Social Care (Human Service) Assessment Exercise


In United Kingdom wellness and societal attention is a squad that provides incorporate service about it. This unit grows absorbing the values and rules that corroborate the application of all who work in it. Health and societal attention is by and large called “HUMAN SERVICE” in Canada and U.S. They give security to the patient and guarantee that during intervention they won’t face any job. They can take intervention safe and secure. Confidentiality, Communication, Promoting anti-discrimination, Rights, Acknowledgment is some rules o it. Confidentiality means maintaining information secret. Patients don’t want to demo their records. Communication is really of import for this sector. It is a common leting entree between individuals or topographic point. Anti-discrimination activities means don’t make unfair or damaging differentiation in the intervention of different classs of people.

Undertaking 1

  1. A immature kid undergoing physical maltreatment from his parents:

Make Child Protective service”This Principle I would wish to follow

Children’s are frequently physically mistreating by their parents. It makes a immense consequence on their wellness and head. Parents should hold known about the impact of physical abusing. When a kid has hit or slapped on the side of caput he might wound severely. Its besides causes decease. Child may lost their hair or dentition and besides broken castanetss by crushing. They are depends on the grownups for grew up. Sometimes we see that kid is murdered by their parents. They are need love non hit. Not merely parents but relations are besides supplying them with love and support. Local wellness and societal service sections can set up parenting categories. Social workers can assist the parents to understand the psychological science of their kids.

Solution: .

Multi-agencies can advance an attack. They can advance or the public assistance of the kids. Common appraisal model ( CAF ) plays a critical function for the kids. They can place the kid who is abused by his parents physically. Some voluntary organisation is take duty to halt the kid maltreatment. They are frequently working really closely to a kid and their household. Child can acquire aid from them. They provide this kid wellness intervention. Agencies can do them certainly to their security system. Their slogan will be we don’t need more we service more. Its mean that they don’t want more they want to function the survived individual. Inter-personal bureaus can make something to eliminate this job. Child maltreatment is a offense they can aware this around the people. They can set up a psychological intervention to the parents who are psychological unnatural and hit their kids.

( B ) A married woman whose spouse is subjecting her to domestic force:

“Promoting Anti-discrimination practice” This Principle I would wish to follow

Domestic force is comes from the favoritism between two people. Women’s are the victim of this maltreatment. It can be physical, sexual, mentally. It frequently occurs because the partner of the adult females thinks that maltreatment is the accurate justness. Domestic force is a complicated affair that needs reasonable handling by wellness and societal attention professionals. Health and societal attention specializer, commissioners may take some stairss to forestall it. They can contract with them who are experience domestic force and maltreatment. Then do them cognizant of the societal impact for this force.


Multi-agencies are cognizant of gender favoritism. They are work or it. Some bureaus are taking some indispensable stairss to halt it. If a adult females confronting domestic force she has a right to halt it. Domestic force is caused for many grounds. If two partners outlook is non same, If they are non educated, If two individuals society is non same. The jobs are little but the impact is non little. Multi bureaus are doing some policies to eliminate the job. They can do this job solve by confer withing with them. If adult females face this type of force she should corroborate the others. She should desire divorced from her partner. The work forces who are happening this force are indicated and give them the difficult penalty. Gov should modulate a strong act against the domestic force. Multi bureaus can give the affected women’s free medical intervention. They should supply them security. The un-job adult females are confronting this job. I bureaus arrange occupation for this women’s for the improvement of their life.

( degree Celsius )A immature individual populating in a place for people with larning disablements

“Increased Acknowledgment” This Principle I would wish to follow

Disability means a individual who are deficiency of experience, instruction, cognition, mode, manage. Learning disablement mean unexpected spread between a person’s degree of experience. If a immature individual lives in a house which people have no cognition, he can’t learn anything. Young boys unrecorded with his household which members are non educated, and so the immature individual does non understand the value o instruction. He don’t thin the societal behaviours and articles. He is non cognizant of the wellness. Family is the primary phase of person’s recognition.

Some acquisition disablements are listening, speech production, reading, composing and spelling. The learning disablement individual have job with concentration, memorising something. If one is non listening he is a job to larn.


Some multi-agencies are working or people with learning disablements. Their slogan is give more and takes less. Agencies are beyond wellness and societal services. They identify some people who have this job. They are take parting in some signifier of joint working..They are make relationship among the contestants and making chance to work together. They can do a promotional plan. They build a school for this type of individual who is confronting the job deficiency of larning disablement. They are doing societal cognizant o this job. This type O individual is non accepted easy in society. They are isolated by some narrow minded individual. Because of this people consciousness is really of import. Health and attention service are give them medical intervention to get the better of this. When a kid born If it has this job so instantly he have to get down the intervention.

.Undertaking 2

Role of attention criterion 2000

Care Standard Act ( CAS ) 2000 was activated on 20 July 2000. It is following two white documents which are produced by the govt. in 1998 and in 1999.

It is set up by a national attention criterions committee. The function of this act is really meaningful. This statute law is set up to do act for the accommodation and ordinance of

Summary of this act:

  1. Establish a new and self-sufficing regulative for societal attention and voluntary health care service.
  2. Improvement of the attention criterion
  3. Establish new councils for enrollment of societal attention workers
  4. Gov has to present necessary criterions of wellness and societal attention.
  5. Reducing the hapless suppliers.
  6. Residence restrictions such as – disposable income. Less entry to benefits. Incentive work, less independency and ordinary life.
  7. The chief slogan of this act is to reform the regulation system for attention service in UK and Wales.

This act is playing a critical function on the standard wellness and societal attention.

Government can set up policies for the execution of the wellness service. This sector has many policies to do the people utile. Local policies developed the service sector good for people.

.The ordinance of attention 2001:

The attention places ordinances 2001 is now working under a new map of domiciliary attention. “the children’s places ordinances 2001” . It is amendment with relation to “the care standard act” . A attention place must be registered. Adjustment can be registered if they provide standard grade of attention. It besides defines that personal attention should non include any activities which are done by ordinance. It works independently in April 2002 under the ordinance of attention act 2001.

The aim of this is act:

Keep people safe.

Promote self-respect

Support independency

Regulation the attention service

School attention system

Care place for the kids and childs, and aged people.

Hospital attention system.

Social welfare of users

Personal plane

Fitness in relation to child minding ;

Fitness of directors ;

Facilities in attention places ;

Medical practicians in attention place ;

GSCC codification of pattern:

It is a Social attention council ( GSCC ) .it running their activities in England. It is a “public body” .it has no section. It Built in October 2000. And it is developed by “The Department of Health” .

It is a record of attention employees. It describes the behavior and pattern required for attention workers as they go their everyday work. It consists of 6 attention value.

  1. Care worker must care of the rights and must advance the involvement of users.
  2. Care worker must vie to set up the religion of users and callings.
  3. Care worker advertise the independency of work, they protected from danger every bit far as possible.
  4. Care workers must esteem the rights of the service.
  5. Must uphold public trust
  6. Must be accountable for your work and take duty.

Undertaking 3


A adult female is late lost her partner. Bereaved means the reaction of loss of a beloved individual by decease. Some people can get by up with the state of affairs and some can’t. In this clip she acquire down. Her mentally state of affairs is non good. She can last from economic job. She may be more socially isolated. She feel lonely and matter of life place entirely. If she wants to acquire married once more the society make job. But it varies on the soceitys civilization. The chief job is that she is confronting the economic job.

Some societal bureaus make policies to assist them who are bereaved. And assist them to cover with this state of affairs. They give them psychological intervention and attempt to do them normal. They can guarantee their security. The impact of this policy is really effectual. Society can acquire rid of this type of jobs. The attention Centre can give them wellness intervention besides. They can besides give the psychological guidance. They can get down a occupation to run into fiscal demands. She gets aid from the attention Centre. Government can acquire rid of this job.

Relocated from one state to another:

Parents resettlement is give impact on the kid. For conveying up a kid both of them are needed. By these kids are non acquire proper right to convey up.


They feel lonely at their life. Because their parents are busy and cipher can make full up the absence of parents.

They don’t know the existent mode of clip, eat, speech production, larning. They don’t cognize how to talk? How to talk with others? This is the duty of their parents to give them this learns. If they are absent the kid is non grew up decently.

They feel suffocated. It makes them vomit excessively. If they are non happy they feel many heath related job.

They are non acquiring aid and attention from their parents in their exigency state of affairs.

They can affect in the bad civilization.

They might get down to take drug.

The society might believe it negatively because o the parents absence the kids may confront many troubles and they might involved with force. Ultimately, the society is confronting this job.

Parents make some solution to retrieve this job. They can do the contact with their kids. The chance of contract between them is really of import to work out this job.

Identical twins raised in a different environment

Identical twins are look likewise. They are non merely look likewise but their like, dislike are same. It is a affair O wonder that their determinations are erstwhile same. Identical twins are same in behaviour but besides have some differentiation.genetically and physically they are same but they are influenced by the environment.

This is existent grounds that a twin’s babe were separated at birth. They are being adopted by different households. They are unknown to each other. They are brought up with the different civilization. But both of them have abilities in mechanical drawing and woodworking.

There are some illustrations of some indistinguishable twins. They have matched their school topic. They like smoking and like to imbibe. Sometimes they got concerns at the same clip of a twenty-four hours

Identical twins have different cultural but their behaviour or wont are same.

Some similarities of them:

They are matched their school topic.

They are got headache same clip

They married same type O girls/boys.

They have same abilities to work.

They have same colour of their eyes

They are like to listening same type of music.

They take same determinations at a same point.

Some differentiation because of conveying up different environment:

Their civilization might be changing by their environment. Such as one is conveying up in UK and another is in India. Both states civilization are non same.

They are differs from their nutrient wont.

Their linguistic communication is different.

They have different tallness or weight.

Undertaking 4

Duty and responsibilities of my ( as a director of infirmary ward )

Hospital direction is vigorous and an adaptable occupation. The responsibility of the director are non same.its varies on the country. They have to skilled, knowing and sharpen. They have some indispensable responsibility such as record maintaining, engaging good staff, financial direction etc.

Hiring qualified staff:

A director is responsible for engaging staff for a infirmary. It is the chief responsibility and he has to carry through this duty carefully. Staff can be nurses, decision maker, physician, sawbones, word male child and other upholder. Manager should look into their personal files and records to guarantee that they are qualified for the infirmary.

Record maintaining:

Some infirmary director appointed person to maintain the patient records. Because he has much work to maintain the installation go on.however they guarantee the patient that their records are safe and secret.

Fiscal direction:

It is really of import function for a director, Hiring the medical supplies, puting rate for the service. Make fiscal model by enforced new plan and expended old.

Make a strong security system:

Make the clinical pattern is safe and effectual. Make this extremely protective. Patient and their relations are satisfied.

There have some responsibility for a director

1. Guarantee my clinical pattern is safe and effectual.

2. Give excess installations to the patient and their relations.

3. Make nurses and word male child satisfied by supplying their rights.

4. Follow a good direction procedure.

5. Give confidentiality about patients study.

6. Daily operation

7. Ensure good communicating between physician and patient.


I had been work in a infirmary. My appellation was “ward manager” . To be a good director you have the cognition about the direction presses. I follow a ideal direction pattern. During my clip I hire some qualified staff for the infirmary. And I hire the best supplies for surgery. That’s why the patients are satisfied and they comfort safe at the infirmary.

My recommendation about these policies in order to good pattern ;

1. Hire a qualified staff squad.

Staffs are the indispensable portion of a infirmary. A good staff makes a hospital popular. This policy can do the good pattern. If my infirmary physicians are satisfied their patient by giving good intervention the patient has feel. If the nurses are decently take after the patient it impacts good.

2. Make the security system good:

The security system is besides managed by the director. He has to guarantee the patient that their records are safe and cipher can see this. Patients are non wanted to demo their records. They want to acquire secret it. If the infirmary director make it certain that their records are safe it is good to the infirmary installation. Make the patient sure that the infirmary direction are confidential to their records.

3. Follow a good direction procedure:

A director has to follow the best direction system. He has to believe about the beneficial of the infirmary. A good monitoring system is of import. Choose good staff. Give the staffs proper right. Give their wage on clip. Make certain that the managing system is really difficult.

Decision:Health and societal attentiongivesecurity to the patient and guarantee that during the intervention they won’t face any job. In undertaking 1 we talk about some societal jobs like kid abusing, favoritism and deficiency of larning we discuss the solution from get rid O this job. How multi bureaus can advance some attack to give the service.

In undertaking 2 we discuss the attention criterion act 2000, the function o the act and the implement O this act. This act is playing a critical function on the standard wellness and societal attention. Government can set up policies for the execution of the wellness service. This sector has many policies to do the people utile. Local policies developed the service sector good for people. How this act do our society beneficial. The attention place ordinance and GSCC code the function O this codification in our society.

Undertaking 3 is on societal emotions and different behaviour of people how a widow feel when she lost her hubby in a age of 35, how a kid facing job If his parents are relocated from one state to another, Parents resettlement is give impact on the kid. For conveying up a kid both of them are needed. By these kids are non acquire proper right to convey up Identical twins are look likewise. They are non merely look likewise but their like, dislike are same. It is a affair of admiration that their determinations are erstwhile same. Identical twins are same in behaviour but besides have some differentiation.genetically and physically they are same but they are influenced by the environment.

In the last undertaking we talk about a Manager who works at a infirmary. What his duty to pull off the infirmary and how he does it decently.


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