Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph was the foster dad of Jesus which made him a saint but he was also know as Joseph of the House of David, Joseph the Betrothed, and Joseph the Worker is known from the New Testament. He was born in Bethlehem in the first century of BC. He settled in Nazareth and lived to be 111 before he died in Nazareth on July 20, AD 18. He was a hard-working carpenter with not a lot of money. Even though according to Christian tradition he was not the biological father of Jesus, he acted as his foster-father and as head of the Holy Family, and Jesus during his public life, was referred to as the son of Joseph.

Joseph is venerated as a saint within the Roman Catholic, Eastern Catholic, Coptic Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, and Anglican Churches. St. Joseph was never formally canonized, as the canonization process was not developed until centuries after his death. Like most early saints, he was venerated and declared a saint by popular consensus among Christians, a decision that would have been ratified and encouraged by local and later general Church leaders.

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His main reason for becoming a saint was because he was the “father” of Jesus. I chose this Saint Joseph as my saint because I believe he is a true role model and was very generous and kind. These attributes make him the perfect choice, for these traits are fruits of the Holy Spirit, along with knowledge, wisdom, and patience. His Feast day is March 21. Joseph is the unofficial patron against doubt and hesitation, as well as the patron saint of fighting communism, and of a happy death.


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