Social work with older Americans


The demand for skilled Social workers will go on to be an of import facet of societal services as the population of older grownups continues to increase in the United States over the following several decennaries. This suggests the demand to research farther the diverse challenges that societal workers will confront when working with older grownups. Social workers can supply assorted services to older grownups that can take to the model of happening significance, independency, and aim for a life worth life. This paper focuses on the different facets of professional written articles as a tool excessively understanding the quickly turning older grownup population and the many challenges they will confront in acquiring older.A

Geting Older in Today ‘s Society: Annotated Bibliography

Wheeler, D.

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P. , and Giunta, N. ( 2009, August ) . Promoting Productive Aging. Health & A ; Social Work, 34 ( 3 ) , 237-239.

The writer ‘s explore the issue of the limited work force chances available to the increasing figure of older grownups in the United States and the important hazard it posses to the overall economic and societal deductions on the aging population. They discuss the overall inauspicious affects that the aging population will digest because of limited chances and the consequences of such disparities that can take to fiscal insecurities, isolation, unequal wellness attention intervention, and societal services demands. The research provided in this article was really enlightening ; peculiar the penetration into the of import parts the societal work profession will play in helping the older population into endeavoring for self-actualization.

The writer ‘s position calls for a societal work profession that is knowing and experienced plenty to supply the necessary services for a really diverse and quickly altering older population.

Snyder, C. , new wave Wormer. K. , Chadha, J. , and Jaggers, J. W.

( 2009, April ) . Older Adult Inmates: The Challenge for Social Work. Social Work, 54 ( 2 ) , 117-124.

Due to a figure of factors, sing Torahs that have changed over the past several decennaries stricter condemning guidelines are keeping grownup inmates good into their geriatric old ages. The writers address the undermentioned facets that affect the older grownup inmates, such as specifying an appropriate age class for older inmates, particular demands services, hospice attention, restricted chances, and selective decarceration of older grownup inmates. The overall purpose of this article is to supply some basic cognition and readying accomplishments for those interested in supplying services to older grownup inmates. The writer ‘s present an overview of some really utile information which possibly used by those prosecuting a calling as a societal worker, working with this vulnerable population to run into their many demands. The most interesting and enlightening portion of the article was how the writers discussed the many challenges that Social workers will confront when covering with this peculiar population.

Two cardinal points the writers emphasized was the professional duty both morally and ethically to recommend for older grownup inmates most basic demands.Zlotnik, J. , Vourlekis, B. , and Galambos, C. ( 2006, May ) . Bettering Psychosocial Care in Nursing Home Setting: The Following Challenge. Health & A ; Social Work, 31 ( 2 ) , 83-86.

This article examines the concerns of psychological attention and the increased demands for societal services in nursing place scenes across the United States. The writer ‘s explore the go oning concerns for nursing place occupant ‘s quality of life and quality of attention. The chief subject of treatment that the writer ‘s argue is the demand to beef up the societal services staffing criterions in nursing places.

The information found in this article was really difficult to follow and to hard understand at times. However, the writer ‘s provide utile information worth researching more on the topic, for illustration, the function that Social workers have in the nursing place scene.

Proehl, Rebbeca A. ( 2007, November ) . Social Justice, Respect, and Meaning-Making: Keys to Working with the Homeless Elderly Population. Health & A ; Social Work, 32 ( 4 ) , 301-307.

The writer takes an in-depth expression at the many services provided by a non-profit-making organisation for people age 55 and older or the stateless population located in California. The bureau called Saint Mary ‘s Center has been supplying its services to homeless older grownups since 1973.

She provides some interesting facets into why the bureau has been successful in supplying its services to the stateless population. Researching the many contributing factors she believes has played a enormous portion in doing this bureau a success over the old ages such as, supplying a professionally trained staff, a legion support services, integrated interventions and most of import a safe and supportive environment. The writer presents utile and really enlightening information about the many challenges older grownup stateless population can meet, and those who assist them in altering their lives around for the better.

Berkman, B. , Gardner, D. , Zodikoff, B.

, and Harootyan. ( 2006 ) . Social Work and Aging in the Emerging Health Care World. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 48 ( 1/2 ) , 203-217.

With a significantly increasing aging population over the following twosome of decennaries, the writer ‘s examine the ever-growing challenges and new functions that societal workers in the wellness attention field possibly presented with in the hereafter. The article addresses the concerns of bridging the spreads between wellness attention and the constructs of aging. The context of the article focuses on the emerging demand to convey the two together, to supply quality societal services to the older population and their households.

Overall, the article was highly enlightening and utile, peculiarly the context of the competency and skills indispensable to supplying to the wellbeing of the older population every bit good as run intoing their specific demands.

Gorin, S. , and Clark, E. J. ( 2006, May ) . The 2005 White House Conference on Aging: A Social Work Perspective. Health & A ; Social Work, 31 ( 2 ) , 145-147.

The writer ‘s of this article supply a short overview of the Conference on Aging that took topographic point in December 2005, in Washington, D.C. They documented the assorted subjects planned for treatment at the conference from a societal work position. They explain the top 10 declarations that the delegates voted on for farther treatment at an execution session scheduled in the close hereafter.

The first declaration the delegates voted was the “ Older Americans Act ” , followed by Medicare and Medicaid with purpose of bettering both, the remainder of the declarations selected involve instruction and preparation in countries that older grownups may confront challenges in. While fixing my research for this assignment, the subject of this article grabbed my attending. The information contained in the article was really educational, and edifying on the challenges that future societal workers will confront refering the turning older population.

Kaufman, A.

V. , Scogin, F. R.

, Burgio, L. D. , Morthland, M.P. , & A ; Ford, B.K. ( 2007 ) .

Supplying Mental Health Services to Older Peoples Populating in Rural Communities. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 48 ( 3/4 ) , 349-365.

Reporting on the early phase of a 5-year clinical research survey to analyze the overall effectivity of curative place delivered intercession for aged patients that live in rural communities. The writer ‘s explain that the purpose of the survey directed at bettering the quality of life and emotional wellbeing for those older grownups that possibly sing some type of mental wellness jobs such as Alzheimer ‘s disease or dementedness. The article examines the many challenges that the research squad faced in happening those willing to take part in the survey and those professionals willing to supply the necessary medical services to them. In an effort at bring forthing and effectual research survey for the aged population life in rural communities the writer ‘s present utile information in the execution and be aftering procedure of the survey.

Mason, S.

E. , Auerbach, C. & A ; LaPorte, H. H. ( 2009, February ) .

From Hospital to Nursing Facility: Factors Influencing Decision. Health & A ; Social Work, 34 ( 1 ) , 8-15.

The writer ‘s of this article address the many factors that determine whether a hospital patient were in demand of place wellness attention services or arrangement into a nursing installation after being discharged. Explaining that the article was a study initiated by societal workers for the intent of finding those patients who are at hazard or in demand of extra services after discharge. The writer ‘s discuss the existent factors used in a survey over a 2-year period to find what type of arrangement would be best for those studied.

They explain some of the factors that may hold played a cardinal function in finding the arrangement between place and nursing installation such as age, extra demand for professional medical services, and those patients diagnosed with muscular jobs. Overall the information presented in the article was really easy to understand and most utile in understanding a societal work position in infirmary scene.

Sussman, T.

& A ; Regehr.C. ( 2009, February ) .

The Influence of Community-Based Servicess on the Burden of Spouses Caring for Their Spouses with Dementia. Health & A ; Social Work, 34 ( 1 ) , 29-39.