Special Education 2
What is CI
Cognitive impairmentimpairment in adaptive behavioraffects ability to reason, understand, learn 2 categories Learning disabilitiy and mental retardation 
What are the adaptive skill areas and their definitions     
3 domains conceptual, social, practical daly ability communication, community use, functional acedemics, school/home living, health and saftey, leisure, self care, self direction
Different IQ ranges and categories of CI
below 2 standard deviations of mean 70 or below Lowest 6 percentile
contents of sound and Fury and 6 years later
family finally got implants Heather 9,2 brothers, mom, aunt, and 2 cousins Heather’s speech is understandableshe signs and talksFather is glad she got it;
What issues facing NathanV and S and Lauren
Nathan V can’t read, phoneic awareness problem inability to innatly distinguish between different letter sounds, question should he be in full time resource room? Lauren attention and organize problems impulsive, trouble with social cues and keeping friends, brain chemistry problems with dopamineNathan S ADD problem forming lettersSarah expressive language deficincy difficult expressing selfAdam  couldn’t read, specific language difficulty became problem child
What are the different types of ADD/HD and characteristics of each
inattentive- fails to give close attention to school work etc, difficulty sustaining attention, does not seem to listen when spoken to, Does not follow through, unorganized, loses things, often distracted,forgetfulhyperactive- fidgit, run and climb, talk excessively, leaves seat, loudimmpulsive- burts out answer, difficulty waiting turn, inturrupts a lot;
How many and how long do characteristics need to be present to qualify for services under AD/HD
must have 6 of the characteristics present for at least 6 months by age 7
What are the 3 possible causes of AD/Hd according to chapter 8
Heredity, structural differences in the brain(frontal lobe) other biological causes such as prenatal( exposure to smoke etc), perinatal (labor complications lack of oxygen), postnatal brain infections
know definitions of physical impairments and other health impairments
-severe orthopedic impairment that adversely affects child’s performance cuased by congential anomaly, disease or other example cerebal palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrofy, other health impairment- having limited strenth, vatality or alertness example, asthma, epilepsy, AD/HD, diabetes, leukemia etc 
know cebral palsy details
– lack of muscle control that affects student’s ability to move – disorder of movement or posture- occurs because brain can not control muscles, prenatal infection pernatal lack of oxygentypes- spastic-tightness in muscle affects 70-80 percent-athetoid abrupt involunatary movement-ataxic- unsteady lack coordination-mixed- spastic and athetoid
Muscular dystrophy
;;; -progressively weakness and degeneration of the skeletal muscles which control movement-most common Duchene- early, facoscapulohumeral adolecents, and mytonc varies, Becker, congenital, Distal, emerbreys, limb girdle, oculophaiege;cause genetic, deficient in dystrophen;
spina bifida
;;; malformation of the spinal cord- type spina bifida occulta- small portion of vertabre missing-meningocele- covering of spin ;-myelomeningocele protrusion contains spinal cord’s covering and cord and nerve rootscause- unknown, occurs during early days pregnancy 
How is asthma classified
– Mild intermittent- 2 or fewer episodes per week-Mild persistent- more than 2 per week-moderate persistant- daily-servere persistant- continual interferes with physical activity 
Most common type of OHI
What is GATE
Gifted and talented educaton
What is giftedness determined by
-children demonstrated abilites that show high performance capability in areas such as intellectual, creative, specific academic, leadership ability or in th performing and visual arts, require services not ordinarily provided
What are potential characteristics of gifted students
– high general intellect, specific academic aptitude, creative, productive thinking, leadership ability, and visual performing artistry, high ability students may have disability but adative in other areas
What is Renzulli’s 3 ring concept of giftedness
Above average ability, creativity, task commitment
What are Gardner’s multiple intelligence
-musical, bodily-kinesthetic, logical mathmaticl, linguistic, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist
What are road blocks for GATE programs
What are perspectives from gifted and talented students
what are epilepsy and asthma
epilepsy- seizures, temporary neuriological abnormalities resulting in unregulated electrical discharges in brain -asthma chronic lung condition, airway obstructed inflammatary and increase in sensitivity 
What did Alicia share about her daughter Morgan’s special needs