Romeo and Juliet Essay

In Veronan society. there are many dysfunctional and unstable relationships. The drama “Romeo and Juliet” written by William Shakespeare in the 1500’s is about immature love and the assorted relationships between households. friends. and love involvements. The drama exploits the complexness of a relationships and all the troubles that can happen between people who are close to each other emotionally. Romeo and Juliet demonstrates that traditions of Veronan society contribute to the ignorance and confusion that leads to tragedy in a relationship.

Juliet has legion issues within her household that cause her problem keeping a healthy relationship with them. In Verona. kids are non normally raised by their parents. but by a retainer or nurse hired by their parents to care for them. Therefore. Juliet doesn’t really know her parents really good. and they don’t know her. When Juliet begins to move more independently and do her ain picks. her male parent is disquieted that she is withstanding him and no longer moving under his regulation. “Wife. we scarce thought us blest

That God had lent us but this lone kid ;
But now I see this one is one excessively much.
And that we have a expletive in holding her.
Out on her. hilding! ” ( 3. 5. 165 )

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This quotation mark comes from Capulet. demoing his rage and choler with his girl Juliet when she refuses to get married immature Paris. the adult male her male parent promised her excessively. If Capulet had a closer relationship with his girl he would cognize that she didn’t want to get married Paris. but due to tradition and the forms of veronan society he is obligated to happen his girl a hubby.

Juliet was non raised by her parents. but by a nurse who works for her household. Juliet has a really meaningful and emotional connexion with the nurse. She is much closer to the her than she is to either of her parents. Therefore when Juliet gets married to Romeo in secret. the nurse is the lone one she tells about the relationship. “Hie you to church ; I must another manner.

To bring a ladder. by the which your love
Must mount a bird’s nest shortly when it is dark.
I am the hack and labor in your delectation. ” ( 2. 5. 72 )

The nurse is happy for Juliet and her relationship with Romeo. She wants to assist them to keep the relationship in secret. and does so legion ways. She fetches a ladder so Romeo can mount up the balcony. “I’ll find Romeo/ To soothe you ; I wot good where he is. ” ( 3. 2. 138 ) . She besides comforts Juliet and promises to happen Romeo so she can see him when he gets banished. This type of relationship between kids and nurses is typical in the life style they live in. it is tradition.

Juliet and Romeo’s relationship is another good illustration of the agony that tradition can do two people who aren’t familiar with one and other. Romeo and Juliet autumn in love and practically acquire married every bit shortly as they meet. without acquiring to cognize each other foremost. Despite that. Juliet is non permitted to take her ain spouse. Veronan traditions dictate that her male parent is the 1 who has the concluding say in who she is to get married and when and where the nuptials is to take topographic point. This tradition demonstrates why so many relationships in Verona terminal in calamity and suffering. “The Sun. for sorrow. will non demo his caput.

Travel hence to hold The forced ways of Veronan society cause Romeo and Juliet to hold to conceal the love they have for each other. therefore doing them both to stop up dead. The traditions in Verona cause merely every bit much discord and hurting as they do order and peace.

The feud that is century’s old still lingerers between the Capulets and Montagues. The drama ne’er explains the feud or the ground for the competition between the households. “Two families. both likewise in self-respect.

In just Verona. where we lay our scene.
From ancient score interruption to new mutiny.
where civil blood makes civil custodies dirty. ” ( Prologue )

Once once more. it is purely tradition that can non be broken. The feud has been passed down through the households for ages to the point where both sides no longer cognize what they are upset over. The unhealthy relationship between the two households causes heartache and hurting in the metropolis of Verona. “The fearful transition of their death-mark’d love. / And the continuation of their parents’ fury. ” If the households made up. Romeo and Juliet ne’er would hold died. The Capulet – Montague household feud is the cause of the largest calamity in the drama.

The metropolis of Verona is based around tradition. From the manner kids are raised. to the manner they get married ; regulations and ordinances are put in topographic point. These ways are the ground so much calamity takes topographic point in Verona. The ignorance and confusion nowadays in so many state of affairss and relationships is the cause. Romeo and Juliet were murdered by Veronan society. All the forced traditions caused the immature adolescents to kill themselves in the name of love. and destroyed so many other meaningful relationships.


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