Skills Gained In Social Care Social Work Essay

“ A important learning experience is one in which the pupil has acquired knowledge and/or accomplishments or where the experience has informed or shaped the pupil ‘s societal attention values and beliefs ” . Throughout the class of my arrangement at that place have been many instances upon which I have experienced important acquisition. These include conversations with both staff and service users, every bit good as sitting in on assorted meetings and plans. The chief acquisition experience I enjoyed was in relation to Personal Centred Planning booklets or PCP ‘s.“ Personal Centred Planning is a manner of detecting how a individual wants to populate their life and what is required to do that possible ” ( NDA, 2005 ) . Personal Centred Planning chiefly focuses on the individual as opposed to a disablement.

It is about the whole individual and their life, non merely their disablement. Personal Centred Planning is non an appraisal of service users.PCP ‘s are, an highly effectual method of assisting service users meet their ends in life and besides, for maintaining path of their basic day-to-day activities. It was a really interesting and utile method to larn how to utilize. Person centred planning is based on shared action, about happening originative solutions instead than categorizing people and about job resolution and working hard over clip to accomplish ends. It ‘s about altering a individual ‘s life ( Sanderson 2000 ) .

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PCP ‘s seek to craft a vision for a individual ‘s life in which they can play an active function in their local community or any administration of their pick. It besides describes the action necessary to do this vision come through ( McGinn & A ; Cassidy, 2006 ) .This is accomplished through some basic phases. First you must detect, understand and so turn to the nucleus issues for the single involved. Second you must research picks available to the person before you so alarm and affect the person ‘s full societal web. A balance must so be reached between what is of import for the person and what is of import for their societal web. Ideally, the persons ends for themselves are the 1s most focused on and non the ends that the persons friends and household have for them ( McGinn & A ; Cassidy, 2006 ) .There are six cardinal rules that underpin individual centred planning.

These are that PCP ‘s are an person ‘s position, originative attack to planning, uses all the resources available to the individual, requires serious and echt committedness, an art and non a scientific discipline and that the development of the program is non the aim. There are besides several advantages to utilizing Person Centred Planning. Some of these are that it sets out of import ends for the hereafter, provides a forum to do picks, it provides encouragement and support and may be viewed as a womb-to-tomb procedure and support ( McGinn & A ; Cassidy, 2006 ) .“ Person Centred Planning is based on wholly different manner of seeing and working with people which is basically approximately sharing power and community inclusion ( Sanderson, 2000 ) . A good lovingness service mobilises all its resources to help people with disablements to increase control over their lives. They besides set ends that are personally meaningful and express personal penchants.

They offer counsel to the person. It is merely through administrations like this that the PCP ‘s are a success ( McGinn & A ; Cassidy, 2006 ) .There are many issues to be considered when back uping people who have trouble in doing picks. Some of these issues are if you take a different position than that of the individual, if you develop a different apprehension of the individual and hazard appraisals must be carried out.

The service user besides requires certain support and aid from the PCP procedure. Some of these include construing the environment, understanding other people ‘s outlooks and conditions for cooperation and to calculate out fulfilling ways to prosecute what they want ( McGinn & A ; Cassidy, 2006 ) .Person Centred Planning has one program per individual. The service user ‘s cardinal worker drives the procedure.

The first measure the cardinal worker must take is to acquire to cognize the individual. This includes acquiring to cognize their personal history, household, friends, wellness, avocations and other personal inside informations. You must speak to the individual in order to garner this information. You must detect them in their natural environment excessively in order to acquire your ain vision of the individuals personality. A good manner to add to this vision is to talk to the individuals household and friends to acquire other sentiments of the service user ‘s personality and ends in life. Finally reexamining old certification on the service user will give you other sentiments on the service user, this clip from a professional position ( McGinn & A ; Cassidy, 2006 ) .The 2nd measure is to discourse the individuals ain ends and dreams for the hereafter with them.

This involves sitting down with the service user in what they feel is a safe environment, so that they can uncover their dreams to you without experiencing threatened or embarrassed about them. You so document the service user ‘s ends in their PCP file and travel onto measure three which is to be after a meeting. The meeting is wholly the service user ‘s pick. They get to make up one’s mind who attends, where it is, when it is and what precisely will be discussed. It is merely our occupation to ease them by giving them any aid or support they might necessitate. The meeting itself is so step four.

In the company of the service user and whoever they had wished to hold at the meeting you work out what has to done is the approaching hebdomads and months to accomplish the service user ‘s marks.The fifth and concluding measure is to implement everything that had gone earlier. It is now that the staff starts working on accomplishing the in agreement ends.

Any advancement gained should be recorded in a advancement program signifier. A review sheet must besides be completed at the terminal of each month and at the six month reappraisal meeting ( McGinn & A ; Cassidy, 2006 ) .The staff involved in the Person Centred Planning procedure, play a important function and have highly of import duties in guaranting the procedure is a success. “ Person centred planning requires that staff follow a flexible and antiphonal attack to run intoing people ‘s altering demands and fortunes, guided by general rules of good pattern instead than standard processs ” ( Sanderson, 2000 ) . It is of import that the staff do non undervalue the graduated table of the undertaking and should let sufficient clip for it to be completed.

Initially the procedure involves placing people who are likely to back up the thought and so, running some information and basic preparation Sessionss for everyone likely to be straight involved, impacted or called upon for support ( McGinn, 2006 ) .The unit director besides plays an of import function in the Person Centred Planning procedure. “ Directors have a important function to play in enabling staff squads to follow a individual centred attack ” ( Sanderson, 2000 ) . Sanderson advocates that directors extend the rules of individual centred be aftering to their staff squads, in order to develop what she describes as individual centred squads ( McGinn, 2006 ) . There are features that a individual centred squad leader demands in order to be successful. Some of these include being able to convey the best out in people, holding a clear vision and way, promoting personal engagement with the people being supported and puting in community connexions ( Sanderson, 2003 ) .

The leader of this procedure needs to develop a really clear apprehension of the cardinal rules and procedures of Person Centred Planning ( McGinn, 2006 ) . The leader must guarantee that staff work together as a squad and non as persons which will merely drag the procedure in different waies, carry throughing nil. They must guarantee that there is good, on-going communicating at single program degree. It is besides their occupation to keep and update programs over clip or delegate person the function of making so.At a more general degree, it is of import to set up a everyday procedure of monitoring, measuring reviewing and developing the manner individual centred planning is being done, so as to guarantee it is holding a positive consequence on lives and services. Every attempt should be made to guarantee that the function and duties of every person, group and administration participating in the individual centred planning procedure is clearly understood and agreed by them and adequately supported ( McGinn, 2006 ) .Success will be achieved will the Person Centred Plan if the staff squad guarantee that the demands of the service user are met to the greatest extent possible, consistent with their duty to measure hazards involved and guarantee that they are acceptable and considered.

It is besides necessary that they build a closer relationship with the service user in order to go more acutely aware of their demands and wants. The staff squad must guarantee that all hazards are identified and action is taken to understate them. They must seek to maximize chances for the service user ‘s ego development, ego regard and independency in order to gain their fullest potency ( McGinn, 2006 ) .Finally the function of the Key worker is important to the success of the Person Centred Plan. The Key worker ‘s aims are to develop a stopping point and positive relationship with the service user. They must besides work co-operatively with other staff, household, external services/professionals etc, on the service user ‘s behalf to guarantee that a quality service is provided. The Key worker ‘s squad function is to enable the squad to efficaciously back up the service user. To make this the Key worker must listen to others, regard and support squad members, maintain committedness and communicate efficaciously.

The Key worker enables the service user to recommend for themselves, develop new accomplishments and construct gratifying relationships with others ( McGinn, 2006 ) .There are of class challenges to implementing Person Centred Planning. The demand for everyone to develop a new position on people with disablements is rebelliously one of the larger 1s.

For a end like that to be reached it will take a planetary attempt and one that is non easy achieved. Other challenges include the demand for a new general position on services, opposition to alter and hazards and larning curves ( McGinn, 2006 ) .All of this was being carried out on a changeless footing in RehabCare Cavan while I was at that place.

Siting in on meetings between the cardinal workers and the service users was an oculus opening experience. It besides truly stood out to me merely how much Unconditional Positive Regard is used in services and why it is so crucially of import in a programme such as Person Centred Planning. Without it the programme would be a complete failure.The full PCP programme worked good while I was on my arrangement. It was being managed really sufficiently and all staff members had an first-class relationship with each other. I personally felt that I helped the staff to demo unconditioned positive respect towards the service users when they were happening it tough. Most significantly I have learned and witnessed merely how positive an impact the PCP programme can hold on the service users when managed decently.

Sing the delectation on service users faces when they achieved ends which would hold been impossible without Person Centred Plans made me gain how much they need the programme and educated societal attention workers to pull off it for them.

Critical Reflective Paper

My 12 hebdomad arrangement in RehabCare Cavan provided me with sufficient chances for larning and to heighten my societal attention cognition, accomplishments and values. Throughout the continuance of my arrangement I enjoyed the experience of working with a huge assortment of service users most of whom had disablements and jobs that were wholly alone to themselves within the Centre. I besides had the opportunity to compare my accomplishments as a societal attention worker with a figure of people from different businesss including societal attention workers, community nurses and psychologists. They all both worked together as a squad and so as persons. Overall my arrangement in RehabCare Cavan was an immensely gratifying and positive experience.

There were nevertheless, a figure of troubles to cover with along the manner. These included challenging behaviors from the service user ‘s and restrictions from the staff. Altogether though, I believe my arrangement would non hold been as educational had it non been for the combination of positive and negative factors.The portion of my arrangement which I feel most facilitated my acquisition was working with the inter-disciplinary squad.

This squad consists of a list of professionals from different businesss and besides collaborates with the parents or friends or following of family for each of the service users. The service user decides who they wish to hold nowadays at the meeting from their household or friends. There are strong positive relationships between the different members of the squad.

At the beginning of my arrangement I found it rather overpowering and complicated to understand how a squad consisting of so many people managed to execute sufficiently and how errors were n’t made. I besides struggled to understand how there was demand for so many persons and how they each had their ain alone function within the group. At first I merely sat in the corner of the room and observed the squad meetings. I felt I did n’t cognize the clients good plenty to do parts and that the staff did n’t cognize me good plenty to be able to warrant accepting my parts. It was my occupation for the first few hebdomads to merely sit, observe and analyze what was being discussed and proposed within these meetings.Over the undermentioned yearss and hebdomads I started to go more familiar with the staff, the service users and the instances. I began to experience more confident interacting with the staff and service users and believed I had a topographic point within the Centre.

I could see advantages of utilizing the interdisciplinary squad system, nevertheless I rapidly realised excessively that errors were made. These errors were few though and no system or individual is flawless so they were by and large accepted as little human mistakes and rectified. Each squad member had equal cognition of the other squad members, their profession and their subjects. This allowed each squad member to reply inquiries and give counsel, even if was merely to state the individual involved which squad member was most likely to work out their jobs. As my arrangement progressed I was able to go more involved with the staff as I became more cognizant and familiar with each instance.

By holding the chance to detect and finally work with the different professionals involved I was able to derive valuable cognition and accomplishments relevant to each subject which will turn out valuable throughout the remainder of my class and beginning of my ain professional calling.One facet of the service or the Centre which limited my acquisition was unluckily due to cutbacks. Due to miss of financess the service was badly short-handed which meant there was an highly heavy work load on the staying staff members. This in bend meant that there were long periods were they had work to make and I was unable to take part. During these periods I would socialize with the service users, speaking to them, playing games with them and assisting them in whatever manner possible. Although from a professional position this reduced my acquisition experience, personally it greatly increased it.

It was during this clip that I got to cognize the service users, their likes and disfavors, their personal aspirations and most significantly, what it was like for them separately turning up in the community with their disablements and how RehabCare has greatly improved their lives and self-esteem. I felt that it was this information that would assist and animate me to come on through my arrangement and academic old ages in front.While on my arrangement I took a prima function in easing a few programmes in peculiar for the service users. As I have a great involvement in athletics personally I became involved in all athletics related programmes with the service users. Every Tuesday six service users went swimming and I accompanied them. I observed how much exhilaration and pleasance they got on a hebdomadal footing out of this one simple activity.

I besides got involved with a association football programme with the service users. As I have a good cognition of the game I took some preparation Sessionss with them and helped them develop their accomplishments. They are trusting to vie and win out a regional RehabCare Soccer tourney in the New Year.

I besides became to a great extent involved in programmes that were non sport related. I helped put up a woodwork programme which had non existed before I arrived. I trained the service users in the basic accomplishments of woodworking and through this they learned how to work on a undertaking as a squad, but most significantly they could see that they were doing a difference and that their undertaking was germinating into beautiful furniture. I witnessed a sense of pride amongst the service users that was about unprecedented.

A pleasance every bit little as finishing a piece of furniture was plenty to hold them breaking with pride for yearss. Overall the programme was a singular success. I am peculiarly proud of this group as I feel this is an country in which I was able to use a batch of cognition and accomplishments to that cipher else in the Centre could hold.One other Key programme which I participated in was the Writing accomplishments programme.

The activities or accomplishments that were focused on during this programme were composing, pronunciation and basic maths accomplishments. Under these heading we worked on different demands of each client which included spelling, numeration and unwritten communicating accomplishments. As this was a uninterrupted hebdomadal programme I had the chance to detect these service users as hebdomad by hebdomad they worked in their failings and I could detect a pronounced betterment from when I foremost arrived. I was able to supervise their advancement and have evaluated that it was a really effectual programme. I was able to lend my cognition towards the category which meant that more advancement was gained in the same length of clip.One facet which I feel contributed positively towards my acquisition was working with and witnessing the staff manage peculiar instances which involved serious and cautious affairs affecting the service users.

Examples of these instances are when force is threatened by service users or a instance where one service user was being below the belt manipulated into giving away the money they earned on societal benefit. The staff squad in RehabCare are rather a closely knit squad and carry on their work really professionally. Working alongside them was an highly positive experience and I had no jobs in inquiring them inquiries when I had questions. The staff all worked together in serious instances and did non merely go forth it to the service user ‘s Key worker. I could see that this was an highly effectual and positive manner for them to run as each staff member brought their ain thoughts and together they were able to explicate a program more efficaciously than if it were merely one of them. Initially I was excessively nervous to do parts myself but as the hebdomads passed I began to do a few suggestions some of which were used in work outing certain instances.As a consequence of my experiences on arrangement I have significantly enhanced many of my societal attention accomplishments and values and expanded my cognition. One peculiar country in which I feel more confident in is my communicating accomplishments with a scope of professionals and services, particularly when pass oning with people who suffer with rational disablements.

I gained experience and construct my ability to demo empathy and unconditioned positive respect, peculiarly when being on the having terminal of abuses. It is indispensable that societal attention workers have the ability to show empathy to let them to be more antiphonal to the service user ‘s demands and construct better relationships based on trust and honestness.Learning about the Person Centred Planning attack was likely the most valuable information I gained. I saw firsthand how good the program works when managed sufficiently. It is a end based system, concentrating on what the service user wants to accomplish in their lives. It is individual focussed which is the secret to is success and why it is so popular.

The medicine processs in the supported adjustment subdivision of RehabCare were highly interesting. The service user had to set their pills into an egg cup and so get down them all. The support worker so had to look into the service user ‘s oral cavity to do certain they were all swallowed. I realised so the extreme of the medicine policy within RehabCare. I found it instead fazing that the support worker had to look into the service user ‘s oral cavity to do certain the medicine had been swallowed.

Previous to administering the medicine each daily dosage had to be counted to do certain that the pharmaceutics did n’t do any errors while administering it. It was surprisingly frequent how frequently the pharmaceutics had made errors.In decision my clip spent on work arrangement has been an priceless experience to me. I have learnt and developed many accomplishments that will be a great property to me in my calling as a societal attention practician. Some of these accomplishments have included larning how to pull off a Person Centred Plan, deriving practical experience in work outing a broad assortment of instances affecting people with rational disablements, bettering my overall cognition on disablement consciousness and most significantly larning that I can do a positive impact in any societal attention field that I wish to prosecute. I am to the full cognizant that going a successful, to the full trained societal attention worker does non go on overnight but takes old ages of difficult work and pattern.

However, seeing the positive impact that I can do of people ‘s lives with my calling is the inspiration I need to travel on and win. It is a long journey to acquire where I want to be, one that started old ages ago and is set to go on for a good clip to come. This journey will alter who I am, will alter who I will go but merely for the better. With the cognition that I am deriving from my societal attention category, the lessons I am larning about myself I am certain that I will germinate into a to the full competent and successful societal attention practician.

Personal Learning Account


For the intent of this arrangement, I have received a place in RehabCare Cavan, working with the Programme Facilitators at the installation. RehabCare is the wellness and societal attention division of the Rehab Group. Their purpose is to heighten the lives of all of their clients through the proviso of high quality, flexible, individual centred services. They soon provide and are developing a figure of services, including Resource Centres, Residential Services, Respite Care, Supported Accommodation and Home Based Servicess for people with disablements.

The function of the Programme Facilitator in the installation is to describe to the Community Service Manager through the Programmes Supervisor. The Programme Facilitators facilitate service users in their picks, developing programmes within the context of a individual centred theoretical account of service bringing. The programmes may include independent life, personal development and occupational and leisure activities within the context of a quality of life theoretical account.For this arrangement, there are a figure of personal properties and learned cognition which will help in acquiring maximal benefit from finishing arrangement with the Programme Facilitators.Some personal properties which play an of import function in the societal attention function are forbearance, apprehension, kindness and the ability to use erudite cognition to a specific state of affairs. Having talked to one of the Programme Facilitators I besides became cognizant that being open-minded, compassionate flexible and a good hearer play peculiarly of import functions in this service.

These are all every bit of import properties as at different times they can separately and jointly be the difference between covering good any given state of affairs in comparing to covering ill with it. Due to the unfortunate favoritism that, many of the older service users received when they were younger, the Programme Facilitator must take an understanding curative attack when working with these service users. For this to be successful the Programme Facilitator must use Carl Roger ‘s conditions for the result to be successful. Rogers created three conditions which a service user must believe are present before a curative relationship can develop. These are empathic apprehension, congruity and unconditioned positive respect ( Sherry and Lalor, 2009 ) .The accomplishments and cognition that I gained through Creative Surveies ( both art and play ) , will play a great function in assisting me help the Programme Facilitators, in seeking to guarantee the service users get the best experience possible from the service. Humanistic disciplines and Crafts every bit good as play are programmes which receive a batch of focal point from the Programme Facilitators at the installation.

A good apprehension of people with disablements which I gained from faculties, such as Issues in Social Care and Theories in Social Care along with, reading Applied Social Care by Perry Share and Kevin Lalor will help me throughout my arrangement. Besides the cognition that I gained making woodwork in secondary school will be of great benefit, as the Programme Supervisor is be aftering on get downing up a woodwork programme for the service users but no Programme Facilitator has any experience in the field.Communication plays a important function in working in RehabCare or any administration which is designed to suit the demands of grownups with rational disablements. Listening is a map which we do every twenty-four hours without paying much notice to the information we are obtaining. However, in a installation such as RehabCare the ability to listen to clients and so digest what they are stating is of important importance. The ability to listen attentively to service users jobs and concerns and to so back up them in whatever signifier necessary is a accomplishment that can non be replaced. Sing the delicate province of head of many of the service users you must ever be compassionate when listening to them and your response must be fleet.

Needs Analysis

Within the acquisition contract there are a figure of aims identified as portion of cardinal acquisition.

Enclosed in the professional acquisition aims, the undertaking is outlined of utilizing and reviewing societal attention theories. As a 2nd twelvemonth societal attention pupil I felt that it was of import for me to place theories and so review them and recognize restrictions within the theories construction and their application to existent life state of affairss. My personal acquisition aims surrounded interactions with the service users. I was missing assurance and really diffident of myself when I foremost started my arrangement. The staff were really supportive though and within a few yearss I found my assurance improved dramatically and with it so did my effectivity in assisting the staff and holding a commanding but compassionate authorization over the service users. I became house and self-asserting when covering with debatable service users and battles between them. I hope my abilities and assurance continue to turn in this country which will go forth me in a really strong place by the clip my arrangement is completed.

Showing Unconditional Positive Regard towards some of the service users is something I struggled with for the first few yearss. It was left hard when service users were invariably ill-mannered, riotous and contending. I have felt myself bettering though and believe over the following few hebdomads I will hold perfected it. During my initiation hebdomad I had legion policies and processs to familiarize myself with. There are policies and processs sing wellness and safety, fire emptying, hazard direction, prevent and control, kid and grownup protection, swine grippe, confidentiality, medicine policy and staff supervising etc.

A basic cognition of these policies and processs is paramount in order for me to play an effectual and positive function during my arrangement.

Action Planning and Activity

Throughout the class of this arrangement, I shall partake in a figure of activities with the service users, which will help me in run intoing my acquisition aims. Areas of activity include practical work such as humanistic disciplines and trades and woodwork while athleticss and drama both play cardinal functions in the Centre excessively.

Communication accomplishments and independent life accomplishments have a high precedence excessively, as RehabCare is an administration, designed to bridge the spread from full support to independent life.Helping the programme facilitators in developing the service users through these programmes, I felt I would run into my larning aims. The programmes are normally done on a 10 ( service users ) -2 ( programme facilitator and myself ) footing. I will hold several chances to pattern my communicating accomplishments as I will hold to give my input and show my sentiment in different instances affecting different service users and different programme facilitators.

Through the communications programme I will besides acquire a opportunity to develop some of the users in the basic signifiers of communicating, i.e. learn them how to, compose a missive to a friend, use the telephone and pattern assorted verbal and non- verbal communicating accomplishments.During the arrangement it is extremely of import that I test a figure of theories which I learned through academic agencies.

Through using theories to existent life state of affairss, and recognizing when a theory is used, the pertinence and utility of the theory should be examined. As a societal attention pupil, the ability to recognize the restrictions within theories will help in placing the best pattern for the service user. I can pattern this in different programmes and in free clip that I spend merely speaking to the service users.Throughout placement cognition of policies and processs environing disablement consciousness will be obtained through covering with the different instances and service users. I will hold to familiarize myself with all authorities and RehabCare policies and processs. I shall besides go cognizant of them through custodies on work throughout the continuance of my arrangement.


A consideration of the learning ends following the completion of the arrangement, there is a sense of accomplishment as I believe all learning ends were reached and an in dept cognition of disablement consciousness and the function of a programme facilitator were gained.I believe I successfully completed identifying and using theories.

I was really happy with my supervising classes as I was able to discourse with my supervisor what I did good and what I did non so good. I was able to discourse disturbing issues which I had witnessed and detect the background narratives and mental grounds for such incidents originating. Treating the service users with empathy and unconditioned positive respect proved important clip and clip once more as I managed to maintain the service users trust in compromising and baleful state of affairss. It besides allowed some of the service users to open up about their feelings and their lives. Due to their mental disablements some service users would n’t unwrap such information while others would hold without being treated with empathy or unconditioned positive respect. They did n’t cognize any different. An illustration of where these theories did n’t work was when a service user threatened force against both myself and the staff members in the Centre. This state of affairs arose on legion occasions.

There was a considerable betterment in my communicating accomplishments throughout my arrangement. I was somewhat diffident on my first twenty-four hours in the Centre both with staff and the service users. It took me the length of the initiation hebdomad to get the better of this shyness and be able to give a echt history of myself.

By the clip my arrangement was completed shyness was a job of the past and communicating was free flowing between me and the service users. An illustration of this communicating is when I took programmes with up to ten service users and took a instructor like attack with them. I on a regular basis took the authorship accomplishments programme which involved me standing at the top of the room at a white board and learning the service users basic literacy accomplishments. I so had to assist the service users one-to-one with their single jobs which involved listening intently and so giving them advice.

There were infinite illustration where I witnessed self-asserting nature being displayed by one or more of the service users. One illustration that comes to mind was when I witnessed two service users reasoning about who got to play pool next. Gaining that the state of affairs was about to acquire out of control and cognizing that this would merely take to more jobs one service user backed off and allow the other service user travel in front. He subsequently told me that he backed off because he knew the other service user was holding a bad twenty-four hours and did non desire to do a battle.In footings of deriving cognition of the policies and processs environing disablement and disablement consciousness, there were a figure of incidents which assisted me in deriving such cognition.

I besides gained entree to RehabCare Cavan ‘s files, policies and processs for the Centre which has been drawn up by the HSE. These were besides a important aid and let me to make some of my ain research into why processs were carried out a certain manner. Some peculiar instances within the Centre had booklets dedicated to them. These instances were 1s from the Centre ‘s history were peculiar service users had caused incidents of a really serious nature. It was interesting and highly educational to read the instance files and see practical presentations of the policies and processs being put in usage.