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What is the bell service department function in hotel? –The bell service staff is of critical importance to a hotel, as they are the first and the last people on the hotel’s staff that a customer interacts with. The bellman’s job is to greet customers, direct them to the check-in desk, carry the customers’ baggage to and from their cars, and educate guests on the contents and features of their hotel rooms. They also store guests’ luggage after they have checked out if they are not leaving immediately as well as arrange for local transportation when requested.

Depending on the size of the hotel or resort, additional duties may be assigned as needed. –The Bell Staff mainly controls guest luggage. They move the luggage to and from a room. They will also hold the luggage before and after a guest occupies a room so the guest doesn’t have to carry the luggage around if they arrive before their room is ready or check-out a few hours before they actually depart. –they were the one who assist the guest.. like carrying their bags or pushing the buttons of the elevator.. walk them to their room.. -A bell service staff is composed of bellmen, also known as bellhops, bellboys, valets or baggage porters. In larger hotels, a bell captain will oversee the bellmen. They are a part of the front desk or front office team along with the concierge, receptionist, front desk clerks, customer service representatives and others. History —Bellhops and bellboys were standard fixtures in American hotels in the early to mid-1900s. Today, bell service is usually reserved for upscale or high-end hotels and resorts that want to cater to their customers.

Formal education is less important in a bell service job then being organized, intelligent and physically capable, as a bellman can have a wide variety of duties and must be prepared to be a jack-of-all-trades. Types * Three job positions in addition to the bellman may be present in a bell service staff. If more than one bellman is on the staff, a bell captain is required to manage the team. A baggage porter gets the guests and their baggage to and from their rooms. Valets are responsible for parking and retrieving guests’ cars.

Benefits * According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage for a baggage porter or bellman is approximately $10 per hour. If they execute their jobs properly, bellmen also receive gratuities from satisfied guests, which drive their overall wages up and help make these jobs very popular. A bell captain is paid more than his team, but wages vary widely from hotel to hotel. Bell captains’ jobs generally experience low turnover, as they become fairly lucrative and high-paying over time. Trivia “Bellhop” was a name that was given because a bell was often used to summon the bellboy, and he was supposed to hop into action when he heard it. “Bellboy” came from the fact that these jobs were most often filled by young boys. They were sometimes also called “pages” if their job duties included paging guestsBell Captain-FRONT OFFICE DEPARTMENT JOB DESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT| Front Office| REPORTING TO| Chief Concierge| POSITION| Bell Captain| SUBORDINATE| Bellman| JOB LEVEL|  | REF NO. |  | RELATIONSHIPS: -Chief Concierge -All Front Office Personnel All Departments/Sections Heads -Hotel Guests -Outside Suppliers/Companies Related, such as Post Office, Newspaper Suppliers, etc. JOB SUMMARY: Supervise Bellman and Doorman daily performance to ensure the smooth and normal operation of the section and the implementation of all Bell Service tasks. Enhance all luggage are delivered/collected accurately, efficiently and on time. Maintain proper records of luggage, parcels or letters kept at Concierge for guests. Provide information as requested by guests or patrons. DUTIES RESPONSIBILITIES:

Responsible for all Bell Service activities such as luggage service upon guests’ check-in and check-out, luggage storage, message service, and information service and other related tasks. Extent assistance to guests and patrons alike. Conduct and assist in the proper training of all Bell Service staff. Supervise, check and record storage of guest luggage in the baggage storeroom on a daily basis and ensure that it is within the Luggage Storage guidelines. Supervise the daily posting and updating of the Events Board in the lobby in co-ordination with Catering and F;amp;B Office.

Monitor and help guests on the guest transportation bookings, especially promote hotel transportation to maximize transportation revenue. Help to arrange mail service, film development, or other duties requested by guests. Ensure the proper distribution of the daily newspapers to all in house guests, especially for VIPs and long staying guest. Ensure guests messages, faxes are passed to guests, or delivered to guest- room immediately and accurately. Responsible for obtaining update town information regarding places of interests in Shenzhen and other similar spots intended for tourists.

Provide information of customs and Immigration Regulations of Shenzhen in particular, as well as related forms for immigration at concierge desk. 12. Responsible for the daily roster under the jurisdiction. Perform other duties be assigned by the Front Office Manager, Assistant Manager or other concerned hotel officers. 14. Always concern energy and environment conservation issues in the daily work. 15. Perform all duties, other than the above as requested by hotel policies and/or his/her direct supervisor.


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