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Spencer KopperudBrill English 1011 Nov 2017A Moment Comes In a moment comes Jennifer Bradbury uses narrative elements to show developing character complexity. She uses flashback, conflict, and memory moment to show character complexity. She uses flashback to bring back moments from characters pasts and conflict to show things that they are conflicted on and memory moments to vividly see things that they remember in their lives.  Jennifer Bradbury uses flashback to convey that Tariq is complex. At one point in the novel Tariq reflects on an event from earlier.  “I can’t move for a second, the impact of the bat jarring through me like an aftershock the crack of his jaw echoing through my ears.” (Bradbury 7). This narrative element shows how Tariq is a good person because he feels guilt for possibly killing that man. Jenifer Bradbury uses to convey that Tariq is complex. At one point in the Tariq strikes a man in the face with a cricket bat. “No, no, no. I can’t have killed him I can’t have.” (Bradbury 7). This narrative element shows how Tariq feels bad for hitting that man and worries that he killed him.  Another character that shows complexity is Margret. Jenifer Bradbury uses imagery to convey that Margret is complex. At one point in the novel Margret moves into her new house in India. “but all I hear is no piano.” (Bradbury 33). This shows how Margret is internally conflicted with her moving to India and she misses playing her piano, something that meant a lot to her. Some more examples of narrative elements are in Tariq’s chapter when Bradbury uses conflict. Bradbury uses conflict after Tariq believes he murders a man. “I can’t stop shaking, can’t stop looking behind me, can’t stop seeing the face of the man as the bat connected with his jaw. My fingers won’t stop trembling and I can’t get then to open the damn latch on the gate. It’s as if my hands don’t belong to me. Don’t fit with the rest of me.” (Bradbury 16). This narrative element shows conflict because Tariq thinks he has killed a man and he is internally conflicted. Bradbury uses foreshadowing in Margaret’s chapter when she sees Anupreet for the first time. “She is beautiful, and I fight the instant flash of resentment clawing its way up my spine.” (Bradbury 31-33). This narrative element of foreshadowing hints that later there may be some jealousy and conflict between the two characters. Another narrative element Bradbury uses is Dialogue in Anupreet’s chapter. The narrative element Dialogue is used when Manvir and Anupreet run from the group of boys. “We slow to a walk. I catch my breath. I’m afraid of the attention we might be drawing. People watch when you run. They watch what you’re running from. Running to.” (Bradbury 48-51). Dialogue is the narrative element used here, it shows how Anupreet is sick of being afraid and people watching her run from everything that comes up. In a moment comes jennifer bradburry uses multiple narrative elements to show character complexity and development in many ways. She accomplishes this by using flashback, dialogue, memory moment and conflict. In conclusion complex characters add a lot to the story.


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