Self – Assessment of Personality Essay

Id. Ego. Superego three degrees of deepness a individual has to cognize in order to find one’s situatedness and existence. In order to cognize better and to measure one’s ego or to cognize who you truly are. I believe that it should get down from cognizing the three you within one individual organic structure. With Sigmund Freud’s theory I can associate much for there are times that I could non understand myself. Specially at times when I am entirely. I keep speaking about and believing about something. so subsequently those things would disappear and I’ll be back with world possibly.

I truly believe that we people are alternately altering our deepnesss at a clip. there are times when our Id prevails and we merely don’t know the exact when and where and how we get off from it. I experience it batch. Our Ego our prevailing province of head the province wherein we think we ever are. It is the province wherein we bring back ourselves from our imaginativenesss and aspirations. Superego. our cryptic personality wherein. I sometimes become person I could ne’er hold thought I could be in the existent scene but I unconsciously wanted to go person like that impossible me.

A human being is truly that cryptic and excessively enigmatic because I know my physical actions for Ego bounds me. but others do non cognize my other ideas every bit much as I do non cognize what they excessively are believing. That is why to forestall our ego to be corrected and to be wronged by anybody else we commit these assorted ways of defence mechanisms and these ways are truly common to us all and sometimes we are making it but make non acknowledge to making it because we want to allow the people know that we are non that easy to acquire and that we righteous at all times because we are disdainful in nature no affair how we deny it.

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Establishing on the rules and theories of Carl Jung I can state that I can myself as an Extravert individual and more specifically a extrovert feeling type of individual. That is because I am the individual that it outward and directed to the universe outside me. I enjoy human interactions and I am enthusiastic. chatty. self-asserting and expressive. Taking pleasance in activities that involve big societal assemblages. such as parties. community activities. public presentations. and concern or political groups are my type.

I want to pass more clip with people I know and comfy being with them. moreover I feel energized when interacting with big group of people and experience a lessening of energy when left entirely. Nonetheless I am sociable. sentimental. seeks personal and societal success that is why I can state that I am a feeling type of extrovert specifically. I besides admit of possessing those sort of unconscious corporate. like Persona. Shadow. being excited with my Animus-destiny and of class I am trusting to happen the right 1 in the right clip someday.

With I could deduce that in order to incorporate aid ourselves survive from the extremes of each of our life stages we have to use the moderateness rule like in Buddhism. We need to recognize that everything has its ain antonym as said in every action. there is an equal and opposite reaction. However. Erikson wants us to recognize that in life there is no such thing as flawlessness and that we can non achieve all good things and all bad things we have to be oriented of this action. reaction rule.

In order to make this. you have to see some possible results. and that everything will come our manner because life comes in surprises. To be able to be able to get by with the different struggles in each life phase we should larn to encompass the two opposing possibilities. Like in exams although I have studied I can non guarantee myself that I would go through the trial that is why in order to non be shattered and disappointed with the consequences of any scrutiny. we must necessitate to anticipate the unexpected and think of the worst that would go on. In that manner we could set and go on life. It is merely a affair of doing struggles meet and when they do so. those struggles will go an accomplishment in one’s life.

Adler’s rule is on Superiority and Inferiority complex. and about the four types of people. Besides besides of the construct on Fictional Finalism- being the perfect ego you can be. Each individual is endeavoring hard in order to achieve the domination position of their lives. Hoping that clip will come that everyone would look up on you and that you will go the maestro of all things. going good in all facets of life and all.

Having the most cherished and expensive things in the whole broad universe ; desiring to do other people experience the adversities you have undergone before you reach where you are now. With Alfred’s four types of people I categorize myself as belonging to the Socially Useful type of individual. because I value holding control over others lives and strive to make good things for the interest of society. I like the feeling of taking attention of others see them turn and follow my stairss or possibly transcend my accomplishments. it is merely that overpowering.

Maslow’s theory of personality is based on Humanistic Psychology. It aims to analyze what is truly right with people. instead than merely what is incorrect with them. Knowing more on the potencies of an person instead than size uping their incapablenesss. The construct shows that worlds reach for a high-level of capablenesss in our possible and comfy manner. we have our penchants for we are alone and we must be respected for our ain discretion. Furthermore. Worlds look for the frontiers of creativeness. the highest ranges of consciousness and wisdom.

Besides worlds are labeled as “fully working person” . “healthy personality” . or as Maslow calls this degree. “self-actualizing individual. ” These self-actualizers are of turn toing the demands of a human individual. specifically our psychological demands. safety. belonging. self-pride and the terminal self-actualization. It is in simplifying our life there we could achieve the highest extremum of our different callings. which is towards Self-Actualization and it could merely be done if we focus on one thing at a clip.

Worlds as we are we strive difficult plenty even stoping up forcing ourselves to our bounds. We want to be the One. to achieve flawlessness at any facet and to delight everyone in the community. This end of achieving flawlessness is non merely influenced by our ain feelings most frequently we are put in this sort of state of affairs by the people in our community. For they have expected you to be ever on top and that all your actions are unflawed and if you do non maintain up to their criterions you will be considered an castaway from the society. you will go the topic for all the eyes. the negotiations and the gags.

In order to be able to get by with them you are seeking every bit much as you can sometimes you even go paranoid and moonstruck. Rogers merely explains that people in the society are the people that prevents us from demoing our existent ego and that is why we have this cover-up when you are outside- the thing you call as your Ideal Self. doing each person sometimes bury who they truly are from their screen up ego. In that manner. we sometimes mix up our ego with the sham and the true ego we are.

Making us more inclined with demoing our mask alternatively of our true kernel. Albert’s Social- Cognitive Learning Theory explains why presents many kids are making some mature materials and those Acts of the Apostless that they are non suppose to make at their age but they are now making. it is because as it is said what you see is what you get. Example when a kid is exposed to a chancing community it is possibly a resulting effect that the kid would turn up as a gambler.

It is like what you are fed with. it is what you do and follow. Children in nature are observant plenty. what gets their attending. likely result- the images will be stuck in their heads and they have keeping with that affair. Following in line will be application or reproduction of that certain act and most likely if wagess or anything that would animate them is lucifer with that title or affair the kid would likely make those sorts of things.

That is why I can state that what you are as a kid reflections the current You. What you knew. observed. and absorbed as a small kid would likely the cause of your current actions. you are making now. for how you are as a kid is how you will go when you grow up.

Each one of us are shaped and are continuing some assorted traits we are taught when we were immature that we have brought now that we are matured. Peoples say that I am a individual that ever leads and is ever cheerful and happy. On the deeper side. I feel being load when I lead sometimes and that non every flash of my smiling expresses that I am being happy. possibly I am merely to angry that I could non make anything but laugh on it. That I think is my central trait as a individual. My cardinal traits should be that I am seeking to pleasant at all costs and seeking to be calm at all times non for my ain interest but for the people around me. Last. secondary traits is that my being easy pissed off and being excessively Moody. I ever show those traits when something is incorrect with my tonss in category or if I do non acquire what I want.

Therefore traits of each and single alterations through clip and nil in changeless. we could all have a alteration of traits every bit good as we have our alteration of Black Marias everytime we fall and by the clip that we rise once more. Traits of ours our sometimes our defence mechanism in order non to stop up with holding breakdown in our letdowns and tests. we must merely pull off ourselves decently in order to hold a much better manner of get bying up mechanism when things go incorrect.


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