Reviewing The Discrimination Against The Elderly Social Work Essay

This study will foreground the issue on favoritism against aged people in states such as Singapore, America and United Kingdom. Similarly, all three states face employment favoritism. However, state of affairs of favoritism against aged is considered to be the worse in America because they are besides denied of chances to seek wellness attention because of their age. The importance, impact of societal favoritism and measures taken at the company and national degree to battle this favoritism are besides discussed.

Singapore is quickly confronting ageing population where the proportion of occupants aged 65 and above contributes to 14 % of the resident population in 1998 and this will increase to 27 % in 2015. An addition in life anticipation has led to the addition in proportion of aged people. Other grounds were due to the ripening of the babe boomers, lessening in baby and early childhood mortality rate and low birth rates.

In today ‘s society, our perceptual experience of aged people is frequently that of dependence, slow and disregarded. Misconceptions arise about ripening, taking to pigeonholing and societal favoritism. A common stereotype provinces that most aged people are ill.A When aged people are diffident of themselves, they are considered to be doddering and they are besides accused of being old when they forgot a sentence.

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It was the older coevals who worked difficult and they deserve to be respected by the society. With more and more people going old, it is of import to pay attending to these legal issues environing the senior coevals. It is necessary to face such concerns now so that we are able to look frontward to bask our old age in the hereafter. Addressing the job of favoritism in Singapore is hence a cardinal measure in farther development and edifice up our state. Through set abouting these suggestions, we can so trust towards a better hereafter for Singapore, one free from favoritism. Therefore, it is critical that companies and persons change their mentality and be more supportive towards the older coevals.

Discrimination of aged people is prevailing in the workplace in Singapore. Age favoritism occurs when older worker is discriminated against by an employer because of their age. A recent study by Kelly Services discovered that bulk of the 1,500 respondents polled in Singapore, experienced some type of bias when using for a occupation in the last five old ages and the chief ground for favoritism, which contributed to 29 per centum, was age.

Majority of the older workers did non finish their secondary instruction due to limited educational chances. Hence, they have a lower skilled occupation. As houses seek higher productiveness, current occupations are being automated and improvised, ensuing in multiple and higher accomplishments demands. This finally leads to older workers, with low instruction and keeping unskilled occupations, being retrenched.

Even if low skilled occupations are available, older workers still face competition from younger and cheaper foreign workers. Many companies are biased against older workers and still prefer to engage younger employees. Such favoritism fails to tap to the full the older workers ‘ parts.

In add-on, due to the high cost of engaging older workers and perceptual experience among employers that they are less productive and unfastened to new thoughts, many houses are less likely to engage them. As such, employers may promote early retirement or layoff disproportionately older workers. This is normally seen in computing machine and amusement industries. As a consequence, we frequently see older workers picking up empty tins or selling tissue documents. Other stereotyped old-age businesss that come into head will be cleaners and waiters at fast nutrient eating houses.

Under Singapore ‘s Torahs ( with some exclusions ) , the authorities can non ticket or take any legal action against employers who choose to know apart. Persons besides can non action employers.

Employment favoritism is besides similar in America where there are a big figure of aging employees in the workplace ( due to the babe boomer coevals ) . Employers engage in age favoritism when they sack or refuse to engage older workers because of ageist stereotypes. However, they have the United States Federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act ( ADEA ) which prohibits age favoritism. Employers are non allowed to know apart when hiring and firing employees who are aged 40 or older.

United Kingdom ( UK ) besides faces similar favoritism against the aged in the workplace as Singapore and America. However, there were betterments these recent old ages. Employers are positive about retaining older workers. Older workers want to work beyond province pension age and assorted studies besides show that there is a acute attitude amongst them for flexible working and flexible pensions. The authorities encourages older workers to go on working and employers recognize them as a valuable resource.

UK employment equality jurisprudence is effectual as it helps to battle bias in the workplace as it prohibits favoritism against people based on gender, race, faith and age etc. In UK, It will be improper to know apart against an employee under the age of 65 based on age. In add-on, employers who sack workers or deny them the same preparation chances as their co-workers on age evidences will interrupt the jurisprudence. Based on UK ‘s Office for National Statistics, the figure of older workers in UK employment rose by 8.8 % from March 2007 to March 2008.

In Singapore, there is non much issue on favoritism against the aged in footings of wellness attention because we have a cosmopolitan wellness attention system where both authorities and private sectors will supply intervention to patients irrespective of age.

Unlike Singapore, the aged in both America and UK are discriminated against when seeking wellness attention because wellness professionals refuse to run into the aged demands. When a individual reaches the age of 60, wellness services are based on a individual ‘s age and some have been denied attention as a consequence. Age favoritism is still practiced in all degrees of wellness attention but nil has been done to control this bias against older people. Older people feel like castawaies of society because attention is offered to immature people on a regular basis.

Another illustration of favoritism against the aged people faced in Singapore was that they were incapable of doing independent determinations such as having fiscal belongings, or populating independently due to their “ deteriorating intelligence ” . People see this as a negative attitude which is frequently translated into their ageist actions. However, research has shown that older people value their independency. They want to do their ain determinations and have entree to information in order for them to do the best picks in life.

There seems to be a tendency for the aged to populate on their ain, off from their kids. It is because some people feel that aged people is a load as they are frequently ill and dependent. Therefore, they will set them in the attention of health professionals in the aged places, believing that they have provided them the best in footings of basic demands. However, they are incorrect as they have imperceptibly discriminated against them by holding a perceptual experience that they are a load, decelerate, and dependant.

Uk? America?

Section 3- Why is it of import for us to speak about it?

Age favoritism has a negative consequence on both economic system and society. Discriminating age is harmful to a company because older people are full of experiences. By non engaging them, it will ensue in a large loss of expertness ; strip them of procuring a occupation and non tapping to the full on their parts to the society.

The consequence on the economic system is besides apparent in older workers consuming life nest eggs which were meant for retirement. Borrowing money from fiscal establishments and maxing out recognition cards may be the lone few solutions for some unemployed people to last.

Medical demands go unmet and the unemployed individual must seek aid via subsidies to pay for medicine. Depression besides rises when people become discouraged from the loss of a occupation, a place and a support.

It is of import to understand the importance of older people to society because the quality of life of older people can be improved when they are engaged in the society. Age favoritism acts as a barrier to their engagement in the community. Awareness of age favoritism is hence critical to get the better ofing it. As we are populating longer and healthier lives, it is indispensable that the endowments of older workers are non wasted. They should hold the chances to transport on working if they want to.

In fact, older workers are valuable. Some have mentioned that they are slow in geting new accomplishments. However, older workers perform good in a acquisition environment affecting more hands-on patterns, normally those which require customer-sales relationships e.g. booster.

The turning importance of services industry in Singapore will spread out its employment of older workers as the nature of work will be more dependent on soft accomplishments e.g. in service bringing. As a consequence, we should appreciate old age and understand that there is nil incorrect about turning old. We should non place old age with imagination of despondence. There is a demand to rethink on how we can care for the aged and combat this societal favoritism.

Ageist beliefs influence wellness attention suppliers ‘ professional preparation and service bringing, which in bend negatively affect older patients ‘ intervention and wellness results.

Section 4-Where can we get down to repair the job?

Discrimination against the aged creates inequality in Singapore ‘s society because older workers are frequently associated with lower skilled occupation and lower income due to their low instruction background. However, Singapore empathises on meritocracy where occupations should be given to employees who have the necessary accomplishments and experiences.

An article “ Age prejudice: Firms ‘ mentality alteration is cardinal ” besides states that “ the focal point should be on the existent job-related standards. This manner, older campaigners are given the chance to work and lend to the administration. ” Nevertheless, many houses still prefer to engage younger workers and money spent on them in footings on wellness attention and preparation jobs is besides minimum compared to older workers.

Recognizing the demand for older workers to stay employed, Singapore authorities has come up with assorted steps which include the extension of the retirement age to 62, decrease in the costs of using older workers, programmes to promote the older workers to work and accomplishments upgrading of older workers.

To cut down the cost of using older workers, the employer ‘s CPF part rate for older workers aged 55 and supra has decreased and employers can cut rewards of workers aged above 60 by up to 10 % . This is to promote employers to engage older workers.

Employers have besides moved off from the senior status pay system and turned to a performance-based pay system. An SHRI ( 2007 ) study revealed that merely 14 % of Singapore employers use a senior status pay system, while 61 % are offering a performance-based pay system. Therefore, this enables older workers to be hired because utilizing a senior status pay system in the yesteryear, rewards will increase with age. Thus, many houses are non willing to engage the older workers due to high costs.

In the workplace, employers are encouraged to use older workers and to occupation redesign. An illustration will be NTUC FairPrice where they hired older workers and assisted them in occupation upgrading and calling passages. Older workers can besides inscribe themselves in developing plans to upgrade their accomplishments and this ensures their employability. This is particularly so in an progressively cognition based Economy. For older workers, larning should non merely be seen as an advantage for employment but besides for self enrichment and fulfillment. Furthermore, the elevation of the retirement age to 62 besides enables older workers to procure occupations.

Employers have to rethink their attitudes towards using older workers and do the necessary accommodations e.g. alteration of work procedures to suit older workers. For illustration, in McDonalds, icons of beefburgers and french friess are printed on the hard currency registries to assist older workers cardinal in the right orders. However, their success still depends to a great extent on employers because it is of import that they change their attitudes so that they do non use employees on the evidences on age.

Recently, a “ tripartite ” commission ( dwelling of Singapore National Employers ‘ Federation, National Trades Union Congress and the Ministry of Manpower ) was set up. They have come up with a set of guidelines on Non- Discriminatory Job Advertisements to deter employers from following prejudiced standards ( such as race, faith, or age ) in their enlisting patterns. They should avoid qualifying age as a demand for employment. Public and private sector employers besides have to plight to follow with the non-discriminatory patterns. The execution of the guidelines was successful as there was a important bead in the per centum of newspaper advertizements qualifying prejudiced standards from 30 % in February to less than 1 % in April this twelvemonth.

In footings of wellness attention in states like America and UK, wellness system has to gain their attempts to bias against proper attention and wellness attention equality for older people and handle them every bit.

In decision, authorities policies and Torahs which were implemented can hold an impact in battling favoritism against the aged people. Most significantly, it is still the perceptual experience of one ‘s head that leads to positive/negative stereotypes about the aged people. As quoted by Ralph B. Perry,

‘Age should non hold its face lifted, but it should instead learn the universe to look up to

furrows as the etchings of experience and the steadfast line of character. ‘


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