Shanmugarajah impact of climate change on the fishermen

Shanmugarajah srikanth (2013)  has made a case study impact of climate change
on the fishermen livelihood development in coromandel costal coast village.
This study analyzed the impact of climate change on fishermen livelihood
development. It has classified in to two categories namely predictable and unpredictable
based on the discussed with village dwellers. This study focused on the impact
of unpredictable climate change on the fishermen livelihood development. It is specially
focused on artisanal fishing community. The study found that explores the
correlation between the unpredictable climate change and multi dimensional
paradigm of poverty of the proposed study village. And also this study analyzed
social problem. He has concluded government conduct awareness program, the
government should provide the companion to person who lost their fishing
equipments due to the unpredictable climate change. The government should
arrange or provide a loan for the labor fishermen or small boat owner to start
the fishing activities individually.

Geetha in
their article analyzed the economic efficiency of mechanized fishing in Chennai
in Tamil Nadu along the east cost of India. This study was case study specifically
compared the economic efficiency of mechanized gillnet units and trawlers operating
from Chennai. This paper also analyzed the viability of various mechanized fishing
units of Chennai using different economics and financial indicators. The economic
performance of the trawling operation was analyzed estimating the annual coast
and return net operating income, net income, and other producing measures. This
study was found MD (Multi Day) gillnetters were labour efficiency as compared
to MD trawlers. The analyzed revealed that efficiency measures in terms of
labour, input-output ratio and fuel have established the supremacy of mechanized
gillnetters. Finally the result showed that 
on economic analysis of marine fishing would provide vital information
for framing appropriate policies for the balanced and sustainable development of
the marine fisheries in the state.  

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