s”The framework for implementing ABSprovisions of the Biological

s”The UNEP-GEF-MoEF & CC ABS Project is executed by the National Biodiversity Authority(NBA) and administered by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change,Government of India. The State Biodiversity Boards in ten states of India including KarnatakaBiodiversity Board are the project implementing partners.UNEP is the nodal agency for the project implementation and it is funded by the GlobalEnvironment Facility (GEF) and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change,Government of India. The Project Steering Committee (PSC) constituted for the project adviseson the policy and decisions of the project implementation. Karnataka is one of the newly selectedstates for implementing the Access and Benefit Sharing project. Karnataka Biodiversity Board isimplementing agency in Karnataka.The project aims to access and quantify the economic value of the biological resources present atthe local, state and national level using appropriate methodologies to determine benefit sharingwhich will help in better implementation of the Biological Diversity Act 2002 and its rules 2004and inform national decision makers on prioritizing conservation action.Karnataka is rich in bio-resources, hundreds of companies such as pharmaceuticals, botanicalsand horticulture, agriculture sectors depend on bio-resources for manufacturing various products.These products are sold across national and international markets. Under the Biological DiversityAct, a share of profit from the sale products is to be channelled back to the local communities.Under the project, efforts are being made to document and protect traditional knowledge relatedto biological resources.Under the project, the Karnataka Biodiversity Board has taken up to facilitating the constitutionof BMCs at the local level and to make an effort to recognize, empower BMCs in selectedlocations in Karnataka. The objectives are the project are as follows:1. Identification of biodiversity with potential for ABS and their valuation in selectecosystem such as forest, agriculture and wetlands.2. Development of tools methodologies guidelines framework for implementing ABSprovisions of the Biological Diversity Act.Annual Report Year 2014-2015243. Implementation of the policies and regulatory framework (s) relating to ABS provisionsat local state and national level and there by contribute to international ABS policyissues.4. Capacity building and strengthening and implementation of the ABS provision of thebiological diversity Act.5. Increasing public awareness and educational programmes.This project is implemented over a period of 10 months from September 2014- June 2015 andtotal estimated cost of this project is 70 lakhs. This is a pilot-project is being implemented inselected locations in Karnataka to cover three ecosystems: Agriculture, Forests and Wetlands(freshwater and marine).Under this project, Karnataka Biodiversity Board has facilitated constitution of 20 taluk levelBMCs and organized several capacity development workshops on role of BMCs andoperationalizing the Access and Benefit Sharing mechanism. Several consultation dialoguesmeetings with various industries such as: Agarbatti, Gherkins, marine products, seeds, oleoresin,etc., have been held since the inception on the project. Workshops were held to create awarenessabout the Biological Diversity Act amongst various research institutions, universities,government officials.Karnataka Biodiversity Board has also brought out various resources materials in Kannadalanguage for increasing public awareness on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) and BiodiversityManagement Committees (BMCs) and Local Biodiversity Fund (LBF).At the end of the project, the local communities will be empowered to conserve and accessbenefits through use of biological resources and enable local communities to generate incomethrough conservation and sustainable utilization of biological resources and associated traditionalknowledge. Further efforts will be made to identify bio-resources and develop a robust andresponsive structure to implement the project.


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