Scientific Method

Describe geographic evidence collected in the last part of the 20th century to support the theory of continental drift. Why do scientists today accept the movement of continents but did not accept this theory back in Wegner’s time? Scientist didn’t approve of Wegner’s theory back in his time because he wasn’t a scientist. He went off of his own thoughts with no evidence. He had no experience in geology. But later in 1930 Wegner’s would pass away before the decision on his theory was not approve by geologist. Therefore after decades the theory would disappear into obscurity. Somehow later in the 1960’s the theory that called plate tectonics.

So as of today there are no problems to Wegner’s ideas and thoughts. It is told that Wegner’s theory is the foundation upon which all modern Earth science is based. What made it so bad that some actually believe in their mind that there was some truth to his theory because they was afraid to come forward with their own career which then put theirs in danger. But after Wegner’s death scientist look more into his theory and realize that his theory showed remarked approaching. Now that everything in Wegner’s theory has/is happening today they don’t too much of choice to accept.

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The fact that Wegner’s couldn’t explain his theory and wasn’t a geologist is what made it so difficult but after death in November of 1930 his theory take off. Seem like everything in his theory started making truth. Describe the process of the scientific method and theory development. Scientific method is a way that people can find out answers to question. Therefore scientific method has step to getting the answer to question. The steps are purpose meaning what is the problem, hypothesis is the if and then, materials are the things you is the procedure, meaning putting everything you need to do for the experiment.

You also need some result, it need to be told what happen. Finally a conclusion on what the result mean. The conclusion doesn’t have to be nothing long. For an example I take a pain pill, my back pain went away. How does the scientific method help us understand the natural world? •Describe how plate tectonics provides the mechanism for continental drift. •How do plate tectonics explain the process of continental drift? How do plate tectonics explain natural landforms like the Himalayas and the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean?


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