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With the help of Sales and Inventory software, the business industry has been significantly improve and advance when it comes to delivering customer service. Through Sales and Inventory system, the most purchased are identified. Retailers recognize the needs of the customer and the same time cater properly and efficiently. (Pajaro, 2009). Generally industry specific POS software designed for industry specific needs which can range from service management and customer relations management (CRM).

As we know that if we can do better analysis and management and understand the customer requirements we can gain fast in the market. It is important in a commercial business which products are ordered by the customer most and most like products and which is lee popular among them so we get valuable information among those data by effectively tracking inventory, sales and providing you valuable information (Araulo, 2010). According to Cantoma, March (2004) in her thesis entitled “Computer Library System for St.

James Academy” stated that, in manual system in retrieving, maintaining security and piling records take place because of the years gone by. Furthermore, these files were instances when the right information is given to a wrong person, which affect quality of service. FOREIGN LITERATURE * Logistics As times goes on, there is a certain degree of changes of logistics concept, which is generalized (Logistics) and narrow (Physical distribution) distinctions. In 1991, Council of Logistics Management formally the concept of logistics, physical distribution changed from logistics.

In addition, modern logistics is defined as: the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from point of origin to the point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirement (Johnson, Wood, Wardlow & Murphy, 1998, 5) * A Key to a Business Innovation By 2015, senior business, government and technology executives believe that 19% of their delivery will be via public cloud and 26% by private cloud. The remainder will be in housed or outsourced (Melba Bernard, 2011). Mobile Platforms The fact is that open source in one force driving cracks into the closed world of networks carriers, which we used to controlling everything from the devices we use to the software we run. Today’s consumer’s-and, increasingly; business users as well-demand devices and carriers that provide more options for third party apps and personalization (Erickson, 2009). Having these mobile platforms, the proponents will be used a Short Message Service (SMS) Technology for the confirmation of the verified accounts of each customer.

This will helped the company to be more advance in terms of technology. * How Private Cloud Change IT Roles E-business infused with new IT innovations provides business with services that provide efficiency and agility. This offers organizations a way to circumvent the increasing complexity, inflexibility and cost of it environment, control, choice, quality of services and most important business agility (Sanjay Mirchandani, 2009). * Management Information System The truth of the simple phrase “information is power” has been proven repeatedly over time.

In a world where this is true, local government should stand in good stead. American local governments in particular have more information about people, property, and administrative processes than exists anywhere else in the world. As it stands now localities have an overabundance of a resource, which shows no sign of diminishing in the foreseeable future. While it’s one thing to have a resource and the potential power it brings, it is an entirely different matter to make effective use of that resource through management, control, and foresight.

How organizations control, process, and disseminate information and how they manage the technologies associated with it as the information/technological age progresses are becoming increasingly critical. LOCAL STUDIES Having the concept of determination and assuming quality service to customer, the proponents created an online software program and mobile application to cater the company employee on making their job more efficient thus delivering quality service and determining quality successful business.

According to Gaudelyn C. Pantilo (2009) the increasing demand of internet process gave us the idea how to deal with our ongoing progress. It motivates us to meet their efficiently. The company needs to continually diversify to meet the ongoing demands of the business sectors today. Thus, proponents created an online software and mobile application for the company to have a more efficient workforce, easily manage all its transaction and to meet the demands of this ever changing economy.

According to Keener Lima and Antonnette Goyenechea (2006) records security in also one of the primary objectives and all the information received from its clients are confidential. Purchasing and Inventories are difficult to manage in any organization. The purchasing and inventory functions must work together to ensure master production schedule accurately (Ecorpiso, 2005). Through Sales and Inventory System, the importance of the computerization is vastly utilized. A system is a set of detailed method, procedures, and routines established or formulated to carry out a specific activity, perform a task, or solve a problem.

Sales and Inventory system is one of the most important system o process of any business because it involves the management of products, materials, and equipment which is vital on production management. The proponents created and designed a software program for the company to make the system perfect where all the records should be kept, thus giving the assurance that these files are secured and accessible for the advancement of the company. FOREIGN STUDIES According to Silver, G. Silver, M. (2005) of Los Angeles City College, the system is a computer system with disk storage capability has been installed n WPD’s main office. The master inventory is stored on the disk system. Remote Terminals are located at sales desk and order, warehouse, shipping and receiving departments of all branches. Because of the real time capabilities of the system, transactions are recorded as they occur. As new stock is added or items are sold, information is immediately entered in the inventory file. The status of the file can be queried from each terminal. This allows sales people in the field to call order desk and immediately learn the quantity in stock, price and other information about any time.

The phase automate of information has been coined to described the use of computing, communication technology to perform many managerial function. Johnson (October 1994) said, since modern computer accelerates work and keeps track of information accurately and promptly. It’s only natural that industry needs the services of computer and the modern technology devices for great help and improvement. Using point-of-sales for inventory tracking has a multitude of benefits. For multiple store location, POS can be vital when moving items from one store location to another.

They can minimize their total store sales by tracking which items are selling in one area versus the same item not selling in another store. This transfer process will result in helping you stop losing inventory due to store location Shrinkage is a major concern amongst retailers. Not only do they have to eat the cost of the product due the theft, but it is no longer there for you to sell. Without POS system, you could spend days doing inventory and matching it to your sales reports now you can have split second access to inventory levels and properly identified problem areas (Thomas, 2009).

Inventory management is crucial for most companies, but it is especially crucial for small business because when compared with large companies, they usually have limited resources and bargaining power, which have negative effects on the way the inventory can be managed. Establishing politics and procedures is the major step in staring an inventory control. These politics and procedures must be implemented and the management must see to it that everyone in the organization complies with it. A good inventory system does not need several employees to implement segregation of duties and avoid conflict of interest.


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