Reviewing The Perspectives Of Homelessness In The Us Social Work Essay

Despite a figure of struggles on the root causes, figure and composing of stateless people in United States, homelessness is a acrimonious societal world and has far reaching deductions for the society. It impairs a important proportion of population, and besides affects those who come in contact with the homeless people. This paper reviews some of the widely held beliefs from academic research, tries to analyse them in sociological context and present some recommendations to contend with homelessness. A existent life illustration of an organisation is besides discussed in item.

Homelessness has been defined in empirical research in a figure of ways: from people without holding a lasting topographic point to populate, to the status where intermittent motion into and out of stateless state of affairs persists. Research besides takes into history the altering societal parametric quantities that define homelessness. But, no affair how it is defined, the fact remains that stateless population is large and diverse plenty in the United States, and normally comes from the of course or socially disadvantaged category of people i.e. people with physical disablements, mental unwellness, hapless wellness, addicted to alcoholism and condemnable histories. There exists a strong dissension over the chief ground of homelessness, with one extreme being the structural kineticss that lead to homelessness in the society and the other being the immediate and personal grounds of why people become stateless. Research suggests that it is a mix of both type of factors, including lodging market kineticss, lodging and public assistance policy, economic restructuring and the labour market, and personal disablements. ( Shlay & A ; Rossi, 1992 )

For an international comparing, following figures were reported in Journal of Social Issues: Homelessness in the United States ranked 2nd highest 6.2 % against 7.7 % in Europe, 2.4 % in Germany, 4 % in Italy and 3.4 % in Belgium. ( Toro et al, 2007 ) Harmonizing to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development ( 2007 ) , in the United States, it has been projected that young person may be the individual age group most vulnerable to going homeless. Problems cited with homeless young person bear similarities with those described above: they come from low income and disproportionately hapless or working category, disrupted households or individual parent families ; they frequently have a record of academic and societal behavioural jobs, and these jobs are farther traced back to their attending shortage upset or acquisition disablements, they have suffered from serious household struggle like step-parenting, sexual activity, gestation, sexual orientation, kid maltreatment and/or disregard. As a consequence of all of this, homeless young person have been found to be more aggressive in nature and behaviour. Besides psychological hazards, they are besides at a hazard of mental wellness jobs, including temper upsets, self-destruction efforts, and posttraumatic emphasis upset. High rates of substance usage upsets, including intoxicant maltreatment or dependance and drug maltreatment or dependance have besides been found in stateless young person. These issues at young person phase of a stateless individual culminate and we see the consequence that homeless individuals in the United States have high mortality rates. Although mortality rates vary from province to province and state to state, but this fact shows how serious the job of homelessness is and the attempt needed to eliminate it should be long term, consistent and strict. ( Hwang, 2000 )

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A Sociological Analysis

Given the above scholarly informations on homelessness, the really first thing we need to recognize is the fact that homelessness can non be isolated as an person ‘s job. It is woven into the civilization of the US, backed by political and economic policies and establishments and someway forced by the free market kineticss and system. The economic transmutation of the United States from an industrial towards a service economic system and the relentless diminution in authorities ‘s societal public assistance plans are the high degree grounds taking to widespread homelessness. Besides, the really fact that human nature seeks love and suffers from insecurities, we can safely reason that really few rational persons would intentionally take a life of homelessness, if they had other, better options available. That said, it follows that it ‘s a wider web of societal forces that lead to homelessness, and non an person ‘s pick or mistake.

We now come to what are the two attacks to sing societal jobs: Person Blame Approach in this context would propose that stateless people are stateless because they are hapless, mentally sick or handicapped, addicted, or otherwise a deprived set of multitudes. They are stateless because they are non ready to face the existent challenges of life, fight them and do it better ; they themselves are the cause of their homelessness. The phenomenon of cultural want in Person Blame Approach besides seconds the scholarly findings that homeless people have disturbed household backgrounds, and these disrupted household structures become a cause of their homelessness. They suffer because they are socially unfit, and this agony serves them right. However, if we stick to this logical thinking, we would be myopic and lose sight of how societal system and establishments affect the life of every household and every person. And because we have already argued that homelessness is an result of societal kineticss and non an person ‘s stand-alone job, we ‘ll analyse the job in the context of ‘System Blame Approach ‘ every bit good.

‘System Blame Approach ‘ can be best understood if we imagine a scenario where income distribution is just, lodging market low-cost, and societal public assistance system sufficient plenty to supply the deprived group of people adequate financess to afford a nice life, and governmental policies invariably being shaped as societal forepart of the state alterations. Once this happens, this non merely solves the job of homelessness but besides eradicates the other more personal causes like drug dependence, blowouts, disturbed household background etc. What should be kept in head is the fact that deficiency of money and nutrient prevarications at the bosom of a figure of societal jobs, and it is this want that leads to defeat which consequences into unhealthy household kineticss, kids running off from their houses, hapless individual female parents, drug dependence and a overplus of societal expletives etc. As for the handicapped people, if the society at big understands and headers with natural disablements, why would disenable people choose to populate a life they know is tough and non at all rosy?

Contending Homelessness?

From an person ‘s position, a reding series can be started in the local community where homeless people are provided with a platform to discourse their jobs which served as their grounds for go forthing places. Their counterparties ( parents, partner or kids ) can be contacted to look into if there are any opportunities of rapprochement. Once they are brought at a comfort degree, they can be counseled about how they could work out to do things better between them, by stating them how a life of homelessness will enfeeble them of their mental and physical energies.

Besides, runs can be started at schools and churches ‘ degree, where the significance and significance of household life, the really phenomenon that seems to be vanished from the societal forepart of the state reinstated. The thought of caring for fellow people, populating together and synergisms that result from coherency are discussed and fed into the encephalons of approaching coevalss.

At a national degree, nevertheless a more systematic attack has to be followed. A countrywide expansive survey should be conducted to acquire a thorough apprehension of the current province of stateless people: their age, gender, race, and income category wise composing. Once done, governmental economic policies ( that of income distribution, subsidies, societal security ) should be reviewed and reformulated to work for the advantage of income a societal category that suffers the most from homelessness. This does intend a long term skyline, but the fact that we have to cover with systems and systems are built, developed and amended over clip, suggests that a sustainable solution to homelessness would take a long clip to be implemented.

A existent life illustration.

Peoples ‘s City Mission is an organisation that provides basic necessities ( nutrient, shelter, and vesture ) to deprived and stateless people in the community. Based on the really thought of love for single and love for society as propagated by Jesus, the organisation has been in action for over a hundred old ages. The organisation trade with a figure of societal jobs and that is why I have chosen to advert this organisation. First, it deals with a wider scope of stateless people, from single assaulted adult females, to homeless households, work forces and young person. Not merely covering with peripheral job, the organisation stairss in front and provides twenty-four hours plans for supplying extra aid to people to assist them contend poorness and populate a life of ego sufficiency, provides complete medical intervention installation and rehabilitation plans for better mental wellness and contending chronic jobs of alcohol addiction and drug dependence. In add-on to all this, they serve community by administering basic necessities, in world they channel life ‘s basic demands from the flush section to the destitute section.

Following is a list of services provided by People ‘s City Mission:

Family shelter

Baseball clubs for developing encouragement, discipleship, evangelism, and family for young person

Homeless intercession service Centre for work forces

Day Watch – for people who want to remain for twenty-four hours clip merely

Centre for transitional life

Distribution Centre

Medical clinic

This manner, the organisation tries to mobilise society ‘s wealth and redistribute it, therefore covering with the root causes and seeking to transform the system that does non bring forth more stateless people, while at the same clip bettering conditions for those who do endure from the phenomenon.


Given the battalion of jobs that arise from the individual job of homelessness, we are faced with a complex societal phenomenon. The causes of homelessness are far from an person ‘s range and ability to contend, there is a societal web of causes and a concatenation reaction that follows. A expansive, long term planning is the desperate demand to contend this societal threat. Politicized policies should be reformed and household system reinstated, in order to reconstruct the societal peace of society. Undertaking this job in a sociological sense is necessary because the benefits will outweigh the costs. Once the societal and economic policies are made for the benefit of the whole society and non merely for the promotion of political ends, consequences will be a society where income distribution is just. Once such societal differences are removed, non merely the offense rates drop, but besides the rate of mental upsets and psychological jobs decreases. This leads to a society whose mental wellness is non withered away by social force per unit areas, instead groomed and fostered by establishments and chaps. This would non merely eradicate the job at manus – homelessness, but besides lead to larger benefits that come to a healthy society.


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