Service Users In The Provision Of Services Social Work Essay

This assignment will research the extent to which my arrangement bureau involves service users in the proviso of services. I shall get down by supplying a brief description of the bureau scene, its remit and the ‘service user position ‘ as this will find the relevant service user policy paperss. This assignment will demo my apprehension of Government policy on service user engagement peculiarly in relation to my service user group. I will pull on relevant research and rating stuff both locally and nationally. I will besides see whether any ‘pressure ‘ groups have expressed positions about service user engagement in service proviso. This will take me on to discourse how my bureau responded to national and local counsel on service user engagement, doing mention to bureau policy/procedure paperss and besides to pattern illustrations of ‘good ‘ or ‘bad ‘ pattern. Finally, I shall see if there are any spreads and suggest ways in which the bureau may develop their service user engagement.

My arrangement bureau is in the voluntary sector. It is a prima national charity driven by the belief that every kid deserves a good childhood. The bureau works with immature people, between the ages of 9-16 old ages, who abscond from their place or attention place. The bureau besides has a mentoring strategy whereby kids are allocated a wise man to assist decide their issues. When a immature individual is losing, a referral is sent to the bureau from the attention place, vulnerable constabulary officer or the societal worker. A undertaking worker so arranges to see the immature individual and discourse the fortunes and events that led them to run off and what happened when they did so. The undertaking worker besides explores the dangers of running off and how the service users can protect themself if they were to run off once more. The undertaking worker will work aboard many other bureaus such as societal workers, constabularies, schools, mental wellness bureaus, sexual development bureaus and more.

There are a figure of policy paperss associating to kids and immature people. Among the first policies to present the engagement of kids in the proviso of services was the Children Act. Thomas ( 2000 ) ( citied in SCIE usher 11, 2006, p.9 ) suggests that the 1989 Children Act “ opened the manner for rules to get down to be established that gave kids an increasing influence on the result of determination devising ” . The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child ( UNCRC ) , approved by the UK authorities in 1991, was the first piece of international statute law to admit that “ kids are topics of rights instead than simply receivers of protection ” ( Lansdown, 2001 ) ( citied in SCIE usher 11, 2006, p.9 ) . “ Article 12 of the Convention provinces that kids and immature people have the right to show their positions freely in all countries that they are involved in and that these positions should be listened to ” ( SCIE guide 11, ( 2006 ) , p.9 ) . The UNCRC has encouraged services to listen to kids and immature people aswell as protecting them. Effective pattern “ requires working with kids and immature people instead than for them, understanding that geting duty for person does non intend taking duty off from them ” ( Kirby et al, 2003 ) ( citied in SCIE usher 11, 2006, p.11 ) . Project workers from my bureau would inform the kids and immature people of their rights, I was advised by a co-worker that it can be utile to hold literature sing the ‘Rights of the Child ‘ in manus and to give it to serve users if need be.

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“ Subsequent statute law in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has reiterated the UNCRC ‘s committedness to kids and immature people ‘s engagement. The Care Standards Act 2000 identifies the importance of their engagement and that information about services should be made available to kids and immature people in a assortment of accessible formats. Besides, statute law modulating societal attention processs identifies the engagement of kids and immature people as a cardinal precedence ” ( SCIE guide 11 ( 2006 ) , p.10 ) . Social attention processs such as go toing kid protection conferences, attended looked after kids reappraisals and carry oning appraisals were all portion of my bureau ‘s engagement with their service users and they all involved the service user in the proviso of services. When carry oning appraisals, the immature individual might be asked what countries they would wish to have aid on and at child protection conferences ; the safety and public assistance of the kid or immature individual is paramount. Key professionals work together, taking into consideration the positions and sentiments of the kid and the parents when doing a determination.

There is farther committedness across the UK to affect kids and immature people in the proviso of services. “ In England, the Children and Young People ‘s Unit produced nucleus rules for the engagement of kids and immature people and each authorities section was encouraged to develop its ain program to affect kids and immature people ” ( SCIE guide 11 ( 2006 ) , p.10 ) . “ In England, the Children ‘s Fund, Sure Start and Connexions initiatives all echo this sentiment, necessitating services to show how they have included the positions of kids and immature people in their development and bringing ” ( SCIE guide 11 ( 2006 ) , p.10 ) .

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation published a study in 2006 titled, ‘Making User Involvement Work: Supporting Service User Networking and Knowledge ‘ by Branfield. F, and Beresford, P. This study provides an in-depth scrutiny of two cardinal constituents for effectual user engagement in wellness and societal attention proviso. The first cardinal constituent is service users being able to acquire together to work jointly for alteration and common support and the 2nd constituent is the importance of service users doing known their ain experience and positions. The study was undertaken utilizing single interviews and group treatments, 126 diverse service users took portion in different parts of the state. Many immature people we worked with in my bureau had the chance to do their thoughts and experiences known. One peculiar immature individual I worked with was invited as a invitee talker in a group treatment affecting service users ; the person was delighted that she was given a opportunity to portion her experiences with similar immature people who had similar life experiences. Another service user whom a chap undertaking worker was involved with was given the chance to portion her experiences with a intelligence newsman and it was to be broadcasted on the local intelligence programme. My arrangement bureau has compiled the first UK study to concentrate specifically on the experiences kids and immature people had when forced to go forth place ( Rees. G and Siakeu. J, ( 2004 ) , Thrown off: the experiences of kids forced to go forth place ) .

Some of the immature people referred to the bureau are known to hold mental wellness jobs ; the bureau enforces the engagement of these immature people in the proviso of services. ‘CAMHS ‘ in Birmingham provides services to those who are sing mental wellness troubles. This service ensures that the people who use the service are at the bosom of all service development and bringing. ‘CAMHS ‘ holds regular service user meetings and it is the service users who sit in the Governance Committees. This service besides pays an hourly rate to its service users and all travel disbursals are paid.

In my arrangement bureau, there were many chances for kids and immature people to take an active portion in the services they use. My bureau believed that kids and immature people had the right to be involved in the determinations impacting them. Their engagement, aswell as service user feedback was indispensable to better services and to react efficaciously to their demands. Engagement can mention to the chance of kids and immature people to show themselves on determinations impacting them. My arrangement bureau involved kids and immature people in ‘individual ‘ determinations. A immature individual I worked with was excluded from school and I took it on board to happen the immature individual another school – affecting the immature individual in the determination devising procedure. Service users were besides involved in ‘public ‘ determination devising, for case, one specific service user was asked to portion her experiences with a journalist and a camera crew, and this allowed her to experience involved in developing services.

When sing a residential attention place for kids, I noticed that kids and immature people participated on their ain footings and without an grownup doing the determinations for them. For illustration, in footings of determinations about what they do, where they go and when they go. However, on the other manus, this can be a signifier of bad pattern. Many of the attention places I visited were worried that kids and immature people would be out all dark, non cognizing where they were and if they were safe. When I asked staff at the attention places why they would let the immature individual to merely walk consecutive past them and out of the attention place tardily at dark, they replied that there is nil they can make about it and if they did seek to physically halt them, they may lose their occupation because “ the jurisprudence does n’t let it ” . Possibly there is a demand for force per unit area groups to seek and actively act upon this piece of statute law ; this might cut down the figure of kids bolting from attention places.

The Youth Strategy Executive Group is a force per unit area group that was established to supply immature people with echt chances to act upon, instead than merely be consulted. The group meets councilors around five times a twelvemonth and regularly meets on its ain to discourse council concern. The group high spots issues with the council and carries our research. There have been alterations and betterments as a consequence of kids and immature people ‘s engagement. The group has identified which services are debatable for immature people and produced a ‘measurements of success ‘ development program with the councils that sets out an action program for services. The biggest alteration as a consequence of this force per unit area group is that immature people now have their say, before ; immature people were overlooked and did non hold an chance to hold their say.

‘A National Voice ‘ ( ANV ) is another force per unit area group that is run for and by immature people who have been in attention. ANV ‘s ends are to guarantee immature people in attention have a say in all determinations affecting them and to inform and act upon cardinal and local authorities determinations about the attention system in England. There are many web sites that are specifically run for and by immature people and kids. The British Youth Council ( ) is an illustration of an organisation/website tally for and by kids and immature people to stand for their positions to determination shapers and to advance youth engagement. is a kids ‘s rights-based group run by and for kids and immature people. There is besides a web based newspaper,, which has given the chance for immature people between the ages of 8-19 to research and write narratives on issues that are of import to them for publication in national and local newspapers, magazines, telecasting and wireless.

‘Every Child Matters ‘ ( DCFS, 2003 ) is a green paper that was launched in 2003. This counsel “ emphasised the authorities ‘s committedness to affect kids and immature people in planning, presenting and reexamining policies and services that affect them ” ( SCIE guide 11, ( 2006 ) p.10 ) . The Government ‘s purpose is for every kid to hold the support they need to do a positive part. This means that kids and immature people will hold far more to state about issues that affect them as persons and jointly. This counsel informs every local authorization to work with its spouses to happen out what works best for kid. To make this they “ need to affect kids and immature people in this procedure, and when the inspectors assess how local countries are making, they listen particularly to the positions of kids and immature people themselves ” ( DCSF, ( 2003a ) . The first Children ‘s Commissioner for England was appointed in 2005 to give kids and immature people a voice in authorities and in public life. It is the function of the Commissioner to pay peculiar attending to the positions of vulnerable kids and immature people and to set them frontward. ‘Working Together: Listening to the voices of kids and immature people ‘ is an updated version of the Working Together counsel which was published in 2008. “ This counsel promotes the engagement of kids and immature people in determination devising in school, local authorization and related scenes and provides advice on the rules and pattern that support such engagement ” ( DCSF Working Together, ( 2008 ) , p.3 ) . My arrangement bureau responded to these counsel paperss by leting staff to read the counsel and hold entree to it. The squad director arranged a squad meeting concentrating chiefly on these paperss and how we as an bureau in the voluntary sector should adhere to these guidelines. Since the debut of these ushers, my arrangement bureau has produced a study entitled ‘When will we be heard? ‘ This study researches the failure of wellness and societal attention services in respects to disenable kids and immature people holding the chance to show their ain positions or have been ignored when they have done so. The study suggests that failure to listen to kids ‘s positions can hold existent deductions for the lives of kids and immature people.

Overall, I believe that my arrangement bureau involved kids and immature people in the proviso of services really good. The bureau followed guidelines and ensured that all undertaking workers used a client centred attack in which kids and immature people were involved in any determinations that may impact them. From my arrangement, I learnt that it is the people who use the services who are the true experts on how services should be developed and delivered. I feel that it was the kids and immature people who knew precisely what they need, what worked good with them and how the bureau can better. I think my arrangement bureau can develop service user involvement by guaranting that undertaking workers offer the service users a feedback sheet to finish ; this will let kids and immature people to go involved in services that affect them. Making certain that the voices of service users are heard will guarantee that they are able to hold a echt influence on the support they receive, which leads to greater effectivity within the service itself. Another manner in which the bureau can develop its service user engagement is to affect kids and immature people in every facet of the bureau ‘s undertaking and at all degrees – planning, bringing and rating. It might even be good if the kids and immature people help enroll and interview staff as this will intend that the staff have been approved by the service users, so it is likely that the service users will work efficaciously and positively with the staff. In return, the kids and immature people can be awarded with verifiers for their parts.

Inviting service users into the office for group treatments can besides hold its advantages. Discussions with service users in group meetings can heighten the manner kids and immature people feel involved, this will give them the chance to vent any defeat, congratulations or critic any undertaking workers or do any other remarks. Evaluation signifiers can besides be used at the terminal of the group meetings to organize activities for future 1s. However, it can be prejudiced for staff if a service user was to do a negative remark about a undertaking worker in the presence of other staff and it is unethical to curtail the service users ‘ positions and remarks. So possibly it might be best if the group treatment was led by merely one undertaking worker who has worked with all the service users in the group or if the group led by the director – holding the director as the lead can be advantageous. The advantage is that the director can obtain first manus feedback about the public presentations of staff from the kids and immature people. This acts likewise to ‘whistle blowing ‘ , and who better to derive information from about the quality of staff than the service users themselves.


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