his mark market by minimising the monetary values. Harmonizing to the instance study the undertaking director Hodgkins is non a skilled individual at her occupation.

she fail in many countries which her determinations were set uping the concluding end product.
She was non best at her responsibilities ; even though she had a good squad she did non take much usage of their accomplishments. Besides she was unable to accomplish her mark and the disbursals were high. could non accomplish the deadlines. Thomas hodgkins should hold focus more on the communicating accomplishments ; due to her mineworker mistakes her squad couples had little struggles which affect the undertaking in a manner. Overall the Hodgkins managing accomplishments was hapless during this undertaking. We evaluated the hazard appraisal and responses and the undertaking director have non focus much on the hazards.

because of that the cost of edifice have been addition besides she was unable to give what the purchasers wants. Since she was non focus on the hazard and one time they occur she was unable to confront them all. By analyzing the five options which are left to Thomas hodgkins to do this undertaking work the writer thinks the option two will benefits all who are involve in the undertaking. We would wish to reason by stating that bettering Project manager’s accomplishments and by concentrating on hazards and utilizing all the resources give the undertaking would hold been a success.

If they can get the better of the above jobs they will be able to accomplish their marks.If we were the undertaking director we used our accomplishments to acquire the maximal end product. And besides ever seek to acquire team members ideas & amp ; by utilizing their accomplishments performed undertakings to derive best involvement to the undertaking. Try to execute all the undertakings harmonizing to the program within the budget in order to finish the undertaking on or before the deadline. Then we set up proper communicating procedure to pass on among all the members without happening barriers & A ; before get downing the undertaking made agreements for measuring hazards and set up eventuality programs to get the better of from them.

By sing all the above factors we can urge below facts. Undertaking directors must aware of the possible issues that can be cause for hold a undertaking & A ; to cut down such sort of holds undertaking directors must carry on audits during the usual intervals during the undertaking. At the same clip by demoing sensitiveness to human reactions audit should be conducted throughout the undertaking. Without looking at the weak points and without faulting to errors undertaking directors must concentrate on the issues that should be resolved. All the above things can be possible when there’s a stable proper communicating between all the parties those who involve in the undertaking to finish it successfully.