“Scene where rebbeca confronts Mrs Danvers”

As I begin my essay I will firstly focus on how we get to a scene in the movie Rebecca. The movie begins with a young girl marrying a man called, Maximillian de Winter. They go to his house and the girl hears about the lifestyle of the house. She then persuades max to hold a party. Mrs Danvers the housekeeper encourages the girl to be dressed in an outfit of Max’s ancestors. The girl presents herself to max and he is furious at her. She runs upstairs weeping and discovers Rebecca wore the dress at a previous ball.

The scene opens with a medium shot of the girl and she is looking at the picture of Rebecca wearing the identical costume. She is in confusion to why Mrs Danvers hates her. The camera shot then changes to a long shot of Mrs Danvers walking into Rebecca’s bedroom. Mrs Danvers doesn’t look at the girl but from her body language she makes the girl want to follow her into the room. Mrs Danvers figure shows up a really well in this shot because she is in a dress and the walls outside the room are white.

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Hitchcock uses has a close up shot of the girl and this helps us see the girl’s emotions clearly. The girl wants to confront Mrs Danvers to reveal why Danvers is teasing her. Eerie music makes it breathtaking. The girl then walks in the direction of Rebecca’s bedroom and her hat falls off while travelling up the set of steps. This may have been chosen by Hitchcock, because he wanted a stimulating scene when she confronts Mrs Danvers, and if she was wearing a hat it would look silly. Also there wouldn’t be good enough close ups of the girl.

The Girl then walks into Rebecca’s old bedroom, and sees Mrs Danvers minding her own business rearranging flowers. The girl is furious and you can see this in her expressions immediately. There is now a two shot, and again Mrs Danvers shows up with the white bedroom. Eerie music comes to a halt and this helps to build up tension. Mrs Danvers is very stern and doesn’t shift or show any reaction towards the girl at all. The girl runs to Mrs Danvers to confront her and her voice is loud and furious. But Mrs Danvers looks like she has done nothing in the wrong. The Music now calms to add into the effect. The camera then focuses on both characters for a few seconds at a time. The music doesn’t change and is still in a calm form.

They both begin disagreeing and from the girl’s movement we can simply see that she is angry with Mrs Danvers. Although Mrs Danvers still doesn’t move and just stands there as if she were not there. Mrs Danvers then reacts to the girl and walks towards her. Her eyes are really focused on the girl and she looks like she is losing her mind. Rebecca is now really scared and is weeping a lot. The camera then changes to a medium shot. Mrs Danvers is threatening the girl now. We can only see the girl’s face but we can hear Mrs Danvers creepy voice in the background. The camera changes again to a long shot and we can see Mrs Danvers standing over the girls shoulder and this is a better way of intimidating her and making her more worried.

The girl is trapped and runs to a wall to lean on for support. Now Mrs Danvers is almost her shadow standing over her. Her voice is on the same level tone and carries on and we focus on Danvers because it is her voice. Then there is an extreme close up of Danvers and we focus more on her face. Her eyes look really cold and she also looks lost because she doesn’t want anyone replacing Rebecca. Mrs Danvers stands next to the girl and tells the girl all her feelings and thoughts about Rebecca and the girl can’t take it and falls on the bed for safety. Mrs Danvers has a thought of opening the windows and you can it in her eyes. Eerie music is playing which also adds to the effect of Mrs Danvers scary face.

Mrs Danvers pulls open the curtains with lots of power and force and the camera the changes to a medium shot. She tells the girl she needs some air, but she really wants the girl to jump out of the window. At this point the tone of Mrs Danvers changes and there is lots of persuasion in her voice. Mrs Danvers finally persuades the girl to walk towards the window. The girl grabs onto the curtain for help. The music is staying on the same note.

Mrs Danvers is telling the girl to leave, but there is a part of her which is forcing the girl to jump. There is now an extreme close up which helps us see the girl’s emotions really well. While next to, Mrs Danvers whispers suggestive words for the girl to jump. There is dreamy music and it makes you think that the girl is in a dream and Mrs Danvers is hypnotising her to jump. The Music comes together with the repeating of “why don’t you?” and then a view of the sea.

Mrs Danvers is now closer to the girl and her eyes tell us that she thinks she has won. The girl is now leaning forward more and leaning outside the windowsill. A big explosion then snaps the girl out of her hypnotic dream. She then cries for help to her husband max who is running about outside and realises she shouldn’t be letting Danvers succeed. She runs off and Mrs Danvers head movement shows she has lost and looks disappointed and lonesome. The scene finishes with a close up of the hysterical Mrs Danvers.


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