Somewhere Kino, a poor man who lives a

Somewhere in South America lives the pearl fisherman Kino, a poor man who lives a somewhat happy existence with his wife and their son Coyotito. On an unfortunate day young Coyotito is stung by a scorpion and is left in a dire state. His parents realize he needs medical assistance and seek out the local doctor. But the doctor makes it clear that his service is not free and that he thinks its beneath him to treat an indian child and that to him it’s no different to treating an animal. Kino doesn’t give up hope yet, he makes his way to the ocean to find a pearl to pay the doctor with, to his surprise he finds the biggest pearl he has ever seen. The pearl gives him dreams of financial security and better lives for his family but he’s not the only one with plans for the pearl. All around him people start scheming and the pearl continues to bring out the worst in everybody. Will Kino manage to hold on to the pearl?The overall theme of the book is how wealth and power can corrupt even the most faithful and honest man. Throughout the story I couldn’t help but notice how most people around Kino masked their true intentions. Some even went to extreme measures in order to get close to Kino, close enough to deprive him of his newfound fortune. But Kino seemed to have gained an instinctive ability to tell of a person’s true motives or even sense when they mean him harm, the author called it the song of evil. The song runs through his mind but in the beginning of the story, it was the song of family that ran through his mind but it seems to have been averted by the desires born out of his newfound fortune. This seems to display how the Pearl is bringing out the worst Kino and slowly changing him from the man we knew in the beginning of the story.As the story progresses we see more of the evil the pearl is bringing out in Kino, a moment this was displayed in was when Kino struck his wife for attempting to throw the pearl back into the ocean and he even killed man in order to retain the pearl. The story gives us an insight on how even the best of us are willing to compromise our values in order to achieve wealth and power.The pearl didn’t make Kino the way he became it only brought out something in him that was already there. It’s not just in Kino but in all of us.


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