Same Artist, Different Pictures Essay

The manner creative persons can look at a scene in many different visible radiations is really similar to what Earle Birney did when he wrote “January Morning/Downtown Vancouver” and “Vancouver Lights” . An creative person can paint a image of a given scene and so come back and paint a wholly different picture of the same topic. The two verse forms portion similarities but where the description of “January Morning/Downtown Vancouver” ends. the subject for “Vancouver Lights” begins. The two verse forms based on the same scene create wholly different thoughts in the readers mind.

Obviously. Birney’s poems both contain really powerful descriptions. but the two descriptions have different effects on the reader. “January Morning/Downtown Vancouver” attractively describes precisely the rubric of the verse form. However. the verse form losing meat or substance. does non necessitate the reader to analyse it in any manner. In contrast. the first paragraph of “Vancouver Lights” is besides a description. but this lone sets the tone and allows the reader to acquire a feeling of the poems hereafter. For illustration. when Birney says. “to expression on this comforter of lamp is a distressing delight” ( Earle Birney. “January Morning/Downtown Vancouver ) implies a concealed significance where as. “The streets wait outside / chained to their hydrants” ( Earle Birney. Vancouver Lights ) merely describes. Although the verse forms are written about the same metropolis. the descriptions Birney writes differ and connote different significances.

Similarities in the two verse forms are difficult to happen because they both have different dockets. The immediate apprehension of “January Morning/Downtown Vancouver” wholly contrasts the intense idea procedure required to to the full understand “Vancouver lights” . Birneys wants the reader to believe about mankind’s insignificance and that world can make and destruct itself in “Vancouver Lights” where as “January Morning/Downtown Vancouver” needs small analyses. hence pull outing the subject appears hard because of its simpleness.

When Birney writes. “These Rays were ours / we made and undo them Not the frisson of continents / doused us the moon’s passion nor the clang of comets” ( Earle Birney. Vancouver Lights ) he acknowledges the fact that world are Godheads and destroyers. but in “January Morning/Downtown Vancouver” the reader can non happen a phrase that has a deeper significance. Besides. “Vancouver Lights” has legion mentions to ancient symbols such as: Phoebus. Nubian. Prometheus. Nebulae and Aldebaran. This puts “Vancouver Lights” on a different degree from “January Morning/Downtown Vancouver” because it requires the reader to hold some pre-conceived cognition to understand the subject and significance of the verse form. The simpleness in “January Morning/Downtown Vancouver” and complexness of “Vancouver Lights” makes similarities of the two hard to bring out. yet the reader can see a direct nexus between the two because of the scene.

These two verse forms paint wholly contrasting images because “January Morning/Downtown Vancouver” merely describes while ” Vancouver Lights” requires old cognition and in-depth thought to unlock the subject. The simpleness of “January Morning/Downtown Vancouver” creates elaborate images but Birney leaves little to the readers’ imaginativeness. On the other manus. “Vancouver Lights” about the same scene. forces the reader to believe and detect the subject on their ain. Like an creative person can paint different images of the same topic. Birney accomplishes this in his verse form. “January Morning/Downtown Vancouver” and “Vancouver Lights”


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