” States of America” one of the phrases

” I am the future of the United States of America” one of the phrases we recite in the JROTC cadet creed everyday.That phrase can have different meanings to many different people.But me being an Army JROTC cadet,those words have changed my whole perspective on how i have better myself as a citizen of the United States of America. The program JROTC has helped me be a better citizen by teaching me skills that i can use on a daily basis  such as disciplinary, leadership and self-confidence. The program also teaches me that,volunteering is one way i can be a better citizen.Not only does JROTC show me skills i can use but it also shows me the importance of volunteering, but JROTC has made me a better citizen by changing me as whole new person such as having the ability to adapt to new things.I have gain new skills that have helped me shaped into a better citizen such as leadership, disciplinary and self confidence throughout JROTC. Having gain new leadership roles in ROTC  betters me as a citizen by being a leader and guiding my fellow classmates by being a role model.One of the leadership skills i have gained  in the ROTC program has been being the First Sergeant and being responsible for the  welfare and discipline of 42 cadets throughout the ROTC program.As a future leader in the USA I’ve have learned that you have to take responsibility and  be above standards so you can get your work done and have people rely on you. As a leader you motivate and encourage your peers to be interactive at school and volunteer out in their community.Disciplinary is a huge role and skill when  it comes to being  a better citizen. It  has had a huge impact on me. If you were to have know me before in the past, you would have not like before. My attitude and structure was on a whole other level. But since being in JROTC since freshman and having my instructors talk about how discipline is a major key in this program i began to notice my own structure as whole person change. Disciplinary teaches a citizen how to be responsible and respectful.  If there were no discipline, people would do whatever they want and make choices without thinking,.


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