Rose Petal

Product Profile Rose Petal tissues is a specially designed product by Packages Ltd which is very useful in daily life. Rose Petal has direct as well as indirect competitors. In direct competitors; Moveeta, Fay, Flying and Jasmine are included. The companies producing towels, napkins and handkerchiefs are the indirect competitors of Rose Petal tissues. Rose Petal has monopoly in the tissue market as it is capturing almost 85% of the market share. Marketing Mix Strategies of Rose Petal: Product features:

The core benefit of this product is to solve hygienic and cleanliness issues by providing a disposable product. They are in multi colors and are of different sizes (small pocket tissues, large & medium toilet rolls, family and party tissues). It is a consumer as well as a convenience product. As far as product design & style is concerned there are 3 to 4 different styles and designs of Rose Petal tissues. According to the occasions, company change its style. Rose Petal has new tissue range under the same brand name and same nature of product i. . tissues like Perfumed,Supreme, Popup, Rumaal etc. Pricing Strategies: Rose Petal tissues, a special designed product, is very useful in daily life. Packages Ltd provided various ranges of tissues under Rose Petal with different prices i. e. from Rs. 10 to Rs. 500 and every range has its own target market. This product is comparatively high prices to its competitors, because of pioneer and market leader of this industry. Distribution Strategies: In case of Rose Petal, the distribution is very important because of its aggressive demand in the market.

This is the reason why Rose Petal is available in huge stores as well as small retail stores. They are using the Wholesalers channel. For the business Clients, Rose Petal is using direct marketing channel and for the consumer marketing, the company is using indirect marketing channel where it has added intermediary parties like wholesaler retailer. Promotional Strategies: Promotional campaigns of Rose Petal tissues are very strong since its launch in 1982. Advertisement on Television, Billboards, Magazines, Newspapers, Radio and on stops and buses are very impressive and attractive.

Rose Petal promotional campaign and conducting of various health seminars is designed according to the Target customers. Whatever the promotional campaigns are introduced by the company for this product is seen always successful. Conclusion: After reviewing the marketing mix strategies of Rose petal, it is concluded that Packeges Ltd is offering right solution for the cleanliness issues of the consumers at very affordable price to every class and available at the every nearest place. Customers are really attracted to the product because of its intense promotional campaigns.


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