Statement me the career to which I can

Statement of Interest


My mother always said, “You always enjoyed the
company of tools from your father’s tool kit, may be passion for trying against
odd runs in your blood.”

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My father is an Electrical engineer by qualification and
industrial consultant by profession, only after hard earned experience in all
walks of industrial environment. As long as I can remember, whenever I went
along him to his sites, I always wandered around and tried to get inside the
working of equipments, I stumbled with. My father always told me that
electronics is changing almost everything from methods to equipment. Soon
enough I understood what he meant, as I began to see and imagine the impact of
electronics and especially Telecommunication Engineering, in my education to
entertainment and leisure. Finally, Electronics and Telecommunication
Engineering gave me the career to which I can dedicate my vigor and endeavor.

This led
me to choose an undergraduate course in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.
I thought that Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering was the field
that can give me great career and future in the field which I like.

In the
period of study at R. C. Patel Engineering College, I have undertaken various
courses like Networks & Lines, Network analysis and synthesis, Fiber optic
communication and Computer communication network. I have done a project in my
last semester, Network security design. For this project I got chance to get
training for 15 days from working engineers.

my study, I got interested in the field of networking thorough my training at
Bharti Infotel Ltd. where I worked on telecom network. I also presented seminar
on MPLS (Multi protocol label switching) which is based on networking
technology. My previous work at Teleysia Networks Pvt. Ltd I have worked on
project of Punjab IWDMS (Integrated work flow document management system).

interest and passion for Computer Network has been fueled by few years of
professional experience in the field of Networking. I am currently working at
SaskTel covering the installs, configures, coordinates and administers
SaskTel’s server environment including file server hardware, work station
application software and network operating systems (NOS) and focusing on use of
latest networking tools and technologies. While this has given me expertise in
the field, it has also made me aware of latest developments in Networking and
its course of application in future. It is to gain exposure and expertise in
this area that I wish to go for a Master program at Ryerson University. The
graduate program in Computer Network has focus on evolving tools and
technologies in Networking. It is in line with my long term goals and
aspirations that of becoming a contributing professional in Canada within the
all encompassing field of Networking.

I have done some research in this area to pursue a
graduate program in Computer Network in a reputed university and with a good
course curriculum so finally I choose to apply master in Computer Network at
Ryerson University. I am confident that given an opportunity, I will prove
myself useful and could make a significant contribution to the ongoing
research. It would be a great privilege to be able to do my graduate studies at
Ryerson University and I am quite confident that I will match the high
standards set by your university. I especially thank you for giving me the
opportunity to express about myself. Thank you for your time.



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