Statement Of Professional Goals Ma Social Work Essays

We live in a civilization where households are challenged with jobs all the clip. Regardless of what the jobs may be, households need assist developing accomplishments to pass on efficaciously and beef up their relationships. While most single can acknowledge that their households need aid, they often are non adequately prepared to assist their households make needed alterations. Obtaining a Masters of Humanistic disciplines in Family and Consumers Science- Family Studies Concentration will assist me to assist others fix for alteration and finally accomplish both my short-run and long-run ends.

In the short term, I hope to work my manner up to go the Lead Housing Resource Specialist at Community Rebuilders. Currently, I ‘m a Housing Resource Specialist. This experience has created a passion in me to work in the household surveies field and larn more about it. A cardinal constituent that I have found common among all of my clients is that they all wish they could hold been prepared for their jobs. That tells me that if my clients had bar methods in topographic point, their jobs may non hold been a major job to get down with. Family Life Education works from the bar theoretical account because it teaches persons and households how to better household life and to forestall jobs before they occur. Family jobs, when they can be addressed through bar, are less detrimental for people and less expensive for society.

My long term end is to assist educate households as an Executive Director of a non-profit bureau. While analyzing for the Masters plan, I hope to develop the instruction and skill-set in order to make my ends. I want to go an effectual and advanced professional who can supply effectual instruction and bar services for households through services my bureau can supply. I want to go an person of high moral and ethical criterions whose bureau can work as a alteration agent in my community.

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Analyzing for the Masters of Humanistic disciplines in Family and Consumer Science- Family Life Education is a fantastic chance because I will be able to larn the different parts of the household and learn to see how they function as a whole. The Fundamentalss classs should give me the model, while the advanced classs will supply a more specific preparation. During survey, I will besides look to take an internship and/or auxiliary categories to assist foster my experience. It is the ability to understand the many different facets of the household that will fix me to carry through my long-run end of going an Executive Director. Equally of import, I hope to larn from my fellow pupils and portion with them some of the lessons I have gained from my experience. The best lesson I have learned while working at Community Rebuilders is to step out of the box and think of new solutions to old jobs. These originative minutes are what will travel a household frontward during difficult times. I expect that alumnus work at Western Michigan University will be demanding, disputing, and exciting, and I look frontward to go toing. During my clip in graduate school, I expect to have the chance to larn, turn, and evolve as a individual and a household life pedagogue. I am prepared and look frontward to puting myself, my clip, and my energy toward gaining that grade. I hope I will be allowed to make so at WMU.



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Seeking a place which will enable me to use interpersonal and leading accomplishments to positively impact societal issues impacting households. Interact efficaciously with people of changing civilizations, backgrounds and professional degrees. Committed to set uping connexion and edifice strong relationships with all people. Skilled at placing strengths and failings in schemes and in making compassionate and non-judgmental solutions to jobs. Prove to be extremely motivated and difficult working. Possess first-class clip direction accomplishments.


Bachelor ‘s Degree in Sociology/General University Studies- April 2009

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

Minor: Social Work

Related Coursework:

Crisiss and Resilience in Families

Social Work Services and Professional Roles

Social Welfare as a Social Institution

Intro to Culture, Ethnicity, and Institutionalized Inequality in Social Work Practice

Social Work Research Methods

Human Behavior and the Social Environment

Group Community and Organizational Behavior

Child Psychology

Global Ecology of the Family

Employment Experience

Community Rebuilders, Grand Rapids, MI February 2010 -Present

Housing Resource Specialist

Operate assigned rapid re-housing and bar plans

Assist participants in placement and procuring lodging of their pick

Assist participants in development of strength-based end and action programs that promotes lasting lodging

Provide guidance and protagonism to participants

Facilitate and organize supportive service activities for participants

Serve as an ongoing affair between belongings directors and participants

Hope Network, Grand Rapids, MI October 2009 – March 2010

Community Living Support

Provided direct supervising to persons in residential plans.

Displayed appropriate behaviour and Teachs life accomplishments to occupants.

Provided rating and direction in countries of day-to-day populating accomplishments or independent life accomplishments to heighten the occupants ‘ ability to make his/her highest degree of independency.

Muskegon Heights Public Schools, Muskegon Heights, MI, September 2009 – February 2010

On-Call Substitute Teacher

Followed lesson programs, left by the lasting instructor.

Created and maintained a clime of regard and equity for all pupils.

Used schoolroom instructional clip suitably and sagely

Tax Connection Worldwide, Muskegon, MI, January 2009 – March 2009

Seasonal Tax Preparer

Prepared clients federal and province returns

Provided client service by rapidly and efficaciously treating minutess to guarantee return concern and client satisfaction

Answered multi-line phones, greeted clients and performed light clerical work

MOKA Inc. , Grand Haven, MI, July 2006 – January 2008

Resident Support Staff

Supporting little groups of developmentally handicapped and/or mentally sick persons in residential scene

Teaching accomplishments with the end of independent life.

Heritage Community, Kalamazoo, MI, September 2005 – December 2005

Personal Care Assistant

Provided comprehensive, quality patient attention in the country ‘s top retirement community

Used acquired formal cognition and accomplishments

Represent the concerns of the occupant and their household

Collaborate with squad members towards the development and accomplishment of optimum resident ends.

Family and Children Services, Kalamazoo, MI, February 2005 – July 2005

Respite Care Worker

Managed little group home-like scene for kids 4 – 17 with terrible emotional and/or developmental disablements

Served as function theoretical account, encouraged and supported personal behavioural growing and helped develop professional and life accomplishments

Maintained healthy environment, inventoried and ordered supplies, and complied with local and province ordinances

Lowe ‘s Home Improvement, Portage, MI, July 2003 – December 2004

Customer Service Representative

Provided client service by rapidly and efficaciously treating minutess to guarantee return concern and client satisfaction

Informed clients of new points and publicities that were available to better the client shopping experience

Completed paperwork, handled hard currency, answered phones, and transferred calls when needed.

Muskegon Heights Public, Muskegon Hts. , MI, September 2001 – July 2002

Office Assistant/ Summer Program Coach

Answered multi-line phones, greeted clients and performed light clerical work

Acquired high degree of communicating accomplishments and learned to rapidly measure and hasten client demands.

Ran tutoring Sessionss on day-to-day footing for simple elderly childs during summer school plan

Graded work hebdomadally and tracked single advancement


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