Set Secure Electronic Transaction Information Technology Essay

IT Academy that is owned by Telecommunications Company. There is a proficient college for its ain employees developing. The company has established the private institute, which instructs IT and calculating related topics. The chief company is affluent and can pass the disbursal of learning installations for calculating and telecommunications and ecommerce web site for the Academy. To win a higher position in learning market, the company wants to establish a web site for the Academy. The chief campus is in cardinal London attempt to open another campus in Birmingham. Comparing with others rivals they offers many class that can be attended.

Evidence of Research

On the manner to set up an online IT Academy, the institute needs to hold a web-based application that can accept on-line registrations and payment procedure. Registration map have to execute extremely secure which means utilizing hallmark options such as utilizing SSL ( Secure Socket bed ) , Digital Signatures for encoding, and SET ( Secure Electronic Transaction ) . Those are provided in this study as security controls of the system.

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An question system that resolves pupils jobs and troubles of utilizing the web site for may be in enrolment procedure or any information about payment procedure. There will be a Site Consultant, who will meet pupils inquiries and give feedback to pupils electronic mail.

Online acquisition is critical to the handiness of classs lecture notes, which can be downloaded at anytime, anyplace for any topics. With the assistance of this map, pupils can freely download from their place and can acquire lecture notes without coming to the institute. Therefore, pupils will derive convenience and IT Academy will derive competitory market portion for those pupils whose place are far off from campus. The biggest advantage of this is that pupils can larn classs with clip and money economy pattern.

The most of import demand for the IT Academy site is that marketing. For on-line larning website the academy needs to happen better scheme, here in this study some schemes are introduced. As the online acquisition is aim for all age groups Social Networking sites, email selling and Search Engine should be used.

As a hereafter program, the IT Academy purpose to supply a service that pupil can learn unrecorded talks even though they are non in the campus. To carry through this program, the Academy will necessitate a high bandwidth Internet connexion and related hardware and technicians besides.

Prototype for IT Academy

Registration Page

Registration and SignUp page

This page is for pupils who want to register to the Academy in order to use to classs of available at the Academy. The pupils must come in First name, last name, electronic mail, SSN, watchword and retype watchword. To be recorded as registered, pupil must snap Register! if non Cancle button is available. For those who are already registered, Username and watchword can be entered and so snap Login to be authenticated as registered pupil.

Wage Fees Online Pages

Course and fees page

This page is for on-line class registration, pupils can take the topics they want to inscribe. If there any topic they want to inscribe, they can snap on the Order Now! button. Then Order Form Page will look.

Order Form Pages

This is the Oder Form page, which is for entry of personal inside informations and payment sum-up. After come ining their personal information they can preview order information so that they need to snap Preview Order button.

After pupil chink Preview Order this will look, if all inside informations are right they can snap Pay for Course for payment procedure.

Payment Page will look pupils can take payment options, they have to come in their certificates, so click Submit button to reason payment procedure.


This page is for verification page.

This is for the pupil question page. Student must come in his/her name, their electronic mail, attended class, and so he/she can compose inquiry to inquire and to acquire feedback from Site Consultant, he/she have to snap Send button.

Lecture Notes Page

To download talk notes of their relevant and needed talk notes authenticated pupils can download via the nexus of related topics.

eMarketing Scheme

eMarketing scheme is critical for a ecommerce web site to do clients be attentive with about the site. There are many schemes to advance web site but for on-line larning website have to believe more specific. As the consequence, electronic mail, societal networking site and hunt engine will used as eMarketing schemes. Email selling would be used for those who browse the site and to the old employees who have been attend the company preparation and correlative companies employees.

Presents, Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are extremely used by those people who keen on web browse and mean age scope of highest use is between 16 and 50 old ages old. Therefore, publicizing through the Social networking site would be advantage for the IT Academy.

Using Search Engine Optimization SEO is besides a good known eMarketing scheme because more than 80 % of the Internet users used hunt engine so that IT Academy has to used SEO by patronizing.

Finally, the most of import scheme is that to utilize a simple and rememberable sphere name, such as,, and so on.


Security Issues

Making concern have to take a great attention about security because without trust any concern would non be success particularly for on-line concerns. As all the payment minutess and sometimes gross revenues and services bringing are all online we have to take attention about security issues and its countermeasure. As for IT Academy, there are many security issues for ecommerce sites, among them privateness, informations unity, hallmark, and grantee for unafraid payment is of import.

For maintaining the clients privateness, the IT academy must be used, the engineerings for organizing understandings about publication of private informations therefore privacy-enhancing engineerings ( PETs ) . For those who wants to register might watch out about the site Security and Privacy Agreement before registering. Therefore, a privateness understanding must be formed.

Authentication is besides necessitating for a user before he/she usage a web site at some point of identify such as LogIn or Payment, should authenticate himself/herself foremost. At this point, SSL secure socket bed is used to countermeasure hallmark issue and to cover users SSN and Credit card information from hackers. SSL uses PKI Public Key Infrastructure and digital certifications to guarantee privateness and hallmark.

SET Secure Electronic Transaction is for doing out epayment through the web. Although recognition card information can be safely sent with SSL, while doing dealing between merchandiser waiter and clients Personal computers foreigners can chop clients information. For this ground, SET is used for IT Academy payment processs. Customers recognition card/eMoney information would be protected through at least three stairss of dealing:

* Customers recognition card information that is sent either to the merchandiser gateway that was handled by the IT Academy waiter ‘s SSL and the merchandiser waiter ‘s digital certifications

* Customers certificates are passed to the merchandiser waiters for treating which is handled by the complex security steps of the payment gateway

* Order and client information supplied either to the merchandiser waiter sent straight or from the payment gateway was handled by SSL ( digital certifications ) .

SET Secure Electronic Transaction

A digital signature is the important application of public-key cryptanalysis. For IT Academy, symmetric cardinal systems such as DES or RSA would be used. On the other manus, symmetric key is the key, which used the same key for both encoding and decoding. It is besides good for website public presentation as its processing is faster than utilizing asymmetric key. Therefore, the client sends a message to the waiter and waiter answers with encrypted message so client decrypted the message with PKI therefore communicating continues.

Setup and Development costs

Cost appraisal is critical for a undertaking so that all the cost estimations such as apparatus and development cost, and care cost are estimated. Setup and development costs are estimated before the IT Academy undertaking has been started. The cost estimations are as followed ;


Entire cost for the IT Academy undertaking is $ 16700.00.


In this study all the demands for the IT Academy web site is provided. Most suited security controls are applied and better eMarketing schemes are described. As the paradigm of the web site is developed, users of the site can understand the functionalities of the site and descriptions of the web pages are clearly identified. Chiefly, pupil enrollment page, payment process pages, enquiry page and talk notes pages are to the full described. Therefore, this study will be utile for the IT Academy online larning website development and senior direction could make up one’s mind the better solutions.



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