St. Thomas Aquinas Essay

Saint Thomas Aquinas was a philosopher. theologian. Doctor of the Catholic Church. and is the frequenter saint of Catholic Universities. colleges. and schools. He was born in Rocca Secca. Italy. in 1225 and was born into a affluent household. He even was related to the male monarchs of Aragon. Castile. and France. His journey into Catholic beliefs seemed foreordained. for he was told when he was a immature kid that he would go a friar and no 1 would be equal to him. He started his inquiring of religion and faith when he was a child. often inquiring his instructors. “What is God?

” Saint Thomas was a panentheist. significance that he arrives through logical statement at the decision that God must be present in all things. In worlds He is particularly present. through grace. as the Holy Spirit. Saint Thomas besides said that we can cognize and love God. but we can non to the full comprehend him in our clip here on Earth. Saint Thomas had five chief grounds for the cognition of the being of God. I will now elaborate on these five points in item. Saint Thomas Aquinas’ first manner to turn out the being of God was the statement of gesture.

By his common observation he was able conclude that an object is put into gesture by some other object or force. From this. Aquinas believed that there had to be an unaffected mover who foremost put things in gesture. That is where he concluded that God exists. His sum-up of this statement went as followed: 1 ) Nothing can travel itself. 2 ) If every object in gesture had a mover. so the first object in gesture needed a mover. 3 ) This beginning mover is the unaffected mover. called God. The 2nd attack of Saint Thomas’ grounds that there is a God was the cause of being.

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He concluded that no object creates itself. in consequence there had to be a God who began the concatenation of being for all things. The manner Aquinas explained this was as follows: 1 ) There exists things that are caused or created by other things. 2 ) Nothing can make itself. 3 ) There can non be an eternal twine of objects doing other objects to be. 4 ) Therefore. there must be an causeless first cause called God. The 3rd mode of Aquinas’ support of God was that there are two types of existences. contingent existences ( worlds ) and a necessary being ( God ) .

Saint Thomas believed that this necessary being ( God ) . was necessary for the contingent existences ( worlds ) . to be and without God. we worlds would non be. The easiest manner to explicate this really confusing topic would be as follows: 1 ) Contingent existences are caused. 2 ) Not every being can be contingent. 3 ) There must be a being that is necessary to do contingent existences. 4 ) This necessary being is God. Saint Thomas Aquinas’ 4th statement of the presence of God came from his observations of the quality of objects.

For illustration one may state that of two pictures one is more beautiful than the other. So for these two objects. one has a greater grade of beauty than the following. This is referred to as grades or graduation of a quality. From this fact Aquinas concluded that for any given quality ( e. g. goodness. beauty. cognition ) there must be a perfect criterion by which all such qualities are measured. These flawlessnesss are contained and reflected in God. God is the ultimate and everything is deficient compared to His illustriousness.

The concluding manner that Saint Thomas Aquinas speaks of God’s being has to make with the discernible existence and the order of nature. Aquinas states that common sense tells us that the universe plants in such a manner. that one can reason that is was designed by an intelligent interior decorator. God. In other words. all physical Torahs and the order of nature and life were designed and ordered by God. the intelligent interior decorator. Everything from a bullet to dirt to adult male were created and perfected by God into whatever He pleased.

He created physical Torahs such as gravitation and H2O force per unit area. and we are simply populating in the universe that He has created. Saint Thomas Aquinas was a superb adult male with an unbelievable instruction and religion in God alone by about no 1. He was good respected because he did non follow the guidelines set by the Pope and the Catholic Church. He took hazards on how far Catholics would accept his beliefs. My favourite of all of his quotation marks. though. came from his Summa Theologica. written in 1273.

He was talking to one of his students. and he said. “Clearly the individual who accepts the Church as an infallible usher will believe whatever the Church Teachs. ” I believe this quotation mark showed his devotedness to non merely let what people told him. but to happen out the replies of God and his being by himself. I now greatly respect Saint Thomas’ achievements and his instructions because they can be comprehended by the common adult male without analyzing his Hagiographas or documents. He has affected my life by demoing me the truth in how God exists and the ways that I am able to back up my beliefs without merely claiming religion.


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