Religion And The Media Coursework

There are a large variety of films and soaps about religion or with a lot of religion in it going from comedy such as vicar of dibley or Bruce almighty there is also some soaps with a little bit of religion because of weddings and stuff such as neighbours , hollyoaks, eastenders ect, ect.We studied the film Bruce almighty in which he is given all gods power for a short time.I’ve taken the time to list some of the things that happened in the film such as:* Parting a bowl of soup* Walking on water* Moving the moon* Made people win the lottery(Warning these may upset religious viewers because of the miracles that Bruce performs)Are Religious People On Television Made To Seem Out Of Touch With The Modern World?Sometimes I here people on the television saying that religious people were made to seem out of touch with the modern world.I agree because on vicar of dibley it seems like there trying to make religion seem ridicules and as one big joke.Also the film Bruce was a comedy and once again I thought they were trying to make religion seem funny and that might offend some religious viewers.