Some choices so hard to get a job

Some parents teach children to taunt others. For example, a
parent who mocks someone else’s work by saying, ‘is your friend just a poor
peasant’s son? ‘. Or mock the physical form and appearance of his friend, ‘Do
you want to be friends with that skinny and pug-nosed child? This is one
mistake that must be corrected.

Children should be taught to respect the people around them,
so they will not be arrogant and arrogant. Children who are good at
appreciating and accepting the shortcomings of others, they will also be
appreciated and also widely accepted by the environment. The child’s need for
good reception of the people around is a very important requirement for the

Parents should also introduce to them that the diversity of
the work of the people around them is to complement one another and help one
another, and not a deficiency. Although the job is not the job everyone wants,
such as the work of sweepers, laborers, laundries, shavers and so on. As long
as the work is a good job according to the prevailing traditions of society, it
is not a work to be reproached. And our job as educators is not to make
children cynical, demeaning and mocking those jobs.

The following is the result when children often hear parents
mock others:

They will feel reluctant to do a job for fear of
being considered low. When he gets a good job, he will boast, and if he gets a
job that is not considered good he loses confidence, even if he is only able to
do the job. Children become too idealistic in making choices so hard to get a
job and a life partner. Too idealistic also happens in choosing a spouse,
because accustomed to denounce and mock, he became unfavorable with the
condition of his life partner.

. The child will be difficult to wipe themselves
in the environment, resulting in feeling isolated by the environment that he
considered not ideal. Therefore, it should be that parents and educators always
use positive sentences to instill positive thinking in the souls of children,
to provide breadth in their lives. Maybe useful.



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