Statement interests. Unfortunately, universities are not particularly innovative

Statement of the

Self-financing engineering colleges are
providing more than 85% of the engineering graduates. But the maintenance of
optimal institutional climate become the victim of this growth phenomenon. Lack
of maintenance of standards in institutions and failure to monitor the same
becomes an issue in the outcome of colleges some of problems collges facing are
• Shortage of quality faculty. • Inadequate physical infrastructure and funds.
• Lack of autonomy.. • Poor quality of training. • Absence of R & D
activities. •. • Ineffective linkage with industry.As universities and
colleges expand in terms of additional courses and departments, it is necessary
to analyse the perception its members in its existing system and its future

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1.3             Objectives of Research

To analyse the faculty perception
towards institutional climate.

To analyse the impact of demographic
variables on factors of institutional climate.

To identify the present working

To investigate the relationship between
different dimensions of institutional climate.

To shape and improve faculty view
towards institution and their jobs.

To know the climatic conditions  types which enhances the institutional out

1.4             Need for the Study

have to become more responsive to changing labor markets and students’
interests. Unfortunately, universities are not particularly innovative
institutions; they are not well suited to quickly pulling together whatever
resources are needed to respond to a new problem / challenge. This problem is
more serious in India due to the structural rigidities of the system, near
absence of competition between institutions, and mindset of the stakeholders Understanding
the institutional climate is important because it plays a vital role in the
growth and success of an institution. Conducive environment makes the staff to
impart more effort towards their daily work. As the engineering colleges expand
in terms of additional courses and departments it is necessary to analyze the
perception of its members in the existing system for future developments.

 1.5 Scope of

 Climate of the
institutions has been researched for long years and still continues to be
examined and redefined because of its significant influence on educational
outcomes. The elements that comprise an institutional climate are extensive and
complex Perceptions of campus climate are attitudes among students, faculty,
staff, and/or administrators about the campus atmosphere. Climate surveys can
provide information about community perceptions, knowledge and attitudes
relevant to to prevailing conditions inside the institution  . Institutional climatic surveys give faculty
a voice to assist in making desired transitions as easy as possible. It also
serves as a basis for quality improvements. This study is confined to area of
three districts of tamilnadu,further it can be studied for the whole state or
the country itself

Limitations of the research

to time constraint, the researchers was not able to extend his study throughout
Tamil Nadu. The study is limited to the northern Tamil Nadu districts of
Kancheepuram, Chennai and Tiruvallur

of the respondents may be biased in answering the quessionnaire


L. Lakin (2016) the motivation behind this paper is to decide the most
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