Social itself to an attitude of positive and

Social Learning Theory posits that people learn from one
another, via observation, imitation, and modeling. Thus, a role model for adolescent can be anyone the individual encounters,
either directly or indirectly, that potentially can influence the individual’s
consumption decisions (Bandura, 1977).

athletes,  they would like  or not, are role models for those who watched  them . Pro athletes
communicate and  transmit values as
performance, character and resilience that captivated respect and admiration
from followers. According to research published
in the January 2011 issue of the “Journal of Adolescent Health, adolescents that looked to athletes as role models are more
likely to make positive health relate decisions”. The athletic style of living
provides itself to an attitude of positive and constructive role modeling for

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 In our virtual and sedentary culture, where much of
life rotates around TV shows and video games, top athletes are the good
representation of the benefits and positive advantages that physical activity can
offer to children and adolescents in a very real way. From the moment
that athletes arrive at the field or the court, from that moment on they present
to children the opportunity to understand that physical activity could pay off
since athletes built their living from being in good physical shape, strong and
healthy. Moreover, if athletes aspire to stay on top of their game, they
must engage in consistent, routine, energetic activity. Regularly athletes
dedicate to the sport goes well beyond the two or three-hour daily practice.
They spend time stretching, watching tape and working on they excellence. Subsequently
they proceed to the gym increasing and maintain tension for long periods of time
on their muscle or they hit the field to work on their speed. Adolescents who
perceive and establish athletes as role models absorb and imitate the strength
of character that it takes to become an excellent athlete. A good
example or model is Larry Fitzgerald
has been recorded as repeatedly being the first player on the field, and the
last to leave, attempting to cement his status as “Sticky Fingers”. His work
ethic carries over to the rest of the roster, his former head coach Ken
Whisenhunt being quoted as saying “he sets the standard” when referring to
Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is aware of being a role model to young people, and
assumes the role as his responsibility. He commented on this saying: “I see all
the 11’s out there and I want to make sure I set a good example for young
people. I want to let them know it’s not all about football — you have to be a
good citizen and give back to people less fortunate.” (Kraft)

Athletes learn early that if they want to play the game, they
must build self-esteem and confidence. A recent study examining the impact of
role models on the self-views of young adults recognized that “individuals of
outstanding achievement can serve as role models to others,” motivating young
adults to adopt certain self-images and lifestyle patterns. (Lockwood and
Kunda, 1997, p. 91) (Bush, et al). Watchers can see this self confidence in action
when watching professional athletes. An excellent role model that project and
provide the marvelous quality as self-esteem is John Cena, coaching children to
stand up for their beliefs, and to never give up. Cena doesn’t just preach his
positivity on screen, he goes and visits kids, having done a great deal of
positive actions for sick and incurable children. On and off the playing field
athletes express a sense of certainty in themselves and their group. This sense
of confidence is an excellent reason why athletes make valuable role models, presenting
youth how vital it is to have confidence in themselves and those around them.

Athletes must have good grades to play, if they
don’t make the grades they cannot play. Once adolescents observe high school,
college or professional athletes as role models, they comprehend that
sportspersons had to make a commitment both on and off the field to excellence.
Nearly the start athletes are aware of that if they want to play the game, they
must make the grades. Colleges will only enroll athletes that can get
accepted into their school, then athletes can only play if they pass their
classes. Mainly should demonstrate themselves as college athletes to get a look.
Be athlete it is a term that includes responsibility and dedication to
academics to be successful as a money-making athlete.


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